Your Weekly Horoscope – 20 to 26 August 2018

Your Weekly Horoscope – 22th July to 28th July 2019

Your weekly horoscope (20th to 26th August, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


With you high levels of self-confidence, you can complete anything that you wish to this week and you should set your sights on a clear goal. Aries is a direct, forceful sign with enough assertion and will to get things started. Finishing them however might not be so easy, if something new and interesting comes along. Nonetheless your natural leadership abilities are activated, and you may find yourself guiding or motivating others. Be cautious that your confidence does not come across as cockiness as this would be most repellent.


For Taurus, life is all about the home, which you see as your castle. It’s the place you can go to unwind, relax, paint and be King or Queen. You need a place you can retreat to in order to feel grounded and calm. You have your sights on moving to a big home, or to make changes to your current home. In love, you are very blessed and there is a blissful feeling that follows you around. You may have a project in mind to either begin or complete, and now is a good time to turn your attention to it. Good news is not far away so receive it with appreciation.


Your Gemini nature is fully activated this week, as you are active, sociable and shiny. People will want to be around you due to your charismatic, youthful and endearing energy. You are seen as open and warm, and a true delight to be around. The truth is, Gemini’s can be prone to a few moody wobbles depending on where their thought processes take them. Travel is never far from your mind and it will be nourishing and rewarding for you to partake in a new adventure. This is your souls purpose. You are drawn to those younger than you who you can guide and protect in life. Your fun spirit brings them along for the ride.


Your ability to communicate well with others is enhanced and this is a good time to discuss problems or concerns that have been troubling you. If you want to talk about a promotion, marriage proposal, breakup or anything else, people will listen and respond to the words you speak. There is no need to be passive or afraid, your words will go down well. You need to take time to nurture yourself. This is important for all water signs, who are highly emotive, perceptive and intuitive, but especially for Cancer, that needs to retreat into its shell from time to time with its pincers at the ready. Don’t feel guilty if you need some you time.

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You have regained a level of confidence in yourself which makes anything possible. You can conquer previously insurmountable mountains. A confident Leo is generous, kind, giving, devoted and almost boastful with their love. We would say reign it in, but at the same time after your recent bad run, you enjoy the opportunity to feel good in your own skin. This is a good position for leaders and a great time for your romantic life. Keep up with practices like meditation and yoga which will help you to calm down and centre yourself. Whether you feel confident or troubled, this is a vital skill in all weathers.


You are experiencing a dip in self-confidence which may feel uncomfortable for you. Prone to self-doubt and over-analysing, you may feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Fortunately, you will be supported by those close to you. Of course, the ultimate goal is to learn a mechanism for self-soothing. Take care of yourself, first and foremost. This is a great period for your health and finances, and there are plenty of good opportunities for you. You may doubt your partner or find it hard to trust. Openly communicating whilst working on yourself is the best approach.


Libra, as a cardinal sign, you have hidden reserves of power that you can bring to the fore as and when required. This is a favourable position for you and you are able to get things done. There is a simmering sense of excitement in your love life that is deeply rewarding. At work, combine hard work with luck to get the results you want. Art, museums, beautiful people and places, all of this is important to you right now. This is a harmonious time. You want things around you to be pleasing and lovely. You may have no patience for anything unsightly or unseemly.


This is a great time for you professionally as your reputation precedes you. You also do fairly well financially. Importantly, your martial life is a great success. This is crucial for Scorpio as you are a sign of emotion, intimacy and passion and you need to feel engaged with the one you love for any kind of satisfaction. There is a buzz of electricity and excitement surrounding you right now and it propels you to dig deeper into your own life. Think about what you want and go for it, for you have the drive to see anything through. A new person may emerge in your life, a child, a partner, a friend. This person will be important to you.


You are a lucky sign at the best of times, but you are even luckier this week. Celebrations are going on at home that are personally thrilling, as you are deeply involved in the preparations. Unexpected sources of income are on their way to you. This is typical for Sagittarius as your life follows an almost zig-zagging pattern, so it makes sense that not everything flows via a direct channel. Your fortunes are good, and you will enjoy all that is coming your way. At work, you perform well, even under pressure. Your mutable energy syncs well with whatever is going on around you.


Capricorn, you are very dedicated to your habits, and if these habits are good, then the consequences will be good for you. If they are part, the effects will slowly build with time. Now is the time to reflect on how you care for yourself. Are you eating well? Sleeping enough hours? Finding time to unwind? It is imperative that you make time to bring all of these elements together. This will benefit your flagging self-confidence. Do not rush to complete any task, know that you are supported and are able to take your time. Take care to avoid indulgences that can cause you harm.


Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, and you care deeply about groups, communities and mankind. You find spending time with your family deeply joyful. Auspicious events will be going on around you, and you are likely to muck in and get involved. At work, you possess great focus and vital energy. Your creative abilities are especially marked and writing skills are enhanced. Your partner loves and supports you unconditionally and this leads to a beautiful kind of bliss that feels addictive and reaches you on a soul level.


Dear Pisces, you are a mystical, wonderful, magical sign. Tapping into this energy (yet not sharing it haphazardly) is the key to your success. Be weary of those who are not deserving of your unique energy. You don’t have to share it with just anyone. Take your time to feel people out and be assertive and direct about your needs and expectations when possible. Life may be in a pleasant rut, but a rut nonetheless. Can you make any changes, transformations or developments that would open you up to a whole new way of being? Even a small step leads to a bigger change.