Your Weekly Horoscope – 21st June to 27th June 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (21st June to 27th June 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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There is a strong desire to change your surroundings, environment or self. You could compare yourself to a phoenix that burns itself in the embers it re-emerges from. This week you may tire of your old self and long for something new and different. Women also become more impactful than they usually are. You long to be around feminine energy, which has a therapeutic effect on your fiery and aggressive energy. Venusian types bring sweetness and gentleness that is especially important right now. It may be that women have your back or help you get ahead in some way. Read More


This is a fantastic period for you on all levels. This is a time of immensely favourable luck. You’ll find yourself especially attuned to the energy of the younger generation who help you innovate and create. This is undoubtedly an inspiring time for you on all fronts. You may find yourself jumping headfirst into life and longing to show the world what you are made of. Heightened confidence encourages you to explore what is out there. This is certainly a time to take the bull by the horns, especially in your love and career. A lot can change and transform should you want it to. Read More


This is a period for financial flourishing – you should invest as much as possible as this is the best way to grow your money and secure your future. Money that has been loaned to you will be returned, and your professional and financial life will be soaring sky high. If you have an ambitious side and long to explore what is available to you, now is the time to start networking and putting yourself forward. You may surprise yourself with just how far you truly do want to go. It doesn’t matter how small or large the dream – this is the time to pursue your desires. Read More

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This is a fruitful time for marriage which may be high on your agenda at the moment. You’ll also be drawn to beauty, comfort and harmony in terms of people, art and possessions. Your senses are ensnared by things that are sentimental or promote a sense of nostalgia. You may find that your expenses rise to meet your exceptional tastes. If you can cut back in other areas, this should not be too impactful, but something has to give. Your home and workspace will be changed to flaunt the beauty you are so captivated by this week. You may even dive into your own creative side. Read More


Challenges enable us to grow, which is why we should always welcome them with open arms. They are often blessings in disguise. Fire signs tend to love a good challenge more than most, for your love to test what you are made of. This week, the obstacles presenting themselves to you will emerge in the workplace, but you will perform well and achieve your goals effortlessly. This won’t go unnoticed and may benefit you in the not too distant future. Exploration and travel will feature for both professional and personal reasons. You’ll enjoy a new adventure. Read More


Education is never far from your mind because you need to feel challenged and push. You understand the value and importance of being a learned person in this world, and you want to accelerate and fulfil your potential. This week you’ll explore the options available to you, but it’s also important that you take time to rest, regenerate and find a sense of peace. Just as the body needs to rest after intense exercise, the mind needs time to digest its experiences. Remember that being busy and productive are two very different things. Take time to let the lessons sink in. Read More


You’ve probably always been noticed because of your sweet, harmonious and diplomatic demeanour. Chances are you were a teacher’s pet or selected first for sports. The Libran charm normally sees you through life triumphantly. This week you shine at the workplace, and if you seek a promotion or new position, you’ll do incredibly well. You’ll also complete your work with a calm and measured attitude that makes you a joy to be around. You are one to watch, and your quiet style of leadership resonates well with many people. Now maybe the time to step forward into what you can be.Read More


This is a grand time for love, especially for those of you who are married. Marital bliss is inevitable, and you’ll enjoy connecting with your partner on absolutely all levels. If coupled, you may even make plans for marriage. It could be time to cement or solidify a loving commitment. This may be an expensive time as you will be active in the world and spending a great deal of time with your love. You’ll enjoy the rush of this time even though you may need to make time for a bit of self-reflection and rest. Don’t forget that Scorpio is a creature with a lot of processing to do at the end of a long week! Read More


This week may be one in which you must take stock of your financial situation. You may have spent a little too much or feel generally anxious about money. Although this may not be a pleasant feeling, it’s important to take stock of what this is teaching you. You have the ultimate control and can make choices that change your financial fate for the best. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, your destiny is positive when you step in and help to direct it. With delight and joy, you’ll notice that your situation can be turned in a direction that benefits you. Read More


This is a time of leadership in which you may be directed to the helm and advised to take command. For those of you new to the role, this may provoke some anxiety or fear, but it’s unnecessary for you’ll absolutely shine once you get going. For those who are more tenured, you’ll enjoy being called to action once again. Few leaders operate as Capricorn’s do, with diligence, maturity and wisdom. You lead as you would like to be led. Your financial condition is also heightened, and you’ll enjoy a fruitful personal life. It seems that everything is on the up for you in all ways! Read More


You want to direct yourself and don’t put much stock in fate or destiny. You believe that man steers his own ship, and you live as such too. Although this is a lucky period for you, you’ll still be using luck to manifest the life you dream of, the one you know you are capable of. You’ll push the parameters of your career and personal life as much as possible. You need to be cautious of your health and those who may not have your best intentions at heart. It is natural for you to see people as they are, for you are not idealistic, but you may not be paying enough attention to see things as they truly are.Read More

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Although you do not want court fame, it quietly comes to you this week. Now is the time for you to own your power. You may worry about your health so ensure that you are gentle, soft and tender with yourself. Allow yourself an outlet or mode of expression that heals. At work, you burst with innovation and bring lots of novelty to the table. Although you may start shy and scared to share, your confidence will pick up by the end of the week, and you’ll realise that you have the courage, confidence, and conviction to stand by your goals. You’ll move mountains, sweet Pisces. Read More

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