Your Weekly Horoscope – 22nd March to 28th March 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (22nd March to 28th March 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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The impact of Venus in Pisces continues to reinforce your financial circumstances. You are encouraged to invest as much as possible with immediate effect. Despite this you will still have a sufficient income although you should try to tighten up your spending in other areas so that things level out accordingly.

Your spirit of adventure is active and a deep-seated desire to see the world calls to you. This can be an exciting and interesting week of planning and preparing for future exploration, although it may not be possible or safe to do so right now. It is frustrating for you to stay in one place, but that may be what you are being called to do. How can you make this easier? Try to entertain a sense of competition with yourself. What can you learn to become better at? How can you improve? And how can you warm the hearts of others? These things spark joy. Read More


This week is one of high activity. You’ll return from hibernation prepared to do as much as possible and others may be surprised by and even remark upon your change in character. This is a time of get up and go and you’ll also see your financial life improve drastically as a direct result of your efforts. There is a tendency towards gaining an unhealthy amount of weight due to a tendency to over-indulge and celebrate with food when times are good.

Be very careful to enjoy yourself in a more mindful manner so that your enjoyment does not sabotage your development and health. This will be a pattern you fall into continuously in life – ending up giving in to the pleasures of life far to excessively, whether it be eating and drinking too much, or buying too much. Yes, it’s essential to enjoy life, you’ve certainly got that right, but don’t hurt yourself in the process. You are needed here. Read More


Inside every Gemini lies the heart of a performer. You are able to dive into so many different characters and embody so many types of person and some may find themselves wondering where the performance ends and you begin. It can be hard to know the real you behind your many facets. That said this week if you are a big wheel in the world of performing arts, this will be a great time for you.

You’ll stand out and be noticed and may be offered a great opportunity. Do not hesitate in saying yes. Do not allow doubt to colour your decision making process. This is also a tremendous period for financial growth. You may lack the confidence to really be the person that you are in your heart, but you should be able to fake it until you make it. Put on a smiling courageous face – you might be surprised at how many people are fooled by it. Read More

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This is a formidable week for you financially as you begin to build on your economic situation. You are typically fairly shrewd and intuitive when it comes to money with very strong instincts on how it should best be spent, invested and saved. Tap into such resources this week and you’ll make only the very best of decisions.

You may spend some money securing a home, a car or something impactful and significant that allows you to move onto ‘the next level’ in your life. There’s also a desire to visit a famous tourist spot and to do some sightseeing. You’ll be drawn to large bodies of water where you can relax and feel closely connected with nature and be away from too many people. Solitude can bring serenity to your soul and you seek it out consistently. Taking some time alone will help you to process your intense emotions and thoughts with greater ease. Read More


This week can bring some challenging elements into your professional life. It could be that you are called to do something that feels uncomfortable for you or beyond your capabilities, it may be that you are doubting your own potential or feeling somewhat insecure. Whatever issues crop up, dig deep and bring your best to the table.

You may surprise yourself with just how competent you are even when the chips are down. Tapping into your fixed nature can push you forward leaps and bounds. When things are difficult you refuse to give up, you roar and charge straight in. You may find yourself filling with an energy that surprises you, a dynamic, brave, bold and truly courageous inner self that leaps to the forefront of all things. You’ll inspire and enthuse others too so get out there and leap into life. When the lion leads the pack, the pride is never too far behind. Read More


You are not overly concerned with romance and aren’t sentimental when it comes to matter of the heart. Instead you are intensely pragmatic when it comes to securing a partner. It is very important for you to find someone that you can grow with. You will not want to feel held back by romance.

This week is one of novelty and it largely presents itself romantically. You may meet a new love or find a new job or business. These are favourable times – you simply need to believe in yourself and trust that life has only the very best in store for you. Trust the process that is ahead of you. These are magical times. You may even access a more romantic part of yourself beyond the crusty exterior. This can make you feel vulnerable and you may try to shut it down, but if you can allow it, you’ll find yourself able to build far stronger connections with your loved ones, and greater security in yourself too. Read More


Your self-confidence is not at its height this week which can infiltrate every area of life. When we operate from a place of low self-confidence we may behave like cowed animals afraid to look at life in the eyes. You may also find that obstacles that occur at work and in your personal life don’t exactly help matters.

