Your Weekly Horoscope – 16th November to 22nd November 2020
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Your weekly horoscope (16th November to 22nd November 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This week is a favorable one for Aries natives and especially bountiful for students who will find it far easier to exercise focus, discipline, clarity, and concentration when it comes to their studies. Revision, taking tests, and absorbing new information will be bolstered at this time. You may welcome a new member into your family or receive positive news from a family member; however, you do need to exercise practical measures to ensure that your physical health is doing well as you may be susceptible to low-level illnesses.


This is a wonderful time for you energetically. When we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in tune, we enter into a state of flow that makes us feel at one with the world. In this state, there is nothing that we cannot achieve, and we may awaken the inner potential that was previously latent. This is the time to jump into the world and do whatever it is that you desire. Others will respond very favorably to your winsome ways, high energy, and passion for life. This is the beginning of incredibly exciting times.

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Education and the opportunity to expand your mind is also very important to you. How could it not be when you are ruled by Mercury, a flighty and speedy planet that hungers for knowledge, information, and wisdom. You will want to seek out intellectual growth opportunities, including returning to school or studies or even just taking up reading about an interesting topic in your spare time. You are light-hearted, playful, and charismatic, making this a wonderful time to approach a new love interest. You are just what they are looking for.


This week is a wonderful time for you, as you may truly live the life of a leader. This is a time of great abundance, and there is no sense of lack or loss in your life. Instead, it feels as though life is a source of infinite possibilities and opportunities, and when you tap into this mindset, there is nothing you cannot achieve. You'll live it large and may be prone to excess. Of course, you do still want to exercise some mindfulness, but otherwise, you'll enjoy these times of plenty and prosperity. You'll also want to expand business opportunities and branch out into something new.


The past can have a firm hold on you, and your loyalty never falters once it has been given. This week someone from the past who meant a great deal to you may re-emerge. This could be an opportunity for closure or even reignite a friendship or romance cut too short. Only you two can decide whether the past should become the future. You'll enjoy the fortuitous tidings of this week and become active, sociable, and positive in your mindset. You'll have the energy to excel both professionally and personally. Opportunities for creativity are also abundant.


This is a wonderful time to focus on saving money and also on making necessary purchases. Yes, you guessed it; these are positive financial times. Communication is heightened, which benefits you greatly because your powers of communication are already strong thanks to the fact that you are ruled by the planet Mercury. You are in a heavy romantic mood and want to make connections with a new partner. Love and romance weigh heavily on your mind, and you'll be able to make logical and emotional decisions when it comes to picking the right partner for you.


This is one of those perfect placements that come along so rarely and have the ability to change your life. No matter what you do, you'll achieve desirable results, and your dreams will have the potential to come true. It would help if you were encouraged to dream big, for the world wants to give you what you are looking for. There is no safety in playing small. You'll be able to complete all that you start. In love, you are truly blessed and will attract a partner who seems too good to be true, but chances are they will be the real deal. Let yourself be excited and enjoy this wonderful time.

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Financially it would help if you were a little careful because you may have difficulty saving and being very tempted to make rather inane purchases. There can be a tendency to turn to shopping to fill a void, typically boredom. It can bring temporary relief and calm but will also hinder your financial prosperity. You may seek out travel opportunities, and this is likely to be for some time. Studying overseas or moving to another country are possibilities for you to want to see the world and have new experiences. Be open-minded and try to learn as much about other cultures and countries as you can.


The results of your hard work begin to come through, and you'll enjoy seeing your efforts pay off. This may encourage you to work harder in other areas of your life. Your work's marriage with good luck makes a lot of wonderful and enriching things happen for you financially and personally. Your relationships will be at their peak, and you'll enjoy plenty of good times with your partner. This is a time of light-hearted joy. There will be no difficulties or complications, just plenty of good clean fun. This is a good time to get to know one another and bask in each other's presence.


This is a truly wonderful time for you, dear Capricorn. Everything seems to be in its place, and you feel confident, calm, and content. When in this state, the universe blesses us with greater abundance as it knows we are primed to receive all blessings. You will be greatly appreciated at work, and you'll also enjoy a favorable professional period, although you may need to balance your work life with your personal endeavors. It can be easy for you to compartmentalize things or to take on a black and white stance to the world. This should be avoided, for the truth exists in nuances.


You are steadily moving towards a place of growth and expansion. You are moving forward, and the building blocks are manifesting as you move. Desirable results are easily achieved, and you are grateful for the prosperity that exists at this time. This is a period of renewed vigor in which you may feel inspired to keep going. Your focus is sharp and clear, and you know what you want to do professionally and personally. You'll enjoy great health, and there will be plenty of fun and enjoyable events to keep a smile pinned to your face at all times.


You may start this week with some worry about family members and their future. Still, by midweek your energy and focus will begin to shift, and you will feel more comfortable moving into a practical realm where you can focus on actions you can take rather than fearful fantasies. Your fear is merely the negative shadow of your love for your family. Twist it round, and you'll find something positive there. There is some pressure at work that you may take home with you, so make sure that you find ways to let off steam. Try to compartmentalize the two areas where possible to prevent one from bleeding into the other.