Your Weekly Horoscope – 22nd July to 28 July 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 11th to 17th November 2019

Your weekly horoscope (22 July to 28 July August 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life.

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Your ability to make quick decisions can be a gift, but not this week. Instead you are tasked with being patient, with mulling things over, with discovering your options rather than pouncing on them. Consider unfurling options like petals from a flower. You’ll know with time and practice what the best option is, and as they say `only fools rush in.’ This is a very favourable period for you in terms of your health and domestic wellbeing. You aren’t naturally a domestic creature as there is an untameable quality about you, but this week you settle into things quite nicely, like easing into bathwater. With Venus in Cancer you will turn your attention towards the home and may be looking to move to a new place or enhance your current property. Some conflicts may emerge with loved ones so proceed cautiously. 


You appreciate that there is a fundamental difference between solitude and loneliness, and the former you quite enjoy. This may be a great time to take a short trip to somewhere of interest, alone if possible, so that you can reacquaint yourself with who you are and what you desire, which we all need to do from time to time. It is vital that you take the time to truly think before making any big decisions. You may not be listening to the right voice or your judgement may be clouded. With Venus in Cancer you are able to bond effortlessly with family and loved ones. Cancer is the sentimental sign of the zodiac and it longs for connection and tangible love. For Cancer, love is more than a doing word, it is a state of being, a state of mind. It is a feeling that is carried into all spheres of the world. With Mars in Cancer, you will be tenacious and hard-working, for Cancers are cardinal and are natural born leaders who tend to lead with their hearts rather than their heads, enabling them to galvanize others to act. Who can you inspire this week? 


Gemini’s are clever when it comes to generating income. Never conventional, you are able to generate many streams of finance into one collective pot. This is partly due to your need for variety, but also due to your need to keep busy. This drives you into the world of work, even if it may seem chaotic to outsiders. This is an especially wonderful period for those of you who work in artistic fields or politics. Your ability to persuade, innovate and create will be on fire. Air is able to change on a whim, and this is you in a nutshell, always primed for a new adventure or journey, whether outward or inward, for Gemini is always exploring. Your voice is a great asset, and your ability to communicate with others is powerful. Never doubt this about yourself. Mars in Cancer may trigger domestic quarrels. Is a battle worth a war? 


As an emotional sign, you are more prone to ups and downs than many others. A core of iron runs through you, and this props you up, but you are still very much at the mercy of your emotional responses to the world. This is a beautiful thing when the emotion is a good one but damaging when the emotion is negative. Striving for emotional balance is crucial for your wellbeing. Your moods may fluctuate, so try to find a central point of focus. At work you may feel upset that others do not recognise or validate your efforts. Do not be afraid to express what you need. Others cannot read your mind, as much as you’d like them to. With Venus in Gemini love is playful, light and reciprocal. You need a devoted and compassionate partner to help draw you out of your protective shell, and that’s what you’ll find. With Mars in Cancer, your personal life will be prosperous and deeply rewarding. 


You may still be lacking a little confidence but faking it until you make it will be hugely helpful. You may feel volatile and have a temper, and its best that you channel this in productive areas, such as exercise so that it doesn’t come out in inappropriate places. You do not want to hurt someone else’s feelings due to a bad mood. You may be missing someone dear to you, but your pride or ego may prevent you from reaching out. Try to put your heart first. Venus in Cancer can bring challenges but also rewards in terms of travel adventures where you will learn much about yourself. With Mars in Cancer, you need to put the focus on spring-cleaning your inner world. Is there a reason why you are feeling out of sorts? What can you do to care for yourself? What do you need right now? What can you give to yourself, and what do you need from others? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. 


This continues to be a fruitful and very successful time for you. Virgos are quietly ambitious, in fact, you might almost be embarrassed to admit just how much it is that you want. But you have a methodical, perfectionist streak that enables you to get things done step by step. To do lists are your best friend. There can be something of the pedant in you and relaxing this tendency can bring unexpected benefits and rewards. Things don’t have to be perfect. Your best is good enough, and effort is rewarded. This is a wonderful time to start new projects and purchase items for your home. There is a desire to nest. Venus in Cancer makes you feel drawn to your elders. You have a real respect for tradition and knowledge. You want to understand how things work and what you can do to both maintain and improve upon them. There is a thirst for knowledge this week which should be channelled wherever you want it to go! A mutable sign, your brain is always firing and needs to be fed. Your fate can be changed by focus and your work ethic. Never doubt the impact you can make in your own life. 


