Your Weekly Horoscope – 19 to 25 August 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 24th February to 1st March 2020

Your weekly horoscope (19th to 25th August, 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at


All areas of life will improve, from health to relationships. All Aries natives have the ability to be leaders in their chosen field or community. Juvenile natives may not be ready yet. With time, you grow into your position of leadership and become a powerful asset. Others look to you for inspiration and energy. Your willpower is second to none. Relationships naturally evolve and marriage may be something you feel ready to consider. It can take you longer than most to settle down, unless you do so impulsively. Taking the time to slow down, to respond, to think and to pace yourself will be incredibly helpful. Only fools rush in, so learn to take your time. There is plenty.


You like living in the lap of luxury, but you also enjoy earning your way to get to that point. In work, you excel as you work hard and methodically and slowly but surely work your way to where you need to be. In love, things are perfect. Take note of the habits you indulge at this time and make sure that you repeat them in future as past behaviour indicates future plans. You are a little tetchy, moody and volatile so be mindful until this passes. Mars in Leo makes you focus on feminine energy. You need to be close to feminine power. Taurus is a feminine sign; appreciative, grateful, demure and gracious. Get in touch with this side of yourself and you’ll find fulfilment quickly.


With the sun in Leo, you become an immensely social creature. You want to be in the mix. You are especially connected to young people or people with youthful energy. At work, there are challenges (or opportunities for growth.) There is a desire for local or international travel. Your mind is innovative, creative and inspired. You are firing ideas left, right and centre. Your financial life is prospering beautifully, and now is a good time to consider investments. With Mars in Leo, you may find it difficult to juggle the various voices in your family. You may feel a slight lack of enthusiasm. Learn to be grateful and to see beauty in the little things to restore childlike wonder.


The sun in Leo brings you out of your shell and into the light, and you might find it dazzling. Leos are natural born communicators and projectors, and this lends authority and command to your voice. People may listen to you more than ever before. This is a good time to bring up important conversations around work, family and life. You carry a certain weight that engages others and captures their attention. If single, love may emerge and excite. Mars in Leo ensures financial gain, but you may find it troublesome to save. Investments are a suitable thing to be looking into so don’t be deterred from taking the practicalities into account.


You’re moving from a period of low confidence to one of high self-esteem and others may be recognising you for who you are. If any sign is to become famous, it’s Leo, you are born to be a star. You’ll enjoy recognition from all directions, particularly at work and in your romantic realm. At work, you may be derailed and need to focus a little more. You are able to handle your responsibilities today without complaint and with no grumbles. You’ll enjoy feeling needed. With Mars in Leo, you enjoy your friendships and are the life and soul. Balancing all elements of your life is crucial to ensure that you come from a place of cohesion and unity. Moderation is essential for contentment.


You may find yourself on the back foot this week feeling less certain of yourself. You may lack a fundamentally degree of self-esteem. Think back on what you have achieved. Write one list of achievements, and another of traits and compliments. You need to put active work into acknowledging how amazing you are as a person. Your health is good and there are many opportunities for you in life. Only your mental wellbeing requires some attention. With Mars in Leo, there is a certain urgency in making sure that you feel good in yourself. It is okay to be selfish in the interim. What can you do for yourself? There must be some little way you can take your control and power back.


Cardinal signs love to conquer. The feeling of completion is exhilarating to you. Though you may be slow to start, you’re sure to finish. The movement of the sun into Leo gives you the staying power to finish things with flourish. You may carry a little extra sparkle with you. Love and travel are heightened, and you may merge the two together. Mercury in Cancer deepens intimate relationships and grants you the compassion and understanding to pour more time and energy towards those you love. Financially, this is a strong period for you. You will accrue and safe money with ease. You get what you deserve in a karmic sense, so be mindful of the way you interact with others and the world at large.


You bring a sense of confidence into this week and for good reason. Professionally and personally, life is going very well for you. Your personal life is exciting, pleasurable and meaningful (all things a true Scorpio enjoys) whilst you are validated and compensated for your week, which gives you a tangible sense of value and worth. A respected Scorpio finds it easier to move out from under its hiding place and engages with the world more compassionately. Your sting may be silenced, as you have no reason to call upon it right now. You are accepting of new challenges and competitions and a sense of satisfaction emerges when you get things done. You can’t help but feel a simmering sense of exhilaration at what is to come. Enjoy the experience.


The luckiest of the signs, the sun in Leo brings even more luck than you might imagine. This is a time of bold big action. At home there will be plenty of celebrations and auspicious events. You will not be too proud to seek out the advice of your elders, enabling you to make informed decisions. Your life partner may need you more than they normally do, but you respond with love, patience and devotion. You are a very kind sign, although hard to tie down. You can never ignore a true call for help. There are some obstacles to clear, but the archer always aims true. Do not allow these challenges to drag you down. Instead, take some time away from the herd, be in your mind and heart and let things clear.


Capricorns exert themselves so fully that health can fall low down the list. Work tends to come first. You must always be doing something, rather than being, which you may feel lacks value. This week put your health at the top of the list. You want to be especially mindful of your heart. Are you sitting for too long? Eating the right foods? Are you ignoring your connections and relationships to mindlessly push on? If so, what for? Take time to stop and smell the roses. Put the focus back on what you eat, how you move, how long you sleep. Without your health, you cannot keep conquering those mountains. This week can teach you about balance and co-operation if you let it. There is worth in self-care, and it is still a type of work which should please you.


This is a wonderful time for those closest to you, particularly a romantic partner. There is plenty of joy to go around in your home. There may be an auspicious event taking place at home which has everyone giddy with excitement. There is plenty of professional growth indicated, especially for writers. Your creative juices are plentiful, and they are flowing right now. You are larger than life right now and there is a true sense of harmony. You are where you should be in the world, and you are living large. In love, there may be some misunderstandings between spouses. Communication is key to true understanding. If you don’t speak your truth, and listen to your partner's truth, you cannot connect on any meaningful level. Do not be dogmatic or too fixed. Allow your love some flexibility, like water that flows and falls in many states. Let your love move with some freedom.


Physically and emotionally you may feel a tad off balance. The sun in Leo is a strong energy for a fish. You need to take care of your liver, teeth and ears. You may be tired from hard work and you may feel weary of those who would backstab you. This can feel very overwhelming. At these times, we need to turn to the font of love and strength within ourselves. Show yourself gentleness and compassion. Your personal life provides relief. Things develop around you but slowly. Consider progress like a flower. Day by day, you don’t see it bloom, but one day you look at the flower, and by God, there it is. This is also true for life. The process of life unfurls and can’t be stopped. Trust in it.