Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th July to 2nd August 2020

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Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (27th July to 2nd August 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
You may feel a combination of restlessness and stress which can provoke you to behave in ways that don’t actually serve your best interests. You must be cautious not to jump the gun and act before you have all of the facts at your disposal. Trying to find a place of ease and calm will help you tremendously. If you are in a position of authority you must exercise even more caution in your decision making because your choices will affect far more than just you. Depression and anxiety may be present due to your out of character nature and reactions. Try to take plenty of time for yourself.
There may be some impatience kicking around as things take some time to materialise but just because there may be delays does not mean that things won’t manifest. You simply need to kick back and allow things to be. Consider flowers, we don’t see them bloom in front of our eyes but one day we go into the garden and the flower is there as if it always has been. Likewise, a watched pot never boils. We need to look away to notice a change. Try not to focus on what is happening, just put in the work and let the alchemy brew. No matter how intensely you focus on things, you won’t see any change so don’t even bother.
Your personal and financial lives are both wonderful and you enjoy socialising and being around your loved ones. This is invigorating for you and brings you much happiness inside. Where you lack excitement is your professional life but this can be changed and indeed should be changed. You might not need to do anything as drastic as changing your job or career but even something small like changing your hours or working from home more often can make a difference to your state of mind and perspective. Think about little ways that you can inject bursts of excitement and meaning into your day.
Your moods may ebb, flow and fluctuate quite intensely during this transit which can make it difficult for you to get a solid grip on things. We suggest that you do not try. Your element is water and water is both soft and hard, light and heavy. Water can form tiny little droplets of rain that burst forth from the sky or it can flood whole acres of land. We need water both to refresh us and keep us alive but we fear it because it can also destroy all that we’ve worked so hard for. Dive deep into your element to explore your own nature in greater detail. There is nothing to fear and only wisdom to be gained from your internal adventures.
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Your self-confidence is not at its highest ebb which naturally produced a knock-on effect throughout other areas of your life. Your health is also slightly diminished though not seriously which can still impact your get up and go. This should be a quiet and gentle week in which you should not over-schedule yourself. Try to limit any outings or responsibilities and use your free time for rest and meditation. Journaling is also advised. Baby steps will get you back to where you need to be. If anything can be rescheduled for another time then it should be. Do not force yourself to do anything whilst you are in such a delicate place.
Your confidence is sky high which makes you successful at work and helps you complete projects, tasks and goals that you are working on. You may become a bit of a workaholic but a happy one as you manage to get everything done. This is a very productive and energising time for you. In terms of your romantic life, things may feel a little dour and you may still be working out how you want to proceed in your relationship. Things may be reaching a natural end or you may need to work a little harder to return to a place of potential and hope. The answers may not be with you quite yet but they will come in time.
This is a very favourable period for Libra natives and all seems to be falling into place for you. There may be a few very minor health concerns here and there but nothing that you cannot weather. You need to be mindful of course but not too concerned. Things will work themselves out fairly well for you. Someone may try to tarnish your otherwise squeaky clean reputation so you should be cautious of enemies who may wear sheep’s clothing to appeal to your good nature. Take a close look at your inner circle and see who is worth staying there and who should take a step back from you.
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You will be lucky, enthusiastic and immensely supported by all around you but yet you still may lack clarity and decisiveness in your own life. This feeling has been brewing for some time and you may have become a little listless and lost as it has begun to go on for longer than you might have expected. Be grateful and appreciate all the good in your life whilst understanding that not everything is mapped out for you. Things are clearly brewing and marinating and may need a little more time and patience before they come to pass. Try to relax and focus on all the wonderful people in your life.
Your personal life is somewhat of a mixed bag as you worry and fret about the wellbeing of loved ones. Rumination solves nothing. Only action can make a difference. Energy can be transferred but not destroyed so try to find an outlet for more complex or negative emotions. Exercise and movement are especially cathartic for you and should be adhered to regularly. You may be lacking a routine of sorts. You need to be getting some physical exercise every day if you wish to feel productive, effective and impactful in the world. Don’t delay. Get out there and get things done.
Your inner wanderer has come to the fore and you long to explore the world and see what is out there. Your workaholic tendencies take a back seat as wanderlust comes to the forefront of your mind. Researching and planning what you want to do will occupy much of your time for you to have some sort of plan even if you end up diverting from it at times. You will either want to completely crash out and relax to compensate for all of your hard work or you will want to dive
full-on into a very intense adventure. If time allows then both are very real possibilities for you.
At work, you can excel and push yourself to brilliant new heights. Once you get in the zone you become very productive and very little can deter you. You can become a motivating, inspiring and energising role model to others in your life who look to you for guidance. You will enjoy such a role. You’ll also receive relief from a chronic or ongoing health concern which may be physical or psychological in nature. At home, there may be some discord that needs to be managed. Sweeping things under the carpet will not help. Some things need to be tackled head-on.
Your ability to innovate is at a record high and you will be deeply in tune with your magical abilities, imagination and empathy. You have been on a quest for some time to become a healer (whether in a more conventional capacity as a nurse or doctor or in the realm of the mind as a spiritualist.) You will be learning lessons this week regarding how you can best utilise these talents without causing damage to yourself. After all any healer, in cutting out the damage from their fellow man may take it on thinking themselves a matter for the cause. There is a way to heal that causes no suffering and this is what you must master.