Your Weekly Horoscope – 21st December to 27th December 2020
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Your weekly horoscope (21st December to 27th December 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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The big draw of this week is your inclination towards spiritual pursuits. A deeply practical being (fire is a very earthy element), you don't tend to have much fervor for such matters, but this is changing this week as you begin to look at ways to build more spiritual practices into your daily life. This can make life feel far more meaningful and give you a sense of purpose, making you more productive and proactive in terms of your gumption. Spirituality lights a fire under all areas of our life, so you may find yourself feeling incredibly impassioned as the week goes on.


This week you may struggle with some mental or physical ailment that dominates much of your thinking. You may also suffer from rather low confidence. Problems may emerge in your personal life that demand resolution. Although it can be very tempting to bury or head in the sand when such things happen, you must tackle conflict head-on before it can become embedded. We face a way of dissipating, whereas what we ignore can grow into something far more ominous. Do not neglect how you feel this week.

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Previously your confidence and sense of self may have taken a little bit of a beating, and you may have felt a little fractured in who you are, as though you've been looking at yourself in a hall of mirrors. This week you will gradually rebuild your identity and self-esteem and come back as a true force to be reckoned with. The power of Gemini lies in its light touch, for your energy is not strong and imposing but gentle and frothy. You'll know you are back to your good self again when you feel a sense of ease and flow in all things.


This week your constitution may feel a little weaker than before, and you may lack the energy and enthusiasm to engage in activities and pastimes that previously lit you up. Sometimes we truly must dig very deep to find out what we are capable of, but that well does exist within you. Professionally this is a period of great relief; tensions ease, workload lessens, and things begin to make a little more sense. Tasks and projects become far more digestible. You'll enjoy this gentler pace as it will not demand too much of you. Instead, you'll be able to go at your own pace.


This week is ideal for completing a course of action, for example, a project at work, a life-altering decision, moving house, paying off debts, or redecorating your home. You'll be able to finish and complete pending tasks that require your attention and demand your focus. Your energy, enthusiasm, and stamina burn brightly, which enables you to keep going. This is also an excellent time to explore your hobbies and passions, for your fresh and light energy makes you a quick study and brings plenty of zest to new areas of exploration, intrigue, and interest.


Virgo ruled by Mercury; it is fairly easy for you to fall into the habit of worrying, for your mind runs a mile a minute at all times. Getting a hold of it can sometimes feel like trying to tame wild horses, but it becomes possible with practice. Although anxiety is present, you'll actually find that you farewell this week. Your career is smooth, your friends are with you, and your personal life is wonderful. Sometimes the pain we feel is more of an internal kind of torment. Our imagination can lead to struggles that we did not need to experience. Meditation can be a way to bring relief and calm from the storm of our minds.


This month is one of tremendous activity for Libra natives. You will be busy, socially, and involved in as much as you can be. Cultured folk, you may be drawn to galleries and museums, places where you can hone your interests and show off your artistic and poetic flair. You are liable to very busy, so you should also take some time to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. Rest is very regenerative for air natives. Do not make any minor or major decisions this week. Take things lightly and have fun but don't spontaneously overhaul your life right now.

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Scorpio, a place where we can often come across great conflict is within our relationships. This is where our egos are likely to clash, where disagreements may mount up, or where old wounds can be reopened. As such, relationships can bring us the greatest joy and the deepest pain and a great many lessons that can encourage our evolution and ascent. This week your relationships will be healed, and any difficulties or struggles that have emerged between you and others will be resolved, leading to a great deal of peace. Peace can feel boring to one who is accustomed to noise, but do try to enjoy this.


Your family life is a place of great harmony for you right now and may feel like a sanctuary protecting you from the world's woes. Your maternal or paternal instincts are thriving right now, and you may even be considering expanding your little unit. There is also the opportunity to travel with family members and to see the world together. You will never be satisfied with a life of stasis, you always wish to move and frolic, and the world encourages you to do just that. Even conventional life cannot stop you from voyaging. You will always find a way to get out and about!


Your confidence level and energy may be weak this week, and health issues may be exacerbated by tension, stress, and rumination. This energy is powerfully charged and demands transference and catharsis. Please do not allow it to sit in your body where it can make you ill instead of seeking a place of release. For a sign that can push itself so intensely, you are required to ease off and be gentle with yourself; have a bath, take a walk, have a nap, just take off any expectation or pressure. The relief will do wonders for your mental state, which makes things easier on you physically. It's a win-win.


This is a time of professional expansion and growth. You will see plenty of change and improvements in your professional life thanks to your own dedication and perseverance. You are likely to enjoy your working environment a lot right now, for you finally feel as though you have found your place. This is your thing, and plenty of enjoyment is to be had. You must make sure that you are not ignoring your personal life due to your tunnel vision. A restorative sense of balance will keep you well proportioned emotionally and mentally.


Sometimes it feels as though life serves us up to endless blessings on a silver platter, as if the case this week. New opportunities and jobs are coming your way, and your self-confidence is at its peak. This is a side of you that can fluctuate, so enjoy where this stable sense of confidence will take you this week. This is the perfect time to sign up for things you might have been putting off due to self-doubt. Others respond to your strong sense of self and reward you accordingly. Your work life may become far more exciting and involved...