Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th January to 2nd February 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 16th march to 22nd March 2020

Your weekly horoscope (27th January to 2nd February 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are one of life’s battlers, but you are currently enjoying a wonderful sense of harmony which permeates all fields. This might be a new feeling for you, but it sure is wonderful and should be enjoyed. It may teach you something different. There does not always need to be a fight or struggle. Not all things must be endured or conquered, they can just be, and they can be quite pleasant too. Isn’t this a new angle from which we can look at the world? A new perspective does us good.


Earth signs enjoy work to some degree or another. For the Taurus native, work fulfils two key functions. One, it enables you to potter and uses your energy. Two, it ensures that you can provide for your loved ones which is of paramount importance. You have been on a lucky streak as far as work is concerned and although not as ambitious as your fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, you do enjoy the potential to reach new heights.


Relationships mean a lot to you. You are not a solitary creature. Even when seemingly quiet, your mind is racing, buzzing with questions and ideas. Others serve as your mirrors – they show you who you are and what you need or what. This can be uncomfortable. Sometimes they show us things we don’t want to see. But as long as we are aware that it is reflections we are looking at, we can learn a lot. Do not move into solitude. Find your folk and learn who you are through them.


Your key priority should be your health. We aren’t just talking physically. Take some time to prioritise your mental and emotional wellbeing too. Cancer, you are sentimental and emotional and you absorb the energy of others much like a sponge. Just as you would rinse excess water out of a sponge, you must do the same with any emotional residue that has built up in you. Learn to let things go. Not everything must be held on to for dear life. Loosen your grip and trust.


A lion likes to make alliances. But you must always be the head of the pack. A natural leader, this is how you prefer to operate. You may find yourself gathering people around you. They flock to you as you wield a certain magnetism. Do not abuse or exploit this power. Use it for the benefit of the group and you will be respected, which is what you want. You seek validation through others but you must also learn to step into and hold your own glory. You can then draw out the same magnificence in others.


Prioritising health is vital at this time. The sickness that begins in our minds and hearts can spread into our bodies. This is why we must find ways to release that which builds up within us before it can take root. Consider any toxic thoughts or feelings that exist in your body right now. Can you lean into them, feel them and let them go? Can you evaluate your habits? Are you eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising? If not, are you trying to sabotage yourself in any way? We are our own heroes.

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An undercurrent of tension flows through you but only because life is changing in some big and heavy ways. The change may be positive or negative but it is altering and you can feel that. You may feel as if you are the conduit through which life is choosing to operate right now, as though you are part of something far larger than yourself. When change is afoot, learn to flow. You are fairly good at this being an air sign. Air knows that it must go wherever it pleases. Your cardinal side may now and again thwart this. All is well. Relax.


Your world is evolving and you are sinking into the process. A scorpion is quite a low-level creature. It crawls across the ground defensively, primed for danger. It only stings when it is at risk or it is far more likely that the scorpion will sting itself at the end rather than its attackers. You are at greater chance of harming yourself than any enemy. In some ways, the idea of an enemy feeds your need for intensity and makes you feel alive. Can you accept that not everyone in the world is out to get you?


Your thirst for exploration and adventure is unquenchable. You are a student hunting for your inner teacher and you find this within yourself only through exploring. The pull within you is strong and almost impossible to ignore. Your adventures right now consist of multiple short and sweet trips. These little bursts enable you to learn more about yourself and the world but are not so long that you forget your mission to teach and advise others. So, have you planned your next trip?


You are no stranger to hard work. Indeed, can you work any other way? Work fortifies you and helps you to evolve and grow. Practically work sustains you but on a soul level, it gives you purpose. It may be that you affiliate with your work too deeply. Are you trying to hide from anything within yourself or the world at large? How can you learn to be more open and trusting and authentic? How can you let yourself be rather than feel the need to always do? In the east, people are more content to be than to do. Can you let this idea catch on?


Many threads have been weaving together over the course of this month and you are close to completing the resolution which brings a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Women continue to be incredibly fortuitous and important in your life as is the feminine energy that exists within you. Some chapters will now need to be closed which affords you the freedom to move on with your life to start something new. All you need to do now is figure out what that next step will be. You can write the next page...


This month has been a very favourable one for you and there’s been an urge to get something new started. You are always open to love but this is an especially wonderful time to start a new relationship. When your boundaries are working well, you can give and receive love in a very beautiful way. You must come from a place of completeness for this to work efficiently. Do not give away your power or yourself. Give from a place of fullness and there can be no depletion.