Your Weekly Horoscope – 16th December to 22nd December 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 30th March to 5th April 2020

Your weekly horoscope (16th December to 22nd December 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Spiritual life is an important element of feeling fulfilled. For you, physical tangible life can be the main focus but when you build on your spiritual practices you evolve as a person. It’s important that you spent a portion of your time concentrating on your career and you may also need to give some attention to your love life and personal life. Remember where focus goes energy flows, and nothing can flourish without our attention. Instead, it withers and dies, like flowers that we forget to water. There is a wonderful opportunity to start something new and it may be a great time to find new love. Your approach to love is childlike in its enthusiasm and strength and so when you fall, you fall hard! Philanthropy and helping your fellow man are focuses right now.


Mentally and physically, you may be feeling rather low and lethargic. Problems may arise in your personal life and your financial status may be afflicted too. It’s easy to see why you may be feeling gloomy. Can you take one step towards the closest positive thought? Things are always changing and if you can let time pass, you will be more accepting of how the bad becomes good again. All you must do is hang on for now. In relationships, there may be some conflict. Both of you need to speak your truth with kindness. Friends will be supportive and very good to you, and this is a period where romance becomes important. Be careful with your joints – make sure you stretch and practice self-care. Consider your timing when it comes to big decisions.


A confident Gemini is a true sight to see. The social butterfly (and chameleon) of the zodiac, when you feel confident you flourish and fly. There is an electric, expansive energy that radiates from you that really helps others to rise. If you can continue to expand this confidence, you’ll notice just how powerful it can be. Own your power Gemini for it is there. Your career is blossoming, and this is partly because you are able to focus your skills in the appropriate place. Change is a part of your DNA and you may want something to be different, perhaps relationships or your environment. Embrace your desire for things to be variable and you will connect to your own lifeblood.

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Professionally this is a time of relief for you. If things have been rough or tough, they now ease, and you are able to enjoy yourself more at the workplace and really grow and develop in your role. Teething problems are natural, but you are past this point now and you can grow comfortable, bed in and let your talents shine. At work, you are a true asset, and also a very rare character as you have warmth and empathy for others but are also a cardinal sign who is able to lead others. Leading from the heart? This is so important, especially in our times. You can really be a shining light for others, and you should respect and appreciate this in yourself. You are so much powerful than even you know.


You are fixed enough to finish what you start but this week you are very quick to complete a course of action. If a student, your exam results will be favourable. This is a wonderful time for you mentally and emotionally – you will feel calm, composed and capable which enables you to manage your affairs in a positive and proactive way. Your ability to innovate is very strong and the advice of others will help you strengthen your potential and bring things to fruition. Be cautious when it comes to finances. Saving and investing are always wise options. Your health should be your priority. The saying is true: health is wealth. Focusing on your professional endeavours will make a big impact.


Your career is smooth sailing, as should be expected due to your sensibility and stellar organizational skills. You will be smiling as there is plenty to be grateful for and appreciative of. It will be hard to knock you from this high vibrational state. Your love life is also a place of plenty – you tend to put a lot of yourself into every area of your life and this includes love where you must be cautious not to become a perfectionist or martyr. When coming from a place of love, your earthy sensibilities are rewarding for your partner. There are so many new opportunities for you that the world is your oyster. Life feels harmonious and pleasant and you should enjoy its many offerings.


It’s not difficult to confuse you. Is that offensive? It isn’t meant to be. The truth is that you can see things from so many angles and your focus is so acutely on balance and equality that reaching a decision independently can seem impossible. This doesn’t mean that once you decide on a course of action, you don’t act fiercely and impactfully, but the getting there can sometimes feel like a merry go round. Understanding this facet of your own nature is useful. It shows you what other people are your mirrors and necessary to help you discover your own truth. If you feel indecisive, don’t view it as a weakness. Be patient and understand that it can be a strength.


You live to dive deep into the realm of your relationships. For you, they can only be satisfying when they are meaningful, intimate and intense. You are like this with all things but relating is perhaps the most potent form of all. Always magnetic, others will come to meet you but be careful not to take the goodwill of others for granted and become expectant. Being near water soothes and energises you in equal measure (depending on what you need.) Working on or near water is a grand place for you to be and should be considered if possible. You may feel moody and tempestuous. Water is your element and water is changeable as is the air element. It’s easy for you to have certain volatility to your nature which can be both an asset and a weakness. Learn to control it for maximum benefits.


At your best, you radiate positivity. Imagine yourself as a campfire where people gather to hear stories and tales, play music and develop a sense of community. This is very much the nature of the Sagittarian spirit and this week you are attuned to it. Others will flock to this radiance and enjoy your presence. You are a great mediator, leader and bridge-builder. Your job is to bring cheer and joy, to yourself, others and the world. Your attitude impresses others. It can feel impossible to knock you off your perch (which of course it isn’t) but you are harder to knock than most and that’s a true superpower. When the going gets tough, you smile!


Your willpower and confidence levels are intimately linked, and as one falters this week, so does the other. Good karma fortifies you as your past benefits your present. Preoccupied with time, you tend to utilise it. Although this makes you productive and successful, it’s important that you don’t fall victim to the scarcity mindset and fret about time – you don’t want to be its slave nor its master. Time simply is, just like the air we breathe. There’s a feeling of excitement as life feels full of possibility and potential and it is. No matter how much you achieve you will always be too hard on yourself. Try to break this habit. Look at how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.


Your confidence level has heightened, and you are seeing improvement across all areas of life. Growth is certain. You are driven to evolve, especially intellectually so if the option is there, it will be taken. If it’s not there, it will be found or created. You are always one to build a door where one does not exist and to take matters into your own hands. This is an admirable trait. Life is enjoyable, as is love. There’s harmony, excitement and true bliss. You don’t lose your head in love. You keep your cool. But sometimes it’s important to show that your head has been turned. Let others see the impact they’ve made on you.


When all areas of life are doing well, it’s hard not to dance, sing, and smile and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like doing. There’s merriment in life that is contagious and well deserved. Your health is also high. You are highly charismatic and can win absolutely anyone over to your cause. Of course, you should do so with boundaries in place so as not to give access to the wrong people. Your intuition and powers of perception will guide you here. You are personally popular amongst your circle and will live the high life. You are living life higher than average and professionally will be a roaring success. Enjoy all the good that has come your way.