Your Weekly Horoscope - 17 to 23 May 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (10th May to 16th May 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This week you will focus on ingenious and inventive ways of earning money. You are not always one for convention and may seek a more unusual way of earning money that suits you far better. Anything outdoorsy or that involves physical activity will suit you down to the ground as you do not like the feeling of being cooped up, whether physically or psychologically. Your personal life feels grounded, stable, and harmonious. Although you are prone to like things fun and fiery, this period of stability shows you that your loved ones can be counted on when life swerves through its ebbs and flows. Read More


You tend to gravitate to work that could be considered methodical such as office work, because it suits your slow and steady disposition, and there are no nasty surprises. This week is a wonderful period for Taurus natives in the world of work. Things continue to be blessed in this area, and if you are happy for things to remain as they are, that’s great, but there is also the potential for things to improve and grow, meaning that you can jump on new opportunities they emerge with great gusto. This can be a week of maintaining or radically altering the status quo depending on your desires. Read More


This week you may feel somewhat lazy and inactive and struggle to draw on motivation, liveliness, and courage. You can consider this a period of marinating. It doesn’t mean that things are stagnant but instead that they are taking form and shape, incubating and gestating before they are ready to thrive in the world at large. You may not feel much like yourself, but that it may be that you are embracing parts of yourself that you aren’t often familiar with. This can be a wonderful time to see all facets of yourself as they emerge. Fortunately, others will support your endeavors. Read More

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You thrive when your personal life is full and happy because this area matters most to you. This week is one such time when all will be going miraculously well, and you’ll enjoy heightened levels of self-confidence. There’s no telling what you might do, but it could include pursuing a new career or relationship or even completing a project, or starting a new hobby. Whether big or small, you’ll certainly be stepping into a period of growth and change. Your cardinal nature is always prepared to rock the boat even though you seem gentle and tender to the world at large – your quiet strength impacts. Read More


There is an expansiveness to your energy that is always itching for a change. If we consider the nature of the fire element, then this is very easy to see. Fire grows and expands when it is fed and encouraged. It’s a transformational force and sometimes may even need to be kept in check so that it doesn’t become too destructive or forceful, for fire does not know the meaning of boundaries until it is confined in a campfire. Even then, it may long to break free. You are looking for some change, most likely in a professional capacity. Why not sail beyond the harbor and see what lurks beyond? Read More


Your self-confidence is at untold heights, and as a result of this, you are more active in the pursuit of what you want. This trait especially shows up in your romantic life, where you suddenly become far more assertive, engaged, and direct with others. You may not seem like yourself, but you have just dropped the inhibition and filter that block you from expressing yourself as you wish you could. Make the most of this supercharged strength and go after the life that you not only desire but deserve. You may not always feel this way, but while you do, you must chase your goals. Read More


Sometimes we get stuck in negative mental patterns and rumination that can be painful to break free from. When this happens, we may find ourselves unsure how to proceed. We may not do anything at all and sit and procrastinate. This week the challenge will be to learn to let go of that which no longer aids you. A great way to tackle this energy is to implement a program of meditation, exercise, and journaling that engages your brain and gives it a focus. This will stop you from frittering energy needlessly, and you may find yourself falling into content exhaustion as the week winds down. Read More

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This week your relationships may be somewhat displeasing to you, largely because your partner may be expressing opinions, preferences, or ideologies that clash with your own. The longer we are romantically entangled, the more we learn about our partners and, by extension ourselves. You may feel aggrieved and want to respond aggressively or intensely, but you must remain diplomatic and composed. This can be a wonderful time for you to learn more about one another and connect more deeply than you ever have before. Read More


This is a very lucky period for Sagittarius natives. Still, equally, it can feel as though you are working so hard and not seeing the results emerge, which naturally can lead to frustration and a desire to quit. What is so important is that you keep a sense of motivation or momentum. In these dips and ditches, we realize what we are made of and how resilient we truly are. Do not give up on yourself; remember your potential and push for your own greatness. If you are involved in legal matters or competitions, you will be victorious. Your easy-breezy manner conceals a world of ambition within. Read More


This week is all about your own ambition. As a cardinal earth sign, you need to see tangible results in the real world, and you need to achieve and taste success and victory. This is a driving force within you and a key element of your self-worth. Earth signs need to build and be needed to feel important in this world, and you should not be ashamed of this need. This week sees you flying high either as a leader, political figure, or other fields of excellence. You can emerge as a big player if you step into your own power and realize your own potential. Shake off the shackles of self-doubt, and you’ll see that the world is yours. Read More


Aquarius, you are a collector of friends and are not prejudiced in the slightest. Your friends will run the gamut of every gender, creed, and color, for you take people as they are and love to see the world from many different perspectives. This week is one of friendship, of knowing who is truly on your team, and of spending time with those who matter. It’s also a great opportunity to see the flipside of friendship; beyond the fun, who is there for you when things become difficult? You’ll start to see who you can depend on and who is only there when things are going well. Read More

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This is a proactive period for Pisces natives. Typically content to passively flow with life (and this certainly has its merits), this week, you want to step into your power to find out what you are capable of. This sense of initiative manifests in work and love; you may make more plans, set meetings, make phone calls, and generally make more effort. This can create new and exciting dynamics with colleagues and friends. You’ll have a much clearer sense of your goals and who you want to be. Now all you need to do is take the practical steps to manifest in real-time. Read More

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