Your Weekly Horoscope – 25th November to 1st December 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (25th November to 1st December 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
Tension is a delicate thing. Pull too tight and you can’t make good music. Play too loose, and there is little incentive to play at all. Tension certainly has its place, but we need to get it just right. Right now, the balance of tension seems to be all wrong and it’s having an impact on your professional and personal life. When this happens, we need to look within and realise that the blame lies in us. We then put that on the outside world. Look at what you can do to calm the tension that exists in you right now. If you choose, you can find success in all areas of life, that is if you put this tension that surrounds you to good use. Think about what you’d like to achieve and begin moving closer to that point. Your interest in philanthropy will be strong and you can be a powerful crusader for the little guy. Use your fire for good.
Relationships show us where our wounds are. They also show us what we want. We need to be open and honest about exploring what our desires truly are – otherwise, they can never be. We can’t get something we can’t define. Fortunately, there is plenty of love in your relationships, so this gives you a powerful platform to operate from. You have a natural ability to perform that you can tap into in many ways, not just on a stage. Do not ignore the messages of your body. Put your health first – this is a must. Symptoms are the bodies way of telling us what it needs from us. There is the potential for conflict, especially if you fall back into stubborn behaviours. Try to be mindful of where bad habits steer you wrong and keep your mind in the right place for a better future.
You’re a hard worker when you don’t get too distracted. You do enjoy work as you have a curious and playful way about you. You can find the fun in anything, but you do need plenty of breaks so that you can recharge. A good word to use to describe your life is `entertaining.’ It’s never dull. You infuse everything with fun. Sometimes you need to dig for a bit more depth. Not everything can be shallow and superficial, but you do liven up any event or party and people want you around. Your charm is palpable and can get you far if you can focus it in a particular direction and keep your integrity about you. There might be some turbulence. Ruled by Mercury, anxiety is natural and can be pronounced. Finding ways to keep your busy brain engaged can do you the world of good. Try to make time for this practice daily and you’ll find the tension eases.
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Change is not synonymous with Cancer natives. You actually rather like things to stay the same, but this can’t always be the case and you have a wonderful intuition for when you need to get moving on something. In these instances, you won’t stay stuck. When you’re ready, you’re ready and that’s that. You’re on the hunt for something new, something fulfilling and only you know what that is. Your energy is low, but your mission statement is known to you and you’re prepared to get going. Very little can hold you back once your cardinal energy comes through. This is a wonderful period for newness, especially in your career and in love. There is plenty of growth and transformation. You’re so open to things improving and you know your value. Very little can deter you now. You’re a powerhouse.
When you innovate, there’s pure brilliance to what you bring to the table. You are fiery and creative and very capable of igniting people and paving the way. You have to be inspired to inspire though, so when the flashes of genius hit, be prepared to let them out. If you feel confused or stuck, you’ll find that the advice of someone you respect comes to your rescue and helps shine a light on the path forward. Your mind is in a strong and stable place, all the better for you to know what needs to be done. Financially, you need to take stock and may need to re-plan or rethink a few things. You can get very locked in but sometimes things need to be moved around. Learn to go with the flow a little. Adopt the more playful patterns of a lion cub, rather than the severity of the grown lion.
You have been very focused on the future, and in what you can do now to make the future happen in the way that you would like. Now, of course, you mustn't get stuck in any one way of being but dreaming out loud is a vital step to getting things done. If you can tap into the power of daydreaming, you’ll get in touch with things you never thought possible and then you can bring them into being and create a tangible reality for yourself through planning and action. You mustn’t paralyse yourself with perfection. Life isn’t perfect – it can’t be. So just let it be and know that sometimes you can steer it and sometimes you must go with the flow. You’ll learn which is which in time. It’s something that’s gained with experience!
This is a wonderful financial period for you, and you’ll find abundance and prosperity all around you. Spending time with your loved ones will be important to you. At work, you turn in a strong performance due to your strong sense of right and wrong (you can't do the wrong thing without experiencing terrible guilt!). Expansion is on your mind and there is a strong desire for growth and change. Although you may seem laid back, as a cardinal sign, you are powerfully driven to head a project as and when you need to. The cardinal is the mark of a leader, and you shouldn’t underestimate your ability to inspire and motivate others. You feel positive and want to share this energy with others. This includes plenty of socialising and fun events. You’ll be everywhere! Try not to overthink. Sometimes the simple answer is best and brings more peace.
There’s some tension in you this week. There’s plenty you want to achieve, and you aren’t short on ambition, but sometimes you suffer from wanting to do too much too soon. Sometimes you need to exercise patience and focus – you can’t do it all at once, even if you’d like to! And you’ll drive yourself crazy trying. Towards the end of the month, this frenetic energy will begin to calm down and you’ll find it easier to relax and allow things to be so don’t worry, this tension will not be a dominating factor. You may be struggling financially due to a lack of savings and the inability to invest. There may be obstacles to finding financial freedom. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Instead, really stop and think about how you can improve your situation in practical ways. Action is what is needed. You’ll be filled with innovative ideas so there are lots to take action on and bring to life. Success is there, especially if you listen to spiritual ideologies. This can help to open and broaden your mind.
Your self-confidence may be at a lower ebb, but fire can be fuelled. Part of your lack of confidence may be due to differences between you and your partner. You may find it hard to find some common great, which can feel disconcerting for one as tirelessly positive as you. You want to be able to connect in all ways, but is this possible? We are all different and no-one can be exactly like us, as much as we might like them to be. Try to take people as they are and reflect on how your differences can actually strengthen your union. Do you really want someone to be like you, or can they bring something to the table that is unique and powerful? Financially this is not the week to make big leaps. Try to save and invest. The idea should be growth so put a tight leash on unnecessary expenses.
Your sky-high confidence makes you a true powerhouse. You are a very powerful person – there’s no doubt about it. The goat is a creature that is born to excel, to climb and to succeed. There isn’t necessarily anything showy or glamorous about your approach – you aren’t a Leo or a Gemini, but you impress with your grit, your realism and your intensity. There is something down to earth about you and plenty of gravitas that grounds others. People look to you when they need to calm down or some solid advice. You’re sensible, practical and skilful. Never underestimate just how much you’ve done, especially when you’re having a classic Capricorn moment of being too hard on yourself. Challenges come your way, but you clear them effortlessly (or at least it seems to be effortless in the eyes of others.) This is a lucky time and life is close to perfect. Can you stop and enjoy all the stepping stones that brought you here? Appreciate yourself and show gratitude.
All areas of life are good, and this should bring you immense joy. Your personal life, in particular, is a space of great satisfaction. You’re on a lucky streak and this manifests across many areas. This is a particularly wonderful time for love, whether you are coupled and looking to reignite the fire and connection you share, or single and looking to find a meaningful and mature love match. This is the time to throw yourself out there! This is a good time, in general, to jump into something new. You have the right attitude, a perspective of play and experimentation that enables you to get things going as you should. Life is an adventure and you are so ready to involve yourself. Trust your gut. This is something you are learning to do. Move from the mind into the gut and feel your way through.
Luck is on your side. Can’t you feel it? This is a time when everything is going well for you. Abundance has truly made its way into your life. Your relationships are better than they’ve ever been and truly a source of inspiration for you. This is a wonderful time for romance, so embrace the options that come your way, especially if they are in line with your values and integrity. Unexpected money may make its way to you, and society at large will appreciate all that you have to offer which does wonder for your self-confidence. Plenty of advice is coming your way, so you can choose what works for you and what doesn’t. Balancing all facets of your life is a lesson for all of us, but definitely, one you should take heed of this week. You are personally popular and impactful. You will live in a larger than life way.