Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st June to 7th June 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 29th June to 5th July 2020

Your weekly horoscope (1st June to 7th June 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Life takes on a wonderfully enthralling quality which is captivating and hypnotic. This will primarily manifest in your love life which adopts a dreamy, serene quality. You may meet someone who seems too good to be true. There will be plenty of harmony in your life, an absence of conflict and stress and you will be enjoying your interpersonal relationships to the fullest. You will also prosper financially with overseas investments or businesses working out very effectively for you. All in all, a week worth rejoicing.


This week you excel in the workplace and can commit to whatever is required of you. Your stable and hardworking nature ensures that you always put in a strong effort but you are not one to be rushed or pushed. You like to complete things in their own time. They always get done but in your own way. Those who understand the method behind your madness (and there certainly is a method) respect this about you and leave you to your own devices. Your colleagues and seniors may develop a more intense interest in you. Promotion is possible.


You enter a very fortunate week in which your relationship is strengthened. Your partner will support you in all that you do. As a sign of partnership and duality (you are represented by the twins after all), this works wonders for your self-esteem and happiness. You enjoy feeling respected, loved and adored by your partner and knowing that they will be there for you throughout all seasons and weathers. Despite your fickle and changeable nature, you are very attracted to partners who are reliable and more grounded. This helps you to feel safe.


This can be a challenging week for you Cancer. There may be some struggles relating to your health, finances and debt. This week may require some organisation, re-structuring and plenty of reflection. What has been working for you well so far and what needs to change? Only you can answer these questions, but if you are honest with yourself, there is plenty that you can do differently. This is the time to throw out what no longer works for you and to bring in new concepts that can make a huge difference. As a cardinal sign, this quest for novelty will appeal to you greatly.


This is a week where people become tremendously important to you. You’ll be magnetic, attractive and appealing and as such will draw plenty of new friends and perhaps even reconnect with old ones. Immensely loyal, you are always open to embracing the old. This is also a gorgeous period for you romantically. You have a lot to offer a partner, especially with your big kind heart. Your warmth is a big draw. This week there may be an excess of romantic interest from many people. Be open to exploring new connections. Who knows where they may lead?


This week your priority should be re-investing in your health. Chances are that you have fallen out of balance and lost your equilibrium. No matter. You can easily pick up where you left off. Check-in with your body. Any maladies, illness or injuries are signs of areas you need to take care of. Mentally and emotionally, you’ll also pick up on cues of what you should do to improve your wellbeing. Then begin a regular meditation practice, exercises such as yoga, journaling and healthy eating. These practices will push you into alignment and begin to fix your woes.


Something new and life-changing may be happening in your life right now. It’s most likely that it will take the form of a new relationship, a deepening commitment or a baby. Yes, parenthood may be on the horizon. It may also manifest as fame, success or big achievement. Either way life is set to change and become different and this can only be exciting. As a result of this energy, there may be some tension and anxiety but remember the flipside of these feelings is enthusiasm and a sense of looking forward to what life may bring you.


You definitely have a domestic side. Scorpions like to hide away and protect themselves. This can be a way of fortifying yourself and preparing for the next stage of your evolution, but it can also be a way of processing and reflecting. As a water sign, you need to delve into the world of emotion often and you prefer to do so alone. You will focus on your home and possibly on redecorating. This will be a fun and enjoyable project for you and a way of expanding your safe space. Your home is your castle, your territory and you want to make it just right.


The archer of the zodiac, you are an eternal wanderer. This week many short trips may be occurring, perhaps for work or perhaps for fun. When you travel, you accrue knowledge, wisdom and understanding, all things which deepen your character. You do need to be mindful of your health because you may be prone to more climactic related illnesses or injuries such as altitude sickness or heat stroke. Make sure that you approach your health mindfully so that you can enjoy your journeys to the fullest.


This week you will enjoy a very financially strong period. You have worked hard for this and continue to do so, so it should come as no surprise that you are making such a success of yourself. It’s in your astrological DNA. There is also a wonderful sense of harmony permeating your life. You feel content and all areas seem to be doing well. You feel grounded, structured and organised. Of course, you should leave some space for spontaneity which will help bring some extra joy, but ultimately all is well in the Capricorn world.


This week brings both relief and resolution. Serious issues no longer cause you any problems. You finally receive closure for difficulties that have plagued you for some time. You can now begin to turn a corner and experience what is on the other side. The impact of women in your life will make a tremendous difference. You should seek out the advice of mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters or your partner. Feminine energy will bring healing, soothing and wisdom that is much needed this week. The balancing of the feminine with the masculine will supercharge you.


You may find yourself spending far more than usual this week. Your expenses may be at an all-time high. Consider any mental or emotional reasons for spending. Surely you don’t really need that much. Perhaps you are trying to compete with someone, fill a void (such as boredom or insecurity) or battle envy or jealousy (if you have more, you can somehow become more.) All such thoughts will do is distract you from your purpose and leave you in debt and feeling no different. You must work hard to build your self-esteem so that you can stand tall.