Your Weekly Horoscope – 15th March to 21st March 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (15th March to 21st March 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Your confidence may falter this week which can make showcasing your best self a challenge. You may have to fake it until you make it. Your health may also be loosely impacted by your lack of certainly. Falling back on the fundamentals is advised so that you can restore your sense of self-belief. Just as your confidence has an almost childlike element to it, so does your doubt.

You may seek out others to validate your own experience. This can put weight and pressure on your personal relationships. Certainly lean on those in your inner circle but be accountable for your own feelings – no one can fix you other than you but they can support the process. What little things restore you to yourself? What tonic brings you confidence? Competition, yes you enjoy that. You like winning and victory. You like creating. You aren’t too reflective, preferring to keep moving. What if you looked over your shoulder from time to time?


For you, home is where the heart is and building a nest is vital to your sense of comfort and confidence. With family being at the core of all you do, taking time to build a home that is peaceful, harmonious and tasteful greatly appeals to your earthy urge to provide. You often show care via what you are able to supply for others materially. At work you burst with prominent ideas that enable you to leap to the front of the fray.

Make sure that you stand up and express yourself for what you have to offer is special and valid – make sure that you don’t doubt yourself. Spending time with family matters greatly this week. This is where you are happiest and most yourself. You see yourself as a laidback, easy going patriarch. Your home is your castle. What can we say? Enjoy the wonderful world you have created with those you love and you are the wealthiest of all.


When you tap into your brilliant brain power you can truly astound others. Mercury rules the mind and moves at the speed of light. This week if someone poses a challenging question that requires thinking outside of the box or requires a witty one-liner, you’ll be the one to provide it. Utilising this skill in the workplace brings you success and growth and also makes you incredibly popular for you stand out as someone versatile, unique and dizzying with your vast intellect.

Honing in on your ability to focus and be flexible will help you make the most of your valuable skill set this week. You have a strong urge to socialise. Do so safely. Thankfully you also enjoy all the digital forms of communication so there are many ways for you to connect and feel close. Technology can truly be a lifesaver for you at this time. Your brain is so busy that boredom is unlikely.

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You enter into a period of good luck making this a beneficial time to date, attend interviews or even play the lottery. Auspicious times lay ahead so if you need to insert some plans into your diary that lady luck could assist with, now is the time. Although this period will benefit you in plenty of small ways, you’ll also notice progress with the big things in life such as health and money.

Ailments, injuries and difficulties will slowly be erased and financially you’ll be in a very healthy position making this a suitable time for savings and investments. The world is at your feet this week dear Cancer so make sure that you utilise it. Sometimes you may inhibit your blessings with low self-esteem, a deeply instilled sense that you are not good enough, but if you push through this you’ll find a wealth of gold on the other side.


You are a very warm and loyal individual and when you give to others you truly grant them your all. Your supply of love seems almost limitless but you quite naturally expect the same in return. You may find yourself perturbed by a loved one this week, fretting about their health or wellbeing. Your fears project into the future and may spoil what you have in the now. Such anxiety can also have a detrimental impact on your own health so try to rein in this impulse by meditating and developing clarity in your thought process. Fortunately those near and dear to you will uplift you with their support. We all sit with each other on this journey called life, and that journey must end for us all. We cannot predict how or when and there is no use asking why. Try to live in the now and treasure the moments. Remember, anxiety is a lie, and a cruel one. It can rob us of precious moments. Enjoy all that you have and those who are part of your journey. Release resentment and pain, allow abundance into your spirit.


In relationships communication is key so that we are better able to understand one another’s needs, wants, insecurities, fears and values. Learning to speak up for and assert your own concerns is essential if you are to evade bitterness or resentment within your relationship.

This week you should bring clarity to your communication style. Misunderstandings may exist between you and mountains may be made out of molehills. It can be tempting for the ego to need to be in the right, but your relationship will be more likely to succeed if you are able to collaborate and work as a team. Do not attack one another as enemies. If you can stop viewing your relationship so cerebrally and anxious emotions of tenderness and compassion, you’ll begin to see your love as a plant you must water and nourish so that it can thrive regardless of what storms may cross your path.


