Your Weekly Horoscope – 18th May to 24th May 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st June to 7th June 2020

Your weekly horoscope (18th May to 24th May 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your serenity, stability and calm attitude really is a departure from your usual fiery nature and others respond very well to it. Your family and friends are drawn to spending quality time with you, and this is soothing for you also. Your ability to communicate is both enhanced and softened meaning that others sit up and take notice. As the sun moves into Taurus on the fourteenth, you’ll start to become inventive when it comes to cash. You’ll think of novel ways to make money and boost your income, and you have the flair and energy to get things going.

Let this serious time not put you down and take away your self-confidence. You need to ensure that you trust yourself and your relationships. Start hearing your heart.


You are already fairly popular because you radiate comfort, but this week, this side of you is even more impactful. This helps you to become more widely liked beyond your social circle, but also powerfully impacts how your closest friends and family feel about you. On the 14th, the sun moves into Taurus which can produce a mixed effect. For those of you who work in offices, you’ll be patient, relaxed and hard working. You may also become restless, antsy and flustered, needing something new or different. Get moving!

Embrace positive energy to push away negativity. During this time of trial save your relationships and also make sure you understand others plight too.


Gemini, your mind is so brilliant, but when ungrounded or lacking entertainment, you can quickly become unstable. Think of a happy summer breeze, light, airy and free. Then consider the hurricane which twists and turns and destroys. Air represents both of these extremes, and your nature is reflected in their terror and beauty. You may feel less active and even lazy and unmotivated. Fortunately, your circle will be supportive of you and what a difference this makes. You are always loved, regardless of how you feel inside.

This is not the time to give up on life. Loss is big but you still need to trust your stars. A good time surely awaits you. So gather yourself together and work towards a better future.


You continue to spend money on causes which you hold close to your heart and you are able to maintain a calm and composed manner which really boosts you (and others) in both a professional and personal sense. If you work in a caring profession, others will be drawn to your healing and nourishing qualities. Your personal life is ecstatically happy and money finds many ways to come to you. If you have a little financial know-how, this can be a very empowering time for you.

You’ll certainly be able to make an impact! Even if you are at home. Your unique talent or maybe your creative mind can help you grab attention positively. Make use of this lockdown time to accentuate your fame.


Leo, financially you are very shrewd and wise, and able to make very sensible economic decisions which benefit you, your family and your place of work. There is always more to learn however, so do not let pride stop you from taking those lessons on board or seeking out the advice and expertise of those who have gone before you. This saves us so much valuable time. This is a lucky period for you and your self-confidence is on fire thanks to the sun in Taurus, which lends you focus, discipline and the ability to be consistent.

Patience is the only way to walk through this trivial time in life. You need to let go of your past mistakes and concentrate on the new time that is about to come forth. The month of May will be the beginning of the second chapter of life.


Your interest in spirituality is heightened and thanks to your earthy nature, you are far too grounded and practical to be dragged astray into superstition. You are able to explore your nature without falling prey to schemers or peddlers. Your tendency towards caution has a way of keeping you safe. You are also kept lucky thanks to the sun in Taurus which can bolster your financial situation and encourage self-confidence. This is a wonderful period for asserting yourself and going after your dreams. Very little can deter you this week.

You may have felt that life is not turning out the way it should have which will increase the level of stress. This time might increase your tension but the month assures hopeful and light circumstances in the coming time. Wait for the right time, it is nearby.


Libra, focus on your breathing. Yes, that’s right. Sit and focus on your breathing. Are you breathing slowly, deeply and mindfully? If you are predisposed to asthma, you may find it triggered this week. Even if you have no breathing issues, you may find yourself short on the breath which can be connected to anxiety or fear. This can cause you to breathe in a shallower manner. Health issues may arise including hypertension and mental fatigue.

You should be very cautious financially. Do not be afraid to seek out music, beauty, art and companionship until you can feel whole again. Even if you are at home you can still explore your talent in these fields. They will keep you happy.


Your relationship with your spouse may cause you to worry. This is because you are deeply connected to your romantic partner. You bond at a soul level. Any dissatisfaction they feel will be felt by you also. Try to avoid taking on the moods and emotions of others. Work to ground yourself. Differences in thoughts and opinions may bring both of your egos into play, generating distance. Try to give one another space and respect. Your mind may feel unfocused and unstable.

Try to lessen the intensity in some area of your life. Think of your element of water, let things fall and flow. During this time you need to stop and understand that you cannot be harsh on yourself. Use this time to take care of yourself and consider your next approach when the world resumes to normal life.


Some minor health issues may trouble you but your pace at work is unaffected. You maintain a slow and steady pace, which may be unlike your fiery and quick-witted nature, but is certainly benefitting you and helping you to improve. Financial gain is sure to follow. You just need to be sensible with how you proceed. What you do with the money once it’s earned is vital. Some unfavourable luck will come by this week and you find yourself working ten times harder for far less gain. That said, things will ease up again soon. Retain a sense of ease and fun. So, patiently wait for all this to end, people to get better. The world will surely open up to you soon.


The tension simmers through your life. But luck will favour you, all in its own time. You simply need to be patient, and arguably you are very good at being patient. After all, you are ruled by the earth element and earth is able to withstand lashings of water, rain and fire to reshape itself over time. Earth always endures even as the other elements run amuck upon its surface. With the sun in Taurus, you enter into a positive period which can generate fame, success and achievements. Your hard work certainly is setting a very impressive stage.

The period of staying at home has extended but it should not simmer down your spirit to save guard your business in the coming time.


There is a very air-oriented desire for something new. The chances are that this something new will be something big like a home, car or other important purchase. These purchases are not whimsical or flippant – instead, they make a big difference to your quality of life. You may find yourself concerned about the health of your mother, but friends and relatives will come to your aid and rally around. Try to take action so that you can snap yourself out of rumination. At work there may be tension, but far less than you have been used to.

Meditation is the best way to overcome the problem this time makes you exhibit. Being locked up at home does not mean you shut out all good things around you. Count your blessings, they will make you value things.


Your moods are very much like your element of water. Sometimes you crash and sometimes you flow. Sometimes you become like a stagnant pool of water that is unable to move. When this occurs, you can feel lazy, unexcited and lost, as though a sense of whom you are is fading. During these times, you should socialise so that you can feel energised in the presence of others and quite literally get things moving again. With the sun in Taurus, you will begin to move into a more proactive phase, but you may be dogged by ruminating and anxiety especially with regards to the family. Action can help fade fear.

The doubts and fears which you have in your heart will soon fade away with time. The month of May will ensure you have self-confidence and also the courage to balance things during this time. Do not let the pandemic affect your well-being.