Your Weekly Horoscope - 19th April to 25th April 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (19th April to 25th April 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This week may bring some minor but consistent health issues into play which can make focusing on anything else a little difficult. You may not be your most productive in other areas of life with your focus drawn to a mild state of ill health. Your personal life may feel somewhat average and lack the entertainment factor. You may find yourself drawn to drama, gossip or chaos in an attempt to feel something, anything. With the sun in Aries your willpower and confidence remain high and you’ll be a positive influence to others in your community. This is a great period for embracing your inner go-getter. Read More


This can be a period of erratic novelty and change which can bring some very exciting elements into your path. We would say be prepared but it might be difficult to know what to expect this week. If you can let go of your desire for control (this is very common among earth signs), you’ll be able to enjoy the flurry of new experiences that may come your way, including a religious trip, fame or parenthood. Your family will support all of your endeavours but you should be mindful of any unnecessary spending. You may spend impulsively, for fun or to sate an inner void. Try to find another use for your time. Read More


In life it is important that we maintain a sense of dignity, self-respect and integrity. These are traits that cannot be bought and should not be sold. Being in possession of them works wonders on boosting our self-esteem and sense of self and can be effective across all areas of our life. At work others may try to take digs at your reputation making it all the more important that you work on your character. There may be obstacles presenting themselves especially in the workplace but your confidence and support from others ensures that you continue to rise through the ranks. Read More

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This is a great time for business and you’ll find yourself reaching for the sky whether you work for someone else or are cultivating your own hustle. If you should so want it, this is a perfect opportunity for you to court fame or a more public facing life. Your shy nature may feel reluctant to pursue this and yet it can be immensely rewarding once you do and you may find that you grow and evolve as a person in ways you could not imagine. Those senior to you will notice you, even though you may think that you are able to lurk undetected whilst the world continues moving around you. It’s untrue – you are noticed. Read More


Sometimes we may find that even though we know better, we turn to cycles of behaviour that are inherently unhelpful and even harmful to our well being. We may push the self-destruct button purely out of boredom. You may find yourself spending money needlessly and giving into unhealthy lifestyle habits including over-eating or sedentary behaviours. These patterns will break down your self-esteem, productivity and sense of worth. Fortunately your interest in spirituality is on the up and this can help you reach out to a higher power or a wholesome community who can help you break the shackles. Read More


Bringing a more diplomatic side of your nature to the workplace will benefit you this week and help you conquer any obstacles that may be in your way. Those of you who work in the fields of garments or cosmetics will do wonders thanks to your attention to detail and mercurial energy. There is a sense of stability in all you do that encourages you to reach higher levels of self-actualisation including learning a new language or making strides with your finances. There may be some tension or inability to concentrate that prompts a new environment. A change of scene can work wonders in restoring good health, clarity and focus for what lies ahead. Read More


This week can bring a very paradoxical set of energies into your life. You may not know whether you are coming or going! Financially this period is one of growth and at home there is a beguiling mix of harmony and tension. Some of you may find yourselves deciding on marriage or developing an interest in philanthropy which leads to a new source of income. For others there can be conflict within relationships which can be hard to manage. It may be a difficult time to make big professional decisions for you may not be in touch with what is for the greatest good. Smaller decisions such as a trip you can take can help refresh your tired energy. Read More

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This week you may find yourself agitated by minor health issues including pains in the joints. Exercise, stretches and rest can make a big difference to your experience. Conflicts with relatives may occur and it is vital that you are able to keep your cool. Do not lose your head over minor transgressions. Tensions and trouble may be deeply felt and you may empathically take on the moods and emotions of others. In business there can be some obstacles but you’ll also be able to win over those who may not have thought highly of you in the past. This week can bring about some life-changing occurrences and romance and love will be somewhat of a safe harbour for you. Read More


Although you are naturally bestowed with a well-integrated and peaceful disposition, this week may be one of some instability. It may be that others wish badly upon you or that you incur a loss of property or that troubles in your family spill out to influence you. There can be a strong desire for change, especially at work and you may feel restless and fussy if things cannot change quickly enough for you. Positive news comes from children and education and professionally you’ll taste success and fate will support your progress. Your ruling planet Jupiter always brings you good luck and you’ll experience plenty of that going ahead this week even if minor issues may crop up. Read More


This week is one of great success and progress professionally which should come as no surprise as this is an area you are fairly consistent in. There’s also the opportunity for a promotion. Your personal life is also wonderful and there’s a sense of elevating to a higher level in both your professional and personal life. Rather than things remaining static, change will occur and propel you forward, accelerating your course. You’ll experience good luck across the board and enjoy a problem-free period where all seems to be humming along like perfection. Despite this your confidence may not be at its highest – sit back and absorb all the good before you. Read More


This week there can be some struggles related to your personal life including issues with children and a low romantic level that may need rekindling. Professionally there can also be some challenges especially if you are dealing with the government or one of its offshoots. You may also find that you are rather accident prone! Fortunately you will also be proactive and well-supported and your energy will be one of enthusiasm as you understand that there are new opportunities and benefits for you going forward. If you can embrace the present and future rather than the past, there can be a lot to gain this week. Direct your energy into the now.Read More

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Sometimes in life we almost seem to hit the jackpot with every element of all things going amazingly well. This is one such time for you being just excellent in all aspects including health, wealth, romance, friendship and career. This is a great time to really push yourself out into the world and to be open and earnest about your desires. In doing so, you are more likely to manifest the abundance you seek. Be honest with yourself – do not hold back for this week, no dream is too big to be realised. Your confidence is also at an absolute peak which may make you seem like a whole new person! Read More

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