Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th April to 3rd May 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st June to 7th June 2020

Your weekly horoscope (27th April to 3rd May 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Things will be getting better with the passage of the every week. The situation is likely to resume to the regular mode. For the time being music is your language. Music is powerful because it can communicate truths and emotions that we might struggle to express in any other way. Music carries more nuances, corners and shadows than many other modes of expression. Do you sing or play an instrument? If so, try to get in touch with your inner voice. What does it want to communicate to the world? Is there some message that you wish to share? This could be a very interesting experience for you, as you tend to express yourself through your physicality and with your body. But this could open a whole new world.


Amidst this time where we all need to be careful, you should make sure you are opting for measures to stay safe along with your loved ones. While at home, meditation is always a worthwhile practice whether we are happy or sad because it keeps us buoyant and allows us to control the wild horses of our mind. Don’t you agree that when the mind is idle we can lead ourselves into anxiety or trouble? But when we keep our minds occupied with purpose, we can feel strong and empowered. This week your mind may not feel like the serene sanctuary that it typically is and so make this a return to practices that can keep you strong and safe. We would recommend yoga, exercise, being in nature (especially close to water or earth), and eating nutritious warming foods.


The endless efforts to clean the world will show drastic differences. This is a favourable period for you in all ways, and it’s hugely because of your confidence which enables you to give and maintain a strong impression. People always respond well to Gemini’s but this is intensifying as of late and you’ll notice the power of your magnetic pull. There can be a temptation to misuse this because Gemini can be the sign of the prankster or trickster (all is not as it seems) and yet when you are honest, you’ll notice that who you are can change a mile a minute, because you are mutable and always ready to transform according to your surroundings.


A little pause in the tempo of life for a better time in future is not bad. Looking at the circumstances in future. You just need to hold your power till life resumes and the world overcomes this havoc. As a cardinal sign, you always have the powerful urge to do something new, especially when your emotions are drawn into something. What has caught your interest this time? It could be music, a cause, a beautiful place, a work of art or someone you’ve met who appeals to your soft heart. Either way, you want to do something different and unusual. Your quiet style of leadership is rousing, if tempestuous and moody, but with a little experience and practice, you can become a real powerhouse in this world. Do not underestimate your power (and you are prone to.) Cancer’s are some of the strongest people of all.


This week your finances are in a great place, and in many ways money is power. Of course, we must be careful here. Yes, money can grant you comfort, freedoms and security as well as choice, but it can also easily be misused and we have seen examples of this many times throughout history. People can use their money to cause harm, to exploit, to lie and to destroy. They may do all this in the name of `expansion’ or because they feel justified or entitled to. Be mindful about what type of person you want to be and what kind of legacy you want to leave. Use your money for the greater good, and move beyond ego.


As a sign that rules over health and cleanliness, this week you will be preoccupied with your own health and that of your loved ones. The wide spread imbalance caused by the virus will make you concentrate more on health and wellness. Check that all the fundamentals of health are in place and if you are feeling unwell in any way, take steps to improve upon things. We normally have some small power, or some small action we can take to make things easier for ourselves. Professionally you may struggle to concentrate which is why you need to find a way to release some mental energy, perhaps through exercise, so that in the calm you’ve generated, you can focus on what needs to be. Clear headedness is your goal.


This is a divided week for Libra natives, but you will find this can often be the case in our life as we focus on one area more prevalently than another depending on what is going on. With everything at standstill, and most part of the world in Quarantine mode you might find that connecting with people virtually is not that great. It can be very difficult to give all of our attention to everything all of the time – we would exhaust and diminish ourselves. This week, your personal life may take a backseat to your professional life, where incremental improvements are being made. This is slow soft progress, very much like baby steps, but progress nonetheless and the good thing is you will not burn yourself out by pushing yourself too hard.


You’ve gone through a challenging few weeks and you may be coming out of the other side feeling somewhat confused or unsure of what it was all for. A long gap in life, when everything has been put to pause, you might take time to resume to regular life. A hopeful time is around the corner. Sometimes the lessons and meanings that we long for are not immediately obvious. Instead they come with time. Do not fret if things are not clear right now, they will become clear with time. Nonetheless you will be noticing some improvements, especially in your health. If you are taking medications, then health conditions will slowly begin to improve which will bring you tremendous relief. Super strong and extra sensitive; remember you have both polarities within you.


Unity, support and patience is what we all need right now. You might be missing going out and enjoying your freedom but at present safety Is what Is the need of the hour. You are an intelligent sign, but this isn’t always obvious to others because you are so light-hearted and positive. If you were an animal, others might see you as a golden retriever, always so happy and eager to please, and others may confuse this with stupidity. Why is this? Is it because we think cynical people have a greater understanding of the world? Would we be right in thinking so? Your positivity is linked to your perspective, not your intelligence. This week others appreciate your cleverness in a way they might not have in the past which can liberate, empower and bring relief.


Capricorn, you’ve had itchy feet for a while to get things going. Life has almost been going too smoothly and you’ve been thinking about what you can do or change, even though we’ve warned you to take it easy and enjoy things while you can. Unfortunately, you might not be able to go out and get things moving! Do not be disheartened, you just need to give time during this epidemic to finally evacuate. This week you may want to purchase a home, and your friendships will become very supportive towards you, helping you work towards your goals and achieve what you need to. If you’ve had strained relationships with members of your community this will begin to change as you start to see things from one another’s point of view. Put yourself in another’s shoes and the answers are obvious.


This time is important. Social distancing for such a long time might have taken a toll on you but it would definitely open up new paths for you. You will get enough time to ponder over your feelings, choices and thoughts. Aquarius, you long to learn and are a lifelong student. Signs in the same vein include Gemini and Sagittarius, who are not content to complete a course of study and stop there. No, there is so much of the world to get to know, and you like to do so primarily in an intellectual way, although it tends to get to the physical stage as you also like to enjoy the experience itself. As you approach things via the mind first, you may wish to return to a course of study. You’ll begin reading, revising or speaking to others who can help you along in the process. Once you’ve found your subject, you’ll lock on and learn all that you can in the betterment of yourself and the world.


As the world begins to resume from this massive epidemic, things will bring hope and growth on a massive scale. Later in the month will be a great period for making financial transactions, deals, agreements and investments. In fact, this is a wonderful time for all things relating to money. Somehow it all just seems to land where it should. You’ll also be full of excitement which bleeds through into every area of life. When we enter into a spirit of excitement, we look at things completely differently and dispel any negativity. We see life as a grand adventure rather than as something to fear. Your style of communication can be spacey and distracted because you fluctuate throughout the day (this is your nature, to feel and adjust accordingly) but this week you’ll communicate very well benefitting you in all areas.