Your Weekly Horoscope – 18th to 24th November 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 13th January to 19th January 2020

Your weekly horoscope (18th to 24th November) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


An Aries with zero confidence is a rare occurrence. You may feel very unlike yourself. There’s also a buzz of tension which could be channeled for better or worse – it’s utterly up to you. You must concentrate on what you need and want and understand that where you channel your focus can make a world of difference. Your tongue can sting, and your words can hurt so make sure that you think before you speak. You may even seek out drama and conflict just to feel some passion or a sense of feeling alive. Do not confuse damage and destruction with deep feeling. They are not the same. You may worry a lot about all facets of your life – try to take one step at a time. You can’t tackle Everest in a day. Harmony can be found at home if you let it in.


Love and relationships are an area where plenty of problems can arise if we are not careful. They can also show us our most vulnerable spots and wounds. If we listen, we can learn a great deal. But that’s the question, are you prepared to listen? What you hear may sting, but it will also provide you with an education. Your natural ability to perform will come calling and if you are inclined to act (whether literally or in any area of your life or career), you will excel. There is a magical quality to your voice that can make you heard in a powerful and transformative way. Love can simmer with excitement, especially when you bring your best to it. You may find yourself feeling troubled. Are you borrowing worries from a place that does not belong to you? If so, put it down. Do not claim what is not yours.


Your career is going in a strong direction, as it should because you possess all the qualities of a good worker including wit, attention to detail and energy for days. You may be distractible, but you are quite studious and there is an unmistakable desire to please. In love, there is plenty to entertain you and it can take a lot to keep you invested. A partner could juggle whilst doing backflips and you could still yawn! This excitement can also lead to turbulence depending on your mental state. There may be failures in your planning that can lead to depression. Try to surrender to things as they are. Learn to let go when you can. Life is easier when you do so. Your mind is a tightly wound instrument, both your greatest asset and your greatest enemy, depending on how you use it. Feed the right wolf.


This is a wonderful period for career-related changes. You don’t drift towards change easily. You take your time. You need to feel safe before you act. So, when it becomes time for a change, you know you’re really and truly ready. Trust your gut, integrity and intuition. You know what is best for you. Your energy levels may be low so take some time to go inward, light the candles and run the bubble baths. A little introverted time will help you to regenerate. Your friends will be immensely supportive of you in all you do. This is a great period for love so embrace what comes your way and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You may seek educational opportunities – there is a thirst for learning. This is a time of growth and transition and you are more than ready. Your natural leaning towards sentimentality and nostalgia will always make it harder to let go, but you are prepared.


You are full of energy and embracing an action-packed month. Travel may be part of your plans, and you will want to spend time with family. Life feels exciting and you are truly in the cut and thrust of life. Reflect on what you want to happen in life and understand that you have the power to make it be. Financially, you may need to rethink. Be careful not to overspend or to be too frivolous. You can make your money go far if you exercise caution. Try to use some of your fixed nature by keeping yourself in check. In love, a very important element, especially for you, is friendship, love may come in the form of a friend. Your health needs to be a priority so take good care of yourself. Keep your cool and seek advice when needed. Pride comes before a fall.


Plans may now be in motion for a future that you are happy to start designing. You are at your best when you are practically applying what you’ve learned to situations in your life, rather than losing yourself in the analysis. Ruled by Mercury, the potential for neurosis is here, but the antithesis of this is your ability to impart logic and work through what needs to be done in a step by step, methodical way. Things are well although your tendency towards perfectionism may make this difficult to see. Don’t underestimate what you have achieved – give yourself credit for the small successes. It is important to take stock of just how far you’ve come in this world and how much farther you’ll go.

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Typically, diplomatic and pleasant, you may need to practice a little more self-control this week as there is a tendency to speak your mind which others may find hurtful or dismissive. Not everything you think or feel needs to be voiced. Find another outlet or platform that is less destructive and transfer the energy. In terms of your career, you perform well and astound others with natural charisma, magnetism, and a sense of fairness that inspires others to have faith in you. Your temper may be turned up, but so is your interest in spirituality and this can have a soothing effect, like a warm balm. Your health should be a priority. It is the greatest source of wealth we have. Do not take a casual attitude towards your nutrition, exercise or any health ailments. Make them a passionate crusade that calls to you daily.


At work, you have certainly become speedy and highly effective at getting things done. This is in part due to your ability to zero in and focus excessively until the job is done. There’s also a natural sense of confidence and integrity that gives you the trust and faith in yourself to get things going and completed. People can certainly call on you when something needs doing. There may be some tension around achievement – you may feel as though you have to get things done to attain self-worth. You are deserving of self-worth anyway regardless of what you do or don’t do. Life is good, but you may be struggling to save or to make decisions, although there is a desire to get something moving. Reflect on things, right, see if you can get your internal stuff moving.


Fire signs are naturally gifted with self-confidence, but yours may take a knock this week. What does fire do? It warms, inspires and gives us the courage to take action. When we lack fire, we may feel immobilized, passive and uncertain. This week you may not have the get-up and go that you usually do, so it may be worth going within to get in touch with that natural fire again. Lighting a candle in a safe place can also be a way to connect with the element you need in your life. Through osmosis, you can absorb its gifts. Despite this lack of oomph, you’ll still be fairly proactive, and things will go well for you. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, it’s fairly easy for you to get lots of good luck – you quite simply believe in it. Financially be sensible. Your spending habits can be spontaneous, to say the least.


Your confidence is sky high this week which puts you in a fortuitous position. Tasks that you completed in the past will benefit you in the here and now. If you can be honest in love, you will reap the rewards. You must stand by your integrity in all that you do. This will bring you greater peace. At work, challenges are served your way, but you complete them flawlessly. You are driven by the need to meet challenges – it is the key place where you draw your self-esteem. Although you tend to operate as a lone wolf, you are supported well by your colleagues. Your personal life is operating close to perfect and it may even be that you want to take things further, diving deep into the realm of marriage and commitment. Follow your heart.


You do not seek appreciation or validation. You can operate perfectly well without both, but that doesn’t change the fact that this week others will be appreciative of you and it will land – you will feel a response. This is a lucky time for Aquarius natives and things will begin manifesting for you. This is a truly wonderful time for love. You can sometimes seem cold and aloof because you operate from a higher perspective, but inside there is plenty of heart, even if it doesn’t show in traditionally warm ways. Professionally this is a wonderful time and you can get things done. There is a desire to work and complete what needs to be done. You must trust your instincts. A cerebral sign, you may prefer to operate on a mental plane, but your gut will tell you things that your brain cannot.


This is a great period for your relationships. They will truly flourish and expand into something powerful and meaningful. You have a lot of heart to give and your generosity is one of your most transformative powers. Your love can truly uplift others, but it’s essential to keep some for yourself too. Your first love should always be yourself. This is a vital life lesson for you. In wider society, your powers of gentleness and delicateness will be respected and honored. Perhaps society is ready for someone like you now. This is also a period of luck, and you do believe in luck and are ready to absorb it. You are popular in your circle in a quiet way. You will live a big life, feeling it all and taking it all in. Your attitude is calm and composed and this has a strong effect on how you are received.