Your Weekly Horoscope – 28th June to 4th July 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (28th June to 4th July 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Fire signs are all about initiating energy – you are constantly drawn to change but don’t tend to be content enough to wait for it to happen. You like to get things moving on your own terms. This is your preferred course of action. There is a very keen desire to change something about your life at present. It could be your environment, career or relationships with others. The change may manifest in a smaller way, for example, a minor alteration to your physical appearance or redecorating a room or office space. You’ll be in the mood for novelty, and you’ll seek it out in as many spaces as you can. Read More


Earth signs have a wonderful knack for using luck as it was intended. You don’t simply appreciate its existence and move on. You work with it and make practical, tangible moves that allow luck to become more deeply embedded in your day. You utilise it to its fullest. This is a wonderful period for creativity and clicking with members of the younger generation. If you are trying to research or captivate the mindset of the youth, you’ll be best placed to do so this week. This is a glorious period for love, and your sensual, romantic approach to relationships helps you win over the object of your affections. Read More


When it comes to making professional and financial decisions, it is wise to consider where you want to go. Only in this way can you forge the path ahead. You aren’t simply clamouring in the dark, reaching out for branches to help clear your path; you know very well which road is yours. This can be challenging for Gemini natives drawn to so many different directions, but if you can get focused on what really matters to you, you’ll find it far more effortless to do the work you need to do. This week brings prosperity and opportunity once you get settled on what you want. Read More

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You are highly sensitive to things that are attractive, comfortable, lovely and pleasant. Your senses need to be calmed and soothed. As such, you should be motivated to ensure that you are not placed in stressful situations or environments. If you can keep things joyful and light, you will benefit greatly. This is a week for quiet, peace and prosperity, especially in love. You will be turned off greatly by conflict or dramatics. You want things to be soft, gentle and easy. If you can make this work for you, you’ll blossom this week, especially if marriage is rated highly important to you.Read More


Once you get your sights set on something, it is almost impossible to deter you. This is due to your fixed fire energy, which burns far too brightly to be quashed. This week is all about starting something new, and the manifestations for this are endless and include new romantic opportunities, travel experiences and professional growth. There can be challenges this week, too, but nothing that you aren’t able to conquer. This is actually a great period for you, evolutionarily speaking – you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams, especially if you can keep your eyes on the prize. Read More


This week you’ll want to explore and pursue the many educational opportunities open to you. As an air sign, you must be able to engage and grow your mind. A stagnant Virgo brain can become a destructive and obsessive place. This is a very good week to sign up for a master or PHD or another course of study. Even a short course or something more practical will be greatly beneficial and may help you remain a cut above others in the workplace. You must find effective ways to wind down so that you can restrict between work and play. This distinction is important to prevent burnout. Read More


You aren’t one to push your way to the front in an explosive, ‘look at me’ manner. Nothing is demanding about you. But you do have a way of enchanting others, and at work, this can certainly get you ahead of the curve. People enjoy your company, and therefore you are welcomed to any team. Your personality is your calling card. You’ll find it easy to complete what you start this week and may notice that others are paying close attention to you. Don’t be threatened by this – the attention is all good. You may find in future works that the opportunity to rise the ranks comes very naturally. Read More


A Scorpio loves differently to most as you need to connect and almost fuse at a soul level. It’s likely that you believe in soul mates or loves from another lifetime, and once you give your heart, you are absolutely all in. You may find that this week is about deepening a romantic relationship, reconnecting if the love has become stagnant, expected or distant or allowing yourself to draw closer to someone new. It’s the depth that you’re hungry for – the opportunity to be seen, heard and felt by others. You won’t settle for anything less than this, and the right partner will respond to your intensity. Read More


Finances might not be the most exciting area of life, but there’s no denying that they are one of the most important. Expanding ones financial knowledge is one of the most empowering things that can be done if one is to ‘get ahead in this modern world. This is a great week for facing up to your financial reality, not the ideal you have in your mind, but the situation as is. With careful planning and the implementation of knowledge, you can secure the best and brightest future for yourself, but this is not achieved by hiding from reality. Acknowledging things as they are is a pivotal first step. Read More


Whether it takes a while to get there or happens unexpectedly, there’s one thing that is sure for Capricorn natives: you will find yourself in a position of leadership. You can lead by example as you can exercise responsibility, temperance and tenacity. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty. This is a week in which great progress can be made, and you’ll find yourself accelerating and elevating to a platform that suits you well. Your confidence may be fragile because you are prone to self-doubt, but you’ll come across a composed and stoic manner that helps you shine. Read More


This week is one of many blessings, especially as fate leaves its fingerprints all over your path. You may feel a sense of serendipity, as though something is meant to be. It can feel as though you are being led or encouraged by some invisible force. This can be very empowering as your journey opens up before you. This is also a period where you will be lucky in life. You’ll feel bold and confident and won’t worry about disturbing the status quo, for you know that something new and shiny and unexplored hides on the other side. Take good care of your health and make plenty of time for rest and nutrition. Read More

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Fame may feel like a foreign concept to you. Notoriously private, you can’t imagine why anyone would want to be seen. Something about it feels too raw and vulnerable, yet it can be very empowering, especially on your own terms. This is the week for stepping into your power, for pushing outside of your comfort zone and exploring what lies beyond. Your nature is sensitive and sweet, and as such, you may need to encourage yourself greatly or garner the assistance of a cheer squad who can help you to see your potential and worth. Fake it until you make it – you can do this. Read More

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