Your Weekly Horoscope – 23rd December to 29th December 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th April to 12th April 2020

Your weekly horoscope (23rd to 29th December 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are building your spiritual side and strengthening your bond to the spiritual realm. This is impactful for you. This is a wonderful time to start something completely and utterly new and you will use your intelligence and integrity to consider initiating new sources of earning income. Keeping things fresh, exciting and new is appealing to Aries natives. You aren’t one to stick to the convention or to doing things the tried and tested way. You need to try your hand at something new and different to truly find fulfilment. Embracing novelty is also essential in your personal life. Don’t hide from your nature.


This week, things feel mixed like a sunny day with specks of rain. You will notice the effect and maybe striving for balance, but you do have the ability to take things in your stride and you’ll have the patience to weather the storm. In terms of your career, this is a brilliant week. In romance, there might be a few bumps in the road that need smoothing. Try not to be stubborn and dig your heels in. Instead, embrace the better qualities of your sign. There is a soothing gentleness to you, the placid bull within is a true joy to be around and should be brought out more often.


Gemini’s are sprightly creatures. Think of a pixie or fairy. There is something mercurial, fantastic and magical about you. This week you may feel less active and outgoing than you usually do. Fortunately, those in your life will be supportive of you, which means a lot as you are the sign of partnership. The twin is always seeking completeness, but it needs to learn that true completeness lies within rather than outside. What lies beyond is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Minor health problems may emerge such as throat and skin issues – these may be more reflective of stress than anything else. Find a positive outlet.


Your personal life is a truly happy one and a sense of bliss permeates through everything. You will do well financially, and your confidence levels will be high. You are prone to self-doubt as, like water, you ebb and flow and can be at the whim of your emotions. When your confidence is high, you operate on a completely different level. It’s a true form of evolution. Remember, you have the beating heart of a cardinal sign within you. This means you always get going even if it takes some time. Slow and steady wins the race! Travel is a possibility. You aren’t a natural traveller, but if your heart guides, you follow!


There’s a need for change in work. It might be a different job, a change of career, a new department or just to get a project over and done with so you can start something else! Your hard work will pay off, but you may need to do some soul searching to figure out where your heart lies and what you feel like doing. Your focus this week should be on your professional life. Think about your unique skill set and what your passions are. Once you connect to that inner fire, there’s no stopping you. Whatever you start you finish so don’t be afraid to get your skates on.


These are lucky times and combined with your ability to generate goodwill and work hard, you’ll notice things start to shift. You may look at life as a series of pieces that you can strategically move into a puzzle. You always have your eye on the final form. You can see the pattern before others can and you like to make sense out of the nonsensical and order out of the chaos. You feel full of self-confidence and this is a wonderful period to connect to a romantic partner or to push a commitment further via marriage. Love is definitely on the agenda and you soften and let go of some of your defences. Your health is good, but you may have some concern for the wellbeing of loved ones. Be sure to reach out. You are a natural healer.


Your desire to be sociable needs to be quelled. There will be a lot of moving and shaking this week. There may be some confusion in making both minor and major life decisions and changes so taking your time or consulting with an expert are preferable. There may be some health issues especially mentally and emotionally as you feel burnt out or overwhelmed. You must be able to keep calm as the tension you feel my boil over into domestic quarrels and fights which is very unlike you. If you can find ways to keep yourself feeling level and placid, then you will feel much more like yourself and will be able to get on.


You like to mess on a soul level with your partner which can become troublesome when you realise that you think different thoughts and have different approaches. It’s important that you give your partner space to be who they are and if you’re honest, you need space too, as you do have a solitary side. Have faith. If your relationship is meant to be then things will resolve themselves especially with open communication and authenticity. You shouldn’t have to be someone else in a relationship and nor would you like to. You are many things, but the actor is not one of them.


You may feel that you are working harder than usual for less which is deeply frustrating. You will still be gaining results, but it just might not be quite as you expect. The key is to keep going whilst finding outlets for your frustration. Avoid complex financial distractions if possible. In your personal life, there is plenty of relief, support and companionship which can make any other difficulties melt away. Your naturally buoyant spirit serves you well and keeps you smiling in terms of adversity. Share your charitable heart with others and you’ll blossom.


This is a positive period for Capricorn natives across all areas. Firstly, you may become famous, recognised, successful or accomplished. You do not seek fame, but you do seek respect, validation and acclaim. This can be in the public eye (for instance as a politician) or behind the scenes but either way, it is fairly inevitable in your lifetime. If you have children and a family, you’ll enjoy a prosperous and blissful life with them. You enjoy your family obligations. Responsibility doesn’t frighten you. You rise to the challenge happily. This is also a wonderful time for romance and health, so truthfully all areas are blooming.


You may be concerned about the health and wellbeing of those you love. Learning what you can do to assist and what you must do to let go of control is essential for your contentment. The serenity prayer reminds us that there is only so much we can ever do, and we must let go of the rest. Fortunately, your family and friends will be immensely supportive of you which gives you confidence and a degree of peace. It is only natural to worry about those we love. You are in a romantic phase and love is of paramount importance to you. Your lifestyle may seem aloof and detached but you are very fixed once you fall. It can be hard for you to leave a relationship once you are in one so choose wisely.


Mars in Scorpio pushes you to be powerful and proactive. Pisces, you are gentle, tender and mercurial but with the force of Pisces, you become more of a powerhouse. Pisces likes to feel things out and receive. Scorpio is the fiery water sign, and its energy can be more combative and assertive. An excess of Scorpio energy might be too much, but a small dose can give you a real boost especially in creative, artistic or emotional areas. There are plenty of opportunities to seize and you’ll have the gumption to go after them. Big things will begin happening for you and things are being set in motion today.