You have very winsome ways and are able to influence others far more than you may believe. The charisma prevalent in Libra natives is authentic, gentle and unaffected and people are very easily impressed by your elegant and graceful charm.

This is certainly the week for getting things to go your way in both professional or personal areas of your life. Do not be afraid to go after what you want or to be more assertive – it will go over well. That’s a promise from the stars. You will find that your health fares well and previous health ailments or upsets will no longer cause you any upset. Your natural charisma and magnetism help you to make a big splash wherever you go. Being decisive and choosing where to use such skills will make this energy go a long way indeed. If you can’t be decisive, flip a coin, any decision is better than none this week.

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An interesting conundrum that Scorpio natives must so often face is that you are by nature an intensely private being who longs to lurk in the shadows, conceal your true nature and hide away. Operating from a place of evasion is far more your style. And yet your personal brand of magnetism almost guarantees that you find fame or draw attention in some way, especially this week.

You are very much like the bug who scurries under the rock trying to escape the curious children who are longing to discover how you work. Can you find a way to be comfortable with a little attention? Perhaps you can become a character who finds it far easier to manage a little of the audience’s glare. You may need to use a lot of self-empathy and self-protection. Imagine yourself surrounded by a golden bubble of light – this will protect you and keep you safe from the energies and intentions of others. You choose what you let in.


You adore earning money and you equally enjoy spending it. This week you are keen to make a big purchase and may be looking at setting down some roots and securing a property that can serve as a base when you are in between adventures. This provides you with a sense of security and a home where you can restore your tired mind before your feet get that itchy urge to wander.

If you can work hard and tirelessly, your ruling planet Jupiter will bring you all the good luck that you need and your financial condition will improve, as will any sense of success or achievement that you are quietly burning for. Adventures may have had to change form this year due to global events and no doubt this has been challenging for your soul and may have fed into an aching sense of restlessness. Find ways to keep busy and occupied and this will dissent some of the challenging feelings that arise.


Your ruler Saturn is always concerned with the passage of time. As tireless and impactful as you are, you are terrified of ever having to stop, to become ‘useless’ or unable to achieve any longer, for this is where you derive so much of your self-worth and sense of esteem. This week you may fret about loved ones. You may fear losing them or wish to address old hurts.

Take the time to check in with those you love – give them your attention. Your focus can so often be on the world of work, but you must also ensure that your loved ones are prioritised. They are the most beautiful manifestation of your wealth. It is when we are able to give and receive love that we are truly alive. It is important for us to meaningfully connect with others. We must give of ourselves, not just materialistically, but emotionally too, and we must let in the love of others. Ask yourself, why are you so resistant to this?


This is a great week for you in many areas. You just need to check into your abundance mindset. Financially this is a very beneficial time for you and money can flow to you from many sources. You’ll also enjoy a time of great romance. Your approach to love can be highly unconventional and even a little rebellious – you may attract others with your unique flexibility when it comes to rules!

Travel, adventure and exploration will be desires of yours that may need to be placed on the backburner but will feature heavily this week in your mental and emotional life, and if you have the opportunity to explore either locally or overseas, you’ll long to take it. For you, the sharing of experiences tightens your emotional connection to a potential partner. Find ways to spend and enjoy time together. Having things to talk about, an intellectual connection is what binds you.

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You have a very placid kind of power, one that is not immediately obvious to others but works on them slowly and rousingly. This week you may indulge in laziness and not want to get up to much at all. You may take undue risks with your health or become slapdash in your habits. You may also find that others are being deceptive, unkind or untrue which can strike you hard in the heart due to your sensitivity. It may be time to toughen up a little (and this is meant with kindness.)

Become more proactive, assertive and exercise boundaries with others. You have far more power than you can truly be aware of. Make sure you use it. If you find yourself in victim mode, switch it to victor mode. Do not allow yourself to wallow in feelings of unworthiness and sorrow. Take your power back from all the places you have given it away. It is yours to own, only yours. It belongs with you.

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