Your Weekly Horoscope – 16th march to 22nd March 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 30th March to 5th April 2020

Your weekly horoscope (16th March to 22nd March 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You may be called upon to work hard this week, but if you do so, you will yield the fruits of your labour. Many positive results will come your way and your work ethic will get you there. In romance, things aren’t going as well as they could be and you may feel in low spirits. This isn’t like you, as you typically bring a lot of flair and fire to proceedings. It’s okay to feel a dip or lull in the mood – don’t be afraid to let it be. Take a small action to get yourself through and don’t be afraid to ask for support. The saying no man is an island fortifies that we can only survive when our community uplifts us.


There is a sense of novelty permeating this week which brings a fresh sense of excitement to your day. A creature of habit, you are nonetheless ready to welcome something new and different. Novelty encompasses areas such as your home, possessions, innovative ideas that you are ready and willing to share with others and even a new family member. There’s no doubt that this week will keep you happy and content but you do need to be cautious about the motivations of others. When we are under a spell it can be hard to see reality for what it is and this can leave us open to deception.


Gemini, you are always open to meeting a new love or making a new friend. It is your nature. You are energised by being with others and are a very social creature. Sometimes you can find yourself too influenced by the energy of others. This can weaken your boundaries and leave you uncertain about what you think or feel. Intellectually, you can take on too much of other people’s energy. You may need to take some time to recharge to reconnect with yourself. You may meet someone who makes your heart pound. This is a wonderful time to welcome meaningful love into your life.


Spending time with your family fortifies you, especially young children. You love to nurture, nourish and care for others. You are the mother of the zodiac and the mother is the most powerful archetype of all. She makes life possible and nurtures it towards autonomy and independence. Where would we be without mothers? Understanding and acknowledging your own power and leaning into the strength and power of feminine energy will get you far this week. Your capabilities are innate, and as much as you tend to pour them outwards, you must take the time and energy to fuel yourself first.


You may spend more than you can save this week so do be careful that you do not fritter your money away. Your tastes are high class and elitist but your work ethic can be lazy. You tend to want to watch others work for you whilst you take the lions to share. You may notice minor skin ailments or throat issues so do take care of your health. Make this a priority. Worry can affect your health but you will be supported by your loved ones. You always have a strong team around you so trust that they will always be there for you. You have a taste for loyalty and you tend to always be rewarded for it.


In love and relationships, you may struggle to feel heard. In relationships, communication and compromise are essential ingredients if you wish for the relationship to thrive. Take a look at your relationships and think about how satisfied you are by them. What could you do more for your partner? What could they do for you? And importantly, what can you do together? You may lack trust in your partner but this may be projection. Make sure that you address any uncertainty before it can blossom into a monster. You may lack focus, so try to establish clarity.


Financially, you need to be mindful of your spending. It may be that you have some debt that needs to be cleared or require a loan. If you can clear your debt, work on your savings, draw up a budget and make wise investments, you will be a great success. It is also essential that you spend money on your health as that is always our greatest wealth. New health problems may flare up so you need to check in with how you feel on all levels. Carve out time for yourself whenever possible. Being social revitalises you but remember that solitude is nothing to be scared of. In our quiet serene moments, we can discover more about who we truly are.


You are doing very well financially – money continues to funnel into your account and you may receive a promotion at work. You may receive happiness from a family member, such as a new baby. Your sign is the sign of transformation, novelty and change and as such anything, new represents a metamorphosis to you which is always greatly welcomed. If you are studying, you need to concentrate to reach completion. You will be recognised by others and make waves at work. In love, you are open to deception so make sure that you take time to get to know a person beyond the mask.


At work, some pressure may make you lose your sunshine and spark. You like certain aspects of work; the networking, the ability to be active and help others but you don’t like to get stuck in the mud of red tape and challenging deadlines. This isn’t your style. As such, work may not be your favourite friend this week. Spending time with your partner will bring you tremendous joy and keep a smile on your face. Make sure to prioritise your love life and your inner emotional world. Financially you will do well, especially if you focus at work and respond to the opportunities that are presenting themselves, and there will be many.


You work so hard that sometimes when it comes to letting off steam you give in to bad influences. These can include excessive drinking, smoking, gambling or any other destructive habit. Interestingly, these practices do not mirror the type of person that you want to be which is respectable, dignified and a role model to others. It is worth considering this when temptation strikes. Is a brief moment of pleasure worth the erasure of your good character, health or financial status? This does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself, but you need to be wary of the wide path of sin.


In love, there may be a chance of betrayal. Should this occur, be careful not to personalise the offence. It says nothing about you and everything about the perpetrator. It is a reflection of their character, not your worth. You are a humanitarian so you are prone to forgiveness, but you do not easily forgive for you do not give your affections easily so when you do, you will not tolerate them being hurt. This doesn’t manifest in a vengeful way, as it can for Scorpio natives, but as quiet detachment. You simply cut someone loose and keep moving. Interesting, as fate would have it, a new love may be on their way to you.


This is a period of smooth sailing for Pisces natives but you do need to monitor the health of your close and dear ones. A natural healer, you can sense when something is wrong. In love, things blossom harmoniously. There is serenity and peace which helps you to flourish for you despise conflict and adore true synergy, especially with your partner. You also enjoy a stable financial condition. In terms of your health, do not be lazy. You are happy to care for yourself and others but can daydream yourself into unhealthy or unhelpful behaviours. Be aware of this and you can sidestep any issues.