Your Weekly Horoscope – 20th January to 26th January 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 17th February to 23th February 2020

Your weekly horoscope (20th January to 26th January 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Boundless enthusiasm is one of your most beautiful traits. As the first sign of the zodiac, you come roaring in with a youthful, fresh quality that inspires and motivates others. Of course, there can be something childlike and guileless in this young energy, but over time and with wisdom; you will learn how to channel it appropriately. Bringing these qualities into work can transform the workspace. People are energised by your liveliness. You can make anything exciting and anyone excited. Growth is guaranteed because your approach prevents you from stopping. You can be consistent and it might be best to use your energy in short, sharp bursts.


Things are moving and shaking for you in the workplace. Your diligence, consistency and focus make you a sure-fire hit. Growth and expansion are possible and you may find yourself navigating promotion and moving into the upper echelons. This is a strong time for you mentally, physically and emotionally. You will be at your best and push into the world from a very powerful position. You are not one to come in with a bang like Aries or Leo, but you do quietly emerge in a recognisable and meaningful way.


Gemini is a fairly robust sign. Physically you are lean, wiry and energised. Mentally and emotionally, you are prone to anxiety, depression and burnout. This is because you exist in your mind, and are prone to negative thought patterns that can lead you into uncomfortable tangents. If you can find a way to manage your mind, your health will flourish. It is the mental realm that you need to get a grip on first and foremost. Mental tension may undercut your week so try to practice yoga, meditation and other practices that will keep you on an even keel.


Cancer, you tend to give all of yourself in relationships. As a result of this, you can sometimes feel suffocated and as if you’ve lost yourself. This can bring up feelings of loss and grief. How can one not lose themselves within a romantic relationship? You must ground yourself. Water can lack boundaries or barriers. It wants to let everything in. This can be wonderful but it can become destructive and dangerous. Learning to love yourself first is an important lesson, and then you can fill others from your overflow rather than give yourself away in the pursuit of connection.


There is an inner artist within you who locks to create. You may not always tap into this side of you, but it is there and longing for release. This entire month, your artistic impulses will be strong and keen. You will want to generate works of art and become more in tune with this side of yourself. Your work can even generate fame, wealth and success. Your personal life ticks along smoothly. People respond well to your warmth, loyalty, generosity and inclination to protect those you love.


Your reputation may feel somewhat at risk, and your reputation is hugely important to you. You want others to see you in a good light. This is something you actively fight for. Others harming your inclination towards self-preservation will cause immense frustration. You must remain aware and alert. Your keen instincts should help you here. Your use of body language and your ability to communicate will ensure that you are received well by others. Success will follow.

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The world opens up for mothers, who enjoy new friendships which thrive on support, respect and communication. Women become hugely important to you right now. The qualities which we associate with the feminine will give you the guidance you need to flourish. In your quest for harmony and balance, this becomes important. You want to spend time with friends and loved ones – you will become quite the social butterfly. There is a longing to communicate with others from your soul. Use that voice that you are so tempted to suppress to keep the peace. Let others see who you are.


Financially you need to make sure that you are making sensible decisions. Now may not be the week to do that. Stay away from making impulsive or expensive purchases, especially for things that are not urgent or necessary. It will be easy for you to quarrel with loved ones. You are in the mood for a feud. This is because your energy can be fairly fiery for a water sign, as well as fairly intense and you may perceive slights where none are meant. Try to take time to recalibrate and to soften. Not everything needs to declare a war.


Your brain is sparking with ingenious ideas, many of which may impact you positively economically. You may choose not to run with your ideas, allowing them to be flights of fancy only, but you need to begin writing them down and then bringing them into being. All our realities begin in the mind. It is only with will and action that we make them real. Financially this can be a very empowering month for you in which you will make beneficial and profitable decisions.


You aren’t one who often escapes into imagination but this week that may be the case. Diving deeply into a make-belief world can be a source of comfort to you. You do not always come up with unique ideas, but you can put a twist on a classic. It is suggested that you remember that images can be comforting but the reality is where things become tangible. Try to exist in both. This is a time in which your relationship with your father may be highlighted – this also drives you to connect with your inner masculine who longs to serve as a source of guidance for you.


Your confidence is not at its zenith, nor is your energy. As a result, you may feel fairly low and lethargic. The urge to hideaway may be strong. Your personal life may not feel as satisfying as it once was. This is a time to go inward and to get some zest again. Reading, light exercise and meditation will all be helpful tools. Do not run before you can walk. Remember to take it easy. Be gentle with yourself. This lack of faith in yourself may manifest and spill out into your relationships. Nurture your relationship with yourself first and foremost.


This is a fruitful time where there are plenty of opportunities for you, particularly romantically. This is a good time to begin something new, a new career, course or relationship for example. A mutable sign, you thrive on the tides of change. The time to start fresh, if you have been waiting, is right now! Growth is guaranteed and success will be a by-product of this. You will find yourself moving forward at a slow and steady pace. You may also make a small profit via an inheritance. Remember your confidence, hold on to your self-esteem and enjoy all that is to come.