However, even when things are tumultuous you have the ultimate power and this is something that you must reinforce in yourself. Try a morning practice of positive affirmations and end your day in the same way. Allow the positivity to seep into your unconscious so that you can absorb it fully. As an air sign, you are able to control and modify your thoughts (which really steer you as an individual) but it’s something that you must cultivate and practice. You have staying power (your nature is fixed after all) so keep pushing on, take those little steps and watch life open to you. Read More

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It’s a sure thing that you’ll always make an impact in life no matter how long it takes. Scorpio is synonymous with mystical magnetism and others cannot help but be drawn into your gravitational pull. This week your powers manifest professionally and you impress others with your performance and charisma as well as your presence. Whether quiet or loud people will be responsive to the way that you quietly stir up a room.

You are very adept at strategy and able to facilitate things so that they work to your advantage. If you need to network or forge new connections, now is a great time to do so. Some very interesting allegiances can be made that can impact you with your professional aspirations or more intimately with your romantic desires. Be open to how life might change for you. You are the sign of transformation. No other sign can change as much as you can, if you desire it. Read More


It’s a given that you’ll always get what you want in life and you seem to understand this. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, joy and luck, you are possessed of an almost boundless sense of optimism and faith in the wellbeing of the world. This can be an infectious trait that helps to uplift others.

This week you crave nothing more than spending time with those who matter to you and your glorious and winsome ways make you a true treasure to be around. People may emerge from your past or you may make new friends who make life a far more beautiful place to be. Enter this week with an open mind (which is basically a given for you anyway.) What might you learn? How might you grow? What can you get curious about? How can you become more playful? Ask these key questions. Read More


Responsibility, obligation and order are hallmarks of the Capricorn character in part due to your signs planet of ownership Saturn, and also due to your own earthy nature (earth can be a sober and serious element – it must endure and stand the test of time.) This week you are far more in tune with your duties and happy to comply with what is required of you. This is not a time for rebellion or laziness – you are enjoying being all that you are.

You enjoy a period of robustness, tenacity and productivity. You feel much aligned with your core purpose. This can be a transformational week. If you’ve been working on a project for work, a piece of art or a novel, you may complete things at a rapid pace. When you are locked in on something you can conquer any mountain and you cannot be determined. Like a train on a track, you are on your way to your destination. Nothing can stop that. Read More


Although no slave to money, you certainly appreciate its impact and how it can drive humans to make improvements in our world. This week is all about finance (essentially, you’ll be doing very well) and how you can use your money to make purchases that improve your state of play.

This week it’s all about the home. If you already have an abode, you’ll want to decorate it in ways that represent your character, hobbies and preferences. If you don’t already have a home, you’ll be looking for a place that feels like yours. This week is one in which you step into a greater sense of maturity. You want to feel settled and secure. You want somewhere to come home too. This matters to you a lot. It’s not that you are putting an end to your youth and liveliness but that you are growing up and reaching new heights.Read More

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This week the spotlight is on romance and relationships take on far more harmonious qualities. This is your natural way of being and so you’ll enjoy a relationship that feels as though it flows; something gentle and peaceful is highly attractive to you right now. You do not want a fiery or full on partner, just someone sweet, delicate and devoted. You may indulge in the more creative or artistic aspects of your nature. You’ll enjoy having a project to lose yourself in.

This is a time of great abundance across the areas of education, wealth, career and health so enjoy all that this week has in store for you. Tenderness appeals to you greatly this week and you will be more delicate with yourself, treating yourself as something precious so that you are able to move into the world with self-assurance and confidence. Others admire the peacefulness that emanates from you. It’s endearing and attractive. Read More

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