Your Weekly Horoscope – 26th August to 1st September 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 17th February to 23th February 2020

Your weekly horoscope (26th August to 1st September) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its

impact on your life.

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You are on a roll. Your self-confidence is at an all-time high. Other areas where you shine include the realms of health and wealth. In love, you are an especially dishy prospect. Open, honest, warm and with a twinge of impatience, people respond and react very naturally to you. Some plans may fail or fall through which can be frustrating, especially if you had a specific course of action in mind. In fact, planning in general will not be your strong point this week. Why not let go of the reigns? If you can’t steer the ship, see where the tide takes you for a change. Feel uncomfortable? That’s kind of the point.


There is an urge to spread out, to take up space. This may manifest as moving into a larger home. You need space to roam. This may also emerge as a desire to be alone, to seek solitude, to check in with your thoughts and emotions. Professionally you excel and will be the talk of the town. You easily make new friends and you also foster the friendship aspect of your relationship, forging a closer bond. Your dual ability to communicate and innovate bring you closer to progress. You just need to follow through and commit. Financially, this is a prosperous week for you. You will enjoy the fruits of your labours.


This week you are drawn to take action. Action for people, action for a cause, action for yourself. There are ants in your pants and there is no surer thing: you have to act! You support young ones because you connect and relate to them so well. You are a child at heart and children can see this. You make an excellent role model for them. At work, you are brimming with innovative ideas. Travel is on the cards, in true Gemini fashion. Be mindful of your health as you explore. Gemini’s are prone to knocks, scrapes and nervous exhaustion, known for spreading themselves too thin. Your voice is your greatest asset. Your ability to communicate your strongest tool. Use it.


Direct communicate can be difficult for you, but when you manage it, you speak from the heart in a moving and emotional way. You can capture people at their core. This week, you find it easier to speak up, showing people a more authentic side of who you are. You are prepared to stand for something, which is admirable indeed. This is a good time to speak with family and friends, either to counsel them or to be counselled. In love, there is a dizzying sense of reciprocity that excites you for you love to be loved with the same ferocity as you love. Financially, this is a strong time.


Your confidence is amazingly high. This can draw at a magnetic level fame and recognition to you. This is a wonderful time for leaders. People follow you like ducks. That said, it is important that you respect this powerful position. You should do good, act compassionately and show will-power and self-control. You must not abuse this authority, or become lazy in it, enjoying basking in the glory of your reflection. To be a leader involves taking action, making things happen and maintaining the glory of the people. It is not a light task to take on. Turn your attention to disharmony in your family, are there issues you can iron out? A financially excellent period be mindful with your money.


Your self-confidence may be at questionable levels. A mutable sign, you can experience fluctuations such as these. What you’re looking to attain is a baseline of confidence that you can fall back on when things get tough. Okay, you may not always have the confidence of a lion, but you needn’t be fearful as a mouse either. Concentration and determination are the keys to your success at work, but also in life. If you can be consistent, focused and apply yourself, then there is nothing you cannot do. Your love life may be turbulent. Is this temporary turbulence you can weather, or is this part of a larger problem? Don’t bury your head in the sand. Face things as they are. The truth can be freeing.


Getting things done is your MO this week. You are living up to your cardinal reputation and getting things going. Be sure to reflect on whether you are doing things for yourself, or for the benefit of others. Is vanity one of your drives? Although you are enjoying your fair share of luck, understand that luck can’t be relied upon. Work has to combine with luck if things are to set sail. Your strong financial situation can eradicate debt and get you out of a hole. Be sensible with your money and you will begin to see things grow. Avoid the temptation to spend on frivolous things. Spend money on what grows your soul.


Professionally and personally, life is flourishing. This is reflected in your confidence. You are grateful for where you are in life and it shows. Your enjoyment is on the up. Obstacles and tensions may arise in the workplace, but these should not deter you. No life is picture perfect and all involve a degree of work and effort. This is natural and healthy, and you should not be concerned. Remember, we are here to grow. You may have concerns about your relationship, and it is best that you communicate with your partner to clear the air, rather than wallow in your emotions as is quite possible for a Scorpio. Being open and upfront is far better for your emotional and mental health even if protecting your misery can be enjoyable for you.


The sun in Leo shines a light on financial matters and there is plenty of fun going on in your home. Your spirit feels light, buoyant and animated. You are a very attractive force in the world. Spending time with friends and family appeals to you powerfully. Your thirst for knowledge inspires you to seek our guides or counsellors. In time, you will evolve to become a guide for others. You have lessons to learn in terms of relationships. What can you give to those you love? How can you be a better partner? Don’t consider areas of lack criticisms when pointed out by your partner. Just remember that we all have space to learn and improve. It is essential to our higher being.


You have been advised to put health at the forefront of all things. A useful mantra for you is, `health before wealth.’ It is very important that you take the time to rest physically, mentally and emotionally. You do not need to push yourself constantly like a beast of burden. Ask yourself what you are trying to prove to yourself or others. What validation do you seek? And is this truly the way to it? Slowing down may feel unnatural but it will be so beneficial for you, and for all facets of your life, especially relationships. Maybe your priorities need to shift, maybe you need to remember that work can only provide us with so much, and most of it material. The soul needs enriching too.


There is plenty of joy in your life and you may be utterly focused on the positive. All areas of life flourish, including work, relationships, hobbies, and your financial status. This is a time of expansion and growth and if you plug in and appreciate what you have, you’ll feel very rich indeed. In these good times, it is important to enjoy them but take stock that they wont last forever. Continue to build a well of reserves within yourself for the more challenging times. Remember the key to understanding and being understood is open communication. You are an air sign. You can do this communication thing.


This week is all about caring for you. A sensitive creature, checking in on all facets of your health should be a priority. You are tuned into the pulse of life, and there is paradoxically a delicate strength to your nature. The strength always pulls you through, but you also need to not be too demanding of the delicate side. Be gentle with yourself. Smile. Play. Stretch. Approach life with a sense of flow and ease. What we resist persists, and if you can flow with nature as is, you will feel content. There is nothing to fight. There is peace in surrender, especially against the self. Do not be afraid to be. Check in with who you are right now. Your feelings are your strength.