Professionally, you will excel this week, but you must put a lot of hard work and grit into all you do. This isn’t beyond you, although there is an idealistic streak to you that can make it difficult for you to see things as they truly are. Nonetheless, you are capable of true grit when required. Your domestic relationships will be cordial and enjoyable. Making and sustaining new friendships will be easy for you. Libra is after all the sign of friendship, valuing fairness, justice and fun in equal measure. Venus in Cancer bestows you with a sense of serenity. Work will be completed with unflappable calm. You will sail past tight deadlines and pressure. Romantically, you may not be at your zenith. Is it time to relight the fire? 


Luck is on your side and bolsters you love life especially, lending your intense approach to matters of the heart a bountiful supply of enthusiasm. Passion and excitement are what sustain us, even as we need a solid foundation of loyalty and commitment to keep things buoyant. If your job involves a customer facing capacity, you’ll find that you excel at dealing with people at large. Your personal magnetism makes an impact for sure. There may be some obstacles for you to face, but this is not new to Scorpio natives. Essentially, it is what you are designed for. Venus in Cancer keeps your marital life magical. There is a sense of bliss to all things. Mars in Cancer further fosters romantic relationships. It’s clear that love is extra important to you this week. 


You are not one of natures worriers, but this week, you may give in to some mild anxieties surrounding family and fate. Focus will help, especially on something productive, such as your working life. This will grow and gratify your confidence levels, which may have taken a slight beating. You may receive some money unexpectedly and will be drawn to being very social and engaging with people. This is where you are at your best. You need to be cautious with your health as fire signs are prone to minor accidents and ailments due to your natural inclination to throw caution to the wind. Mars in Cancer signals the start of a good phase for you, you feel joyful, harmonious and happy and really, what could be better than that? Try to avoid laziness but enjoy relaxing. There is a difference between the two. 


Capricorn’s like to keep all things just so. You are ambitious in all areas of your life, whether professional or domestic and demand high standards of yourself and others. Remember to go easy on yourself at times. It is wonderful to have such drive, passion and fire, but you can’t live up to those all the time or you’d be exhausted. Learn to let go of the reigns sometimes. Things won’t fall apart without you at the helm. You are a natural leader. People respond to your ability to take charge, and your results-driven approach. Your will power is strong and stands you in good stead. You are able to resist habits that might destroy others. You may inspire someone who is less capable in this area. You’d love to be a role model, wouldn’t you? Your confidence is high, and you understand that things unravel in their own time and in their own way. All we can do is put the wheels in motion. 


An Aquarius with a bee in its bonnet is a formidable foe. As a fixed sign, you can run and run with an idea long after others have given up. This is one of your greatest efforts. View things can ever deter you. You are an unmovable rock. Sometimes, it is important to remember that change and experimentation are vital to our growth and to ensure that we don’t stagnate. Balancing when to sit still and when to move are essential to keep you living up to your potential, and trust us, there is plenty of potential within you. Aquarius is the sign of brilliance, and you see things few others do. Learning to communicate what you see to others is one of your life purposes. Don’t just keep it inside, nod and move on. Show others what you’ve seen. Mars in Cancer suggests minor conflicts with friends. Is it more important to be right, or to be kind? 


All areas of your life are going along nicely. You are feeling innovative, imaginative and curious. It is easy for you to bring the things you see in your head to life, and others are impressed by the delicate beauty of your thoughts. You are so often immersed in a rich inner world that when you are able to share this with others, they are absolutely transfixed. You should do this more often! You are driven to do something new and unique. At work you are especially powerful right now. You have that magic touch that makes people respond and you have more power than you might imagine so don’t be afraid to use it, even if you wouldn’t ordinarily do so. There is a gentle power to Pisces natives that will always be there to tap into when you need it. This can light the way for others. This week think about what courage means to you.