Your Weekly Horoscope – 28th December to 3rd January 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (28th December to 3rd January 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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You can always connect very powerfully with the younger generation, and in many ways, you have an inner leader just waiting to emerge. You are there to guide and educate young ones as much as possible, and you may grow into being a phenomenal leader. This week you are even better with children and young ones in your life, and you also enjoy a period of plenty of good luck that stands you in good stead regardless of what is going on elsewhere in your life. Things will work out well for you, so there is no need to fear.


Harmony is flooding through your personal life, and your ability to communicate your needs and wants is incredibly strong. This is also a period for great financial gain, and you'll be able to save and stash plenty of money. Peace is very important for Taurus natives as it gives you a sense of stability and meaning that makes life far happier. It also helps you to quell your infamous temper before it can launch. You'll find yourself feeling far more placid, serene, and content than you usually do, and this will impact your relationships with other people.


You radiate positivity, and this positively shines from your every pore. You become a very attractive prospect, indeed allowing others to see how genuinely light-hearted and lovely you can be. This is an excellent time for you in terms of your career and finances as both areas are set to blossom, but of course, things are truly excelling in terms of your good nature. You are a real joy to be around, and others will flock to you consistently. Your talent for extroversion will come to the fore, and you'll find it very difficult to sit still!

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This week can generate a degree of loss in terms of your finances and reputation, and though others will be immensely supportive of you, you may find it difficult to console yourself. You will be particularly perturbed at any damage that may be done to your reputation, for you hold yourself in high esteem and do not want others to think less of you, especially as you are prone to being a people pleaser. Trying to detach from the opinions of others will stand you in good stead. It is more important that you focus on your own opinion of yourself rather than anyone else's.


This is a fortunate period for you in all ways, and you'll enjoy feeling like life is going well for you. Financially and economically, you prosper, but things also go exceedingly well for you in your personal life. You are lucky, but you are also working hard, which pushes you to excel and impress others who are keeping a close eye on you. You may find that you rise through the ranks in your workplace or ascend to leadership, management, or mentoring roles. You need to be more open to collaborations and connecting with others rather than taking all the glory for yourself.


Sometimes we just need a much-needed boost to get us on our way. This week you certainly receive this boost, and it comes via your career and pushes you in the right direction. You also may fall in love with someone completely new in your life who astounds you with their willingness to commit as well as their fun and bubbly personality. For someone to captivate your ruler's fast-moving Mercury, they certainly need to bring a lot to the table and keep things exciting, changeable, and stable. Sound paradoxical? It is! But it's what you demand!


Luck supports you in all of your endeavors, and spiritual and religious activities become far more important to you. This week you may find that you can truly enhance yourself as a person by growing and expanding from all that you are learning. With time, you may become a leader in your arena or chosen field thanks to your proficiency and skill. Do not let yourself be deterred as a more indecisive side to your nature can throw a spanner in the works. Count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and do what you need to do! You won't regret it!

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Low self-confidence can send you into a downward spiral and lead you to want to disconnect and hide away from others. There is a tendency for you to become defensive when you feel vulnerable. Still, you could use this opportunity to practice connecting with those you value, giving them greater insight into your nature. This may feel unnatural to you, and there could well be a degree of resistance on your part, but if you can rise above this, you will be greatly rewarded for your time, energy, and effort.


Challenges can give us a new lease of life even if we may not always welcome them when they emerge. Sometimes we want things just to run smoothly, but we may fail to grow in doing so. If we rise to the challenge, we find that our self-esteem, confidence, and proficiency accelerates at an alarming rate. This week there will be a lot of competition and a fair degree of obstacles, but you are poised to rise to the challenge and achieve what you need. Your inner engine of fire will ensure that you get to the finish line.


This is a wonderful period for your love life. Utterly conventional at the core, you tend to prioritize healthy and happy family life. You want your children to prosper, and your home to be your castle, and your partner will be your partner in all things. If single, you will attract someone who is very attuned to your way of thinking and being. If married, your relationship will deepen, expand, and take on renewed significance. Love is undoubtedly the focus, and you understand that this is an area where you can put a lot of work in if you want to see development.


This is a great week for you all around. In terms of education and career, many opportunities will be there for you. In love, you will have enjoyable times and feel deeply connected with your partner. In terms of your health, you will be robust and previous problems will be healed or in the process of healing. There's also a simmering flame of fame emerging that could catapult you to new levels. Does it feel as though something is growing and developing under the radar? So it should. Things are changing for the best!


Although your self-confidence is relatively average this week, you will be comforted by the fact that you see developments around you. The fruits of your labor will gradually be materializing, and tangible results will be ripe for the plucking. Of course, average confidence is not the worst thing; it should be here than for it to dip too low. Spending quality time with loved ones becomes very meaningful for you. Deepening bonds with those dear to you brings immense joy, but ensure that your boundaries are in place for those who are not as pure of heart as you.