Your Weekly Horoscope – 23rd November to 29th November 2020
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Your weekly horoscope (23rd November to 29th November 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Aries, with your full-on fire and energy, you always draw attention no matter where you go, and it's only a matter of time before you get noticed. In love, people like your youthful approach to romance. You love as if you've never been hurt. Professionally people like your motivation, honesty, and gusto – such qualities can feel rare in the world of business. With friends, people enjoy your authenticity and unaffected sense of fun. If you behave in ways that are truly aligned with your spirit, people and the world will adore you.


This transit can produce some unfavorable times for those in business. You may see some financial loss. When challenging times emerge, we must be practical, and you'll need to reflect on how you focus on your economic prosperity. What little actions can you take to improve upon things? Your body may feel achy and sore and require some TLC. Conflicts with women are likely, and you may again need a period of reflection to understand why this is and what you can do to quell some of the storms. Be mindful of how you interact with the ladies in your life.

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Gemini, when you are in good spirits, a very artistic side of you emerges. You absolutely adore creating, and it can be very cathartic for you as you express thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be hidden inside. It's also a place for you to play, explore, and have fun and can bring you much enjoyment. This week your inner artist will be awakened, and whatever your art form, you'll find new ways of engaging and exploring your multifaceted talents. You may even be able to turn a profit from your skillset. Whether you explore art from a personal or professional standpoint, you'll enjoy it greatly.


This week may produce a slightly unstable effect, which may manifest as worry for your family's wellbeing. It's highly likely that there are no real issues in your love life, but you may just be feeling insecure or inadequate somehow, which is spilling out onto your loved ones. You may experience a few failings that force you to re-think and consider making some different plans at work. Not everything can go to plan – this is a lesson of life. However, we can be prepared for when things don't go quite the way we expected them, which can lead us to greater things in the end. Trust the process.


This week is all about friends and romance. You always draw friends in every crowd because your energy is expansive, generous, and magnetic. People simply want to be in your company, especially when you are at your best. You'll draw loyal and exciting friends, and you'll spend lots of time having fun and being social. Burning the candle at both ends is likely. Romantically your radar is on, and you are looking for a partner for you are typically at your best when you have one. Someone equally loyal and gregarious would be the perfect match for you, as long as they don't steal your shine.


Misunderstandings may be likely, and you should look first at your own behavior to see where you are responsible. Are you communicating clearly and responsibly? Are you authentic? Are you expressing yourself from a place of truth? Or are you being passive-aggressive and expecting others to be able to read between the lines, something they may not always be capable of doing? If the fault is not with you, then being patient for others may be doing the best possible. Try to take some time before you respond from a place of hastiness.


This is a time of great financial profit, but actually being able to save maybe a little more difficult for you, and there may be a sense of money coming and going. It may be that your expenses are a little high, and you may need to reflect on your habits. Some changes may need to be made. Nonetheless, you should be able to clear debts and cover your essentials, so the situation is not dire. Education is essential for all signs because you experience life mentally first and foremost. This week promises you plenty of educational opportunities and experiences that shall enrich you greatly.

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You work hard and play hard, and others may be envious of you for this reason. Envy can produce resentment, and excess may even cause fairly destructive behaviors as others wish to obtain good luck. It would help if you rose above this baser instinct. Do not allow the jealousy of others to impact your course negatively. Keep your head down and get on with things to the best of your ability. Others serve as a mirror reflecting our own natures to us, and you may learn a great deal about your own capacity for jealousy and figure out better how to keep it in check.


Your expenses may be higher at present, and debt can be a possibility. You'll need to make plans for the future, but it's also important that you keep a sense of calmness to make logical, rational, and decisive decisions. This is not a time for worry or anxiety, but awareness is necessary. Romantically things may be in the doldrums and require some rekindling. If you can turn your attention to your game plan for the present, then you'll realize that you have plenty of power and the potential to really turn things around for the better.


This week recognition comes your way and is received gratefully. You are truly deserving of this, for you have done a very good job. It would help if you were alert of foes who may not be so happy for you. Something about you draws out their envy and jealousy. Use this to motivate yourself to push on. Luck favors you, especially in terms of new jobs and changes in your career. You may experience a few very minor health issues, including rashes, acne, or eczema on the skin. The skin is our first barrier protecting us from the outside world. When it shows us problems, it is telling us that we need to take better care of ourselves. Listen.


At work, things become busy, and there will be many targets for you to achieve. Although there is tension, you will reach your targets with relative ease. This is a time where work is a key focus of yours, and you may volunteer for extra work or projects or apply for a more demanding role of your time and resources but rewards you handsomely from a financial standpoint. It would help if you didn't get caught up in long journeys, for there may be delays or accidents that can affect you. Try to postpone travel for the following week when time allows.


Life is never so easy to plan and always has ways of surprising us. This week a series of failures or a big unexpected failure may throw you off-kilter a little and remind you that we can never be perfectly prepared for what may happen from one day to the next. This doesn't frighten you because you have the gift of flowing with life thanks to your elemental energy of water. However, it may remind you that not everything can be controlled. Sometimes you need to change course or even pause for a while until things sort themselves out.