Your Weekly Horoscope – 16th to 22nd September 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 25th May to 31st May 2020

Your weekly horoscope (16th to 22nd September) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


This week is one of slow growth which may frustrate a sign as rough and ready as you. The positive is that the stealthy build will ensure that you grow into your transformation healthily. There will be no overnight evolution. Your ability to concentrate may diminish so try to find your focus. Meditation and music, as well as exercise, might be helpful for you. At work, you are recognized for your continued efforts and zest. In romance, you may find it hard to give of yourself. Are you harboring resentment or pain? Naturally open, it is important that you show this side of yourself in your relationships. Try to embrace surrender and let things be. Don’t force.


A sensual partner, you are at your best romantically, generous and devoted. You bring stability and productivity to love that suggests growth and can feel very rewarding. You promise commitment and consistency – very attractive qualities in a world where people often feel disposable. At work, you are a roaring success, but you should still exercise financial caution. Expanding the avenues in which money flows to you will transform the way you earn and snap you out of reductive thinking. Your warmth and endurance attract new friends and help fortify existing relationships. Give of yourself.


Change is very much a Gemini word. You are comparable to a butterfly who goes through various stages of metamorphosis. You experience life as a series of little sips. Your mission is to taste a little of a lot and unite all stories under a singular canopy of meaning, finding humanity in all things. Don’t be afraid of your nature. Make space for change, big or small. You are drawn to your elders who enrich your understanding of what it means to live. You enjoy listening to the wisdom of others. Your youthful energy makes you a captive audience. At this time of magic, a new love may emerge. Watch your September monthly horoscope.


Making good decisions involves communing with the heart and head, approaching things holistically and understanding the long-term impact. You are intuitive and emotional meaning that your decisions come from a very powerful place. If you’ve previously felt indecisive, you will able to make the right choices and truly feel into experiences. A negative critical voice may emerge in your head that seeks to sabotage. You must find ways to quiet or counter this voice. You may worry about the future which stems from a desire to protect those you love. Remember that all humans are ships that must leave the safe harbor one day to find their purpose in the world. Letting go is free.


You are a marvel at making money. You have a natural expectation that you are intended for good things and that life wants to be kind to you. At its worse, this can manifest as delusions of grandeur or a sense of entitlement, but when healthy, it shows up as an understanding of what you deserve and easy, cool confidence. Your ability to communicate serves you well at work and in educational pursuits. You are prepared to work long and hard and this bolsters your goals. You need to take extra caution with your throat and skin. Trying to balance all facets of your life may be a challenge and not something we can ever perfect, only improve.

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Focus on the self can be looked at as a negative thing. It’s as if looking at the self is selfish. But sometimes it is a very important thing to do. If we can’t be our best selves, then we cannot be there for others in the way that we would like. If you feel lacking or insecure, then some work on the self can generate radical change. You may find once things settle that you are feeling innovative and creative, able to get things going. When you feel confident, things happen. When you feel lacking, you retreat into your shell. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are, even if you have to do so slowly.


Air signs are prone to mental tension. After all, this is your realm. You are a thinker, and negative thoughts are poison. Learning not to identify with every thought you think and allowing thoughts to pass like clouds is a useful way of looking at them. Not every thought is a fact, or even something you truly wish to act upon, just a passing whimsy. Learning to decipher the difference will stand you in good stead. At work, your schedule or ability to organize yourself may feel off-kilter. There is a sense of needing stability but not knowing where to find it. The calm you seek is within, but you can find further support beyond yourself. Libra is the sign of partnership and acknowledging your need of people is very important to your health and success in the world.


Your self-confidence continues to be at its zenith, and you will find that what you desire tends to come to fruition. You will be increasingly in tune with your intuition and emotions. You may feel yourself responding to situations on a heart or gut level. You are empowered. There is enthusiasm and energy directed towards work but there may be tension in love. This might be exciting, a result of chemistry, or it may be due to a sense of pressure or confusion. Try to process your thoughts and feelings about the situation before you respond. Others will bring you plenty of happiness. The desire to accept challenges keeps you reaching for success and builds self-worth.


You work hard and play hard and as a result, both areas of your life are humming along beautifully. You are in a financially strong situation but still, need to guard against the impulse to be frivolous with your spending. Love brings you relief with its kindness, patience, and sweetness. It may bring out a gentle side of you. At work there is pressure but also professionalism and you do well. You are advised to spend some time with family and friends and to avoid letting work consume the week completely, even if it has to take center stage. You may feel indifferent towards family members. Can you find a point of connection? Watch your September monthly horoscope.


You’ll get done what needs to be done, but there may be some obstacles. You’ll remain calm, composed and unflustered. Romantically, you are in the mood to commune deeply with your partner and when you let your defenses down, your reserves of passion run deep. Women and the energy typically associated with the feminine; kindness, nurturing and love, will mean a lot for you. You may become more in touch and in tune with you're well of the feminine energy which will help you to see the world with greater compassion and wisdom. Remaining socially active and taking care of your physical health are important priorities for you, although it’s a good idea to avoid being too strict!


Being mindful of your health and that of your family is vital. You can take quite a detached view of health which can be beneficial in terms of looking at the facts and figures rather than getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty details. You understand that life is a lottery and practice gratitude for what you have rather than what you don’t. This is a healthy perspective to have and should continuously be cultivated if you find yourself falling into the trap of negative thinking. In love, you may be wary of betrayal or hurt so be sure to communicate openly to your partner and to cultivate self-esteem. Sometimes the imaginary wars we fight do more damage than anything reality could produce.


In love, we must accept that our partner is a different person. Love has a wonderful way of helping us to connect, bond and forge, but our love will always be a separate entity with their own identity. The Piscean desire to dive deep can find this reality hurtful and disappointing. You do want to swim in the sea of another person. Can you view love as a place where two souls swim out to meet one another, rather than a pool where you must always reside? This may feel not like the love you want, but it is a healthier type of love that has more chance of thriving. Your ability to connect with others enhances your ability to perform and excel in acting, singing and other creative fields.