Your Weekly Horoscope – 23rd to 29th September 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 13th January to 19th January 2020

Your weekly horoscope (23rd to 29th September) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


When you can concentrate, your focus is on a fire beam. If you can harness your ability to focus this week, you will achieve incredible things, especially if pursuing education. Your ability to procrastinate is a desire to be distracted. You must remind yourself why something matters. A slow and steady sense of progression continues. You must be cautious with your health which means falling back on the fundamental tenets of sleep, food, and hydration as well as true relaxation which can be hard for you to achieve, though once you do, it tends to be the slumber of an exhausted child who has run out of adventures! Mars in Virgo helps you access your brilliant mind and channel it in exciting new directions. It also suggests love and romance.


If things have felt slow or stagnant in love, you are about to be pleasantly surprised. Your love life is due to a vamp up. You are at your happiest when love is lucky, so enjoy this time. Although you take your time to wander the gardens of life, you are a traditionalist at heart. A loving family and a stable job are meaningful to you. Finding ways to embrace your conventional side and find suitable outlets can make you feel very good indeed. Professionally this is a wonderful time where real progress will be made. It is not difficult for you to achieve, even if you may take a different road to get there. Mars in Virgo heightens your parental abilities, you are fine-tuned to the details and nuances of any children you may have or care for. You are enthused with positive energy and feel good in all ways, mind, body, and soul.


For Gemini change is a necessity, like a bee buzzing from flower to flower. This week, the change is indicated in your career. You’ll either want to make a career move or simply add more strings to your bow. You might move sideways, rather than up. All you know is, you need to move! This is the nature of air. It is always moving. Even a gentle breeze suggests movement and play. At home, you enjoy tapping into a more traditional side. Listening to the stories of your elders and finding your place within your family becomes important to you. With Mars in Virgo, you can access your brilliance and others will marvel at you. Your ability to concentrate, communicate and charm will be at their height. Your analytical side is drawn to relationships.


You take your time to feel out decisions as for you they must come from the heart. Once a decision is made, your cardinal side is off and running up the garden path. Trust in your ability to make powerful decisions. Even if you are in the process of feeling things out, an answer will come. The way you communicate may alienate, confuse or cause disagreements, so try to come from a place of love and calm. There is a saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Perhaps there is some truth to it. You are especially susceptible to negative thoughts so be careful to surround yourself with the right people. Mars in Virgo focuses your practical earthy side. You need certain creature comforts in place, and you will be drawn to sensual, comfortable fabrics.


Accruing wealth is vital to all lions who want to establish their kingdoms. You’ll achieve this through noble and correct means. Yes, you want to be admired, but unlike Scorpio, you want it to be for the right reasons. Getting what you want through treacherous means would leave you feeling deeply disappointed in yourself – make sure you do things the right way for your good. Remember, you are still growing into the leader you were meant to be. This is a lifetime process. How you communicate (big, bold and honest) wins you many friends and fans. When you are open and authentic, you sparkle. You also have a natural tone of leadership which helps rally the troops. With Mars in Virgo, you desire exploration, but short trips are preferred so you can keep an eye on your domain. You may meet with old friends or relatives and as you are loyal, you never forget a face.

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We’ve discussed why our perception of self-care is important in terms of how we pursue it. Framing self-care as necessary for your growth and development will help you to see it as essential, rather than ego massage. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and to value your mental and emotional health. Don’t be aggressive or hard with yourself. Understand that you are human, and you are free to be sensitive, to have needs and to experience pain. You are not perfect! This is liberating. At work, you shine and are in your element. Perhaps it is an ability to compartmentalize that enables projects to be good for your soul. In relationships you may feel vulnerable, you might seek comfort and reassurance but not know how to ask. Simplify. With Mars in Virgo, you feel romantic and happy, and you are very good at communicating how you feel if you feel comfortable to do so.


The mental plane is so mysterious, isn’t it? Do we control our thoughts, or do they control us? As an air sign, you are more in your head than most and you can struggle with the thoughts that present themselves to you. This may manifest negatively in your personal life as you struggle to articulate how you feel or relate to others. A fundamental fear of vulnerability may emerge. In terms of your finances, you need to segregate need from want. If there are urgent or essential things that money must be spent on, then do so, but frivolous things should not be entertained. Spending money on health and wellbeing are good investments, possibly the best you can make. With Mars in Virgo, you slowly become aware mid-week that you can make your dreams come true. It just takes action and faith. Fake it `til you make it! Don’t give up!


When does self-confidence become arrogance? When you feel it within and use your confidence to inspire others, this is a blessed thing. When you use your own high opinion of yourself to diminish others or to toot your own horn, it can be destructive and impact relationships in a hurtful way. As you want true connection, you’ll need to learn how to balance this aspect of yourself, as you may oscillate between self-love and self-loathing. The balanced path doesn’t come naturally to you, you are drawn to extremes, but it is something you should aim for. As Mars moves into Virgo mid-week, you’ll enjoy financial bliss and a great personal life. A long adventure may be on the cards.


The work pressure has gone up a gear, and you may feel overwhelmed by what is expected of you. Breaking things into baby bites will help greatly. You are in a financially strong place, and money will be geared towards happy family events. Your home life is beautiful, but some stress may seep in from work. Try to put aside some time for worry and some time for work and you may feel better so that background anxiety does not become an issue. Your love life brings you plenty of joy. Here is a place you can share your warmth and zest. On the 25th, Mars moves into Virgo and relationships will be at their best. Sagittarius can be lofty and pie in the sky, but Virgo drills down to the finer details. Food will be a true pleasure at this time. You may indulge.


Not everyone would peg you for a romantic but you’re a true case of still waters run deep and when you do love you want to do it right. That means flowers, gifts, declarations of love. You are raring to show that you want to commit and you aren’t shy or slow about revealing that. Women continue to be important to you. Capricorn is a feminine sign, that is, it expresses itself in a way typically associated with femininity. Gentle, kind, sweet, devoted energy draws you out of yourself and helps you to thrive. You are responsive. The work you do is very internal. You need to distance yourself from bad influences such as addiction, smoking, drinking, over-eating or any unhealthy indulgences. Keep yourself on the right path. With Mars in Virgo, you enjoy the fruits of your labor at work but as always you are encouraged to balance your life.


You are a sign that is closely affiliated with health and wellbeing, and your approach is often that of a bird soaring overhead. You can see all that is going on beneath you and how all factors interconnect and interplay, but your detachment gives you a sense of perspective and the ability to connect the dots without being betrayed by your emotions. Meditation and yoga are especially helpful to you this week in terms of clearing the mind and giving you direction. In love, you may feel rebellious or afraid of deepening a connection. Are you able to explore why? Mars in Virgo deepens your ability to grow, develop and get the results you seek. It is an enjoyable time and you will feel grateful for the bounty life has provided.


Love can bring up our `stuff’, our fears, insecurities, anxieties, and traumas. Nothing prods and pokes at us quite like life, stirring up trust issues, intimacy fears, commitment phobia and anything else that floats around uncertainly within us. Whatever comes up this week should be explored and examined. Have your emotional response and then look at things objectively and intellectually. Emotionally and mentally you may feel weak, but we so often confuse the strength of feeling or thought with weakness. Why is this? We don’t consider the body in this way. Maybe our perspective needs to change. With Mars moving into Virgo on the 25th, you will embrace change and a more mutable approach to life. You understand that things will work out and you embrace a trusting, hopeful approach.