Your Weekly Horoscope – 29th June to 5th July 2020

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Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (29th June to 5th July 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
Your relationships with family members are bolstered and reinforced thanks to the movement of Mercury into Gemini. Gemini is all about interaction, friendship and connection and as such, this becomes a central point of focus for you. You will be especially active and involved with others which do wonders for your spark and confidence. You are at your best when you are out in the world interacting. But for the time being when the world is locked due to the pandemic you still do not stop shining. You may need to be a little cautious financially because it can be easy for you to overexert yourself and spend far more than you actually have in the pursuit of fun. The month of May is like a ray of hope for you. Wait for the blessing.

This is a financially strong period for you in which you are able to make money work for you and make sensible and wise decisions and investments even at home. You are motivated by family and legacy so saving to benefit those you love helps you stay on track when it comes to avoiding economic pitfalls. You also enjoy investing in worthwhile products and staples which stops you from spending money on that. Which has to take a break for now. You’ll enjoy a week of strong communication, love and affection with your family around with you. Your relationships and interpersonal connections will deepen and become fortified even if you are back at home or your lover is away from you physically because of the current situation. The last week of the month is likely to grant you some relief from restrictions. So, gear up to use it wisely and safely.
Gemini, you are a natural actor, able to perform and occupy any skin. There is something of the chameleon about you. You can transform, evolve and adapt. It may have been natural to you since childhood to embody different characters or performances. You’ll develop a strong interest in the performing arts and be able to master them should you wish to. Spending time at home during this pandemic, you will get ample time to polish your craft. Your keen intelligence, creativity and ability to absorb others make you a very impactful actor. This last week is expected to bring hope and assurance of things to be fine, fingers crossed.
As expenses go up this week, your mind may feel uncomfortable and unstable. Your confidence may also be at a low ebb. It may be challenging for you to muster any enthusiasm or self-belief, which can affect your performance at work as well as your relationships. Bolstering yourself up is necessary but how can you do this? Firstly, you may want to get as close to the water as you can. Getting back `in your element’ can help to re-charge you. Towards the end of this month, you will feel a deeper sense of satisfaction with life and yourself but you may need to wait a short while yet.
The wait to resume life is likely to be over. Bring your plans forth, fuel your mind with ideas, creativity and lay the blueprint of how you are going to revamp your life and career. The last week is expected to turn out to be fruitful in terms of lockdown.
A tremor of excitement moves through your life. As a fixed fire sign, you tend to blaze brightly, but this week you will be even more intense. This sense of excitement will permeate all areas. If a student, you will fare very well, as you will be lit up with curiosity and enthusiasm. This is also a time where you may find yourself catapulted to the forefront in some way. Leo is a sign closely connected to fame and becoming a public figure in some capacity is almost always inevitable. Of course, you have to take charge of your own destiny.
During this time, socially you are not active then also you have the power to grab attention whether it is home or the virtual world. The last week has a bag full of confidence, optimism and rejuvenation. Make the most of it.
You make a slow and steady process in the workplace. This is made easier by your curiosity, methodical approach and earthy instinct to turn in a job well done. You hate to be lacklustre in any way and will do all that you can to show your best. A natural perfectionist, you want to deliver the results you know you are capable of rather than making do. Those seniors to you always appreciate your efforts but this week you may be plucked from obscurity and promoted or offered further opportunities.
Even if you are confined to the four walls of your home, your talent will shine and your instinct will help you take the right path. The last week might provide relief from the present state.
This is a favourable week for you but you may find that your spiritual or religious life is lacking in some way. You may have fallen out of love with faith, or feel distracted or consumed elsewhere. As the scales represent your sign, you understand that balance is crucial. Try to keep this part of your life in the picture, even if it has to form a smaller part of things for now. It must not disappear completely because it forms an essential role in keeping you balanced, happy and whole. Desire to travel may motivate you and will do you the world of good.
Even if you feel distracted and gloomy during this time, you need to remember that this time will soon fade away. Amidst this pandemic, the last week will turn out to be a ray of hope. Wait for the right time.
This week, you may find that your health takes an erratic turn. You need to focus on how you’re feeling and stop and think about whether or not you are truly taking care of yourself. You’ll make plenty of financial gains this week and will profit from investments. This is a wonderful time to prove victorious over your enemies and a great period for political success if you have such aspirations. You are a powerhouse when motivated by the right reasons. Try to inspire yourself and get moving.
Health should be your first concern this month. Do not stress yourself. These last few days, you can expect some benefits as the doors of the economy open for you.
Quarrels and arguments may run amuck in your domestic life thanks to the movement of Mercury into Gemini. Mercury is fast-moving and refuses to suffer fools. The toxic side of this energy can manifest as gossip and conflict. It can be hard to understand the truth when information moves at the speed of light. Life is ultimately still smooth but you may provoke mixed reactions in people. Some people may not respond well to your energy, but others may be utterly taken with it. Try to be authentic to mitigate regret.
Capricorn, when people want a job completed well, you are always the first choice, rivalled only by Virgo natives. Your integrity and ethos are absolutely unparalleled by other signs. You are very strident and prudent and pay attention to earthly limitations such as time and resources, understanding how to maximise both for optimum results. You are ready to step up this week without hesitation. If there are new challenges that are presenting themselves, then you are prepared to grow and learn. Stretch those weeks and see just how far you can fly.
This week even during a lockdown you can see you are extremely enthusiastic to get things done and perform extremely well. This will give you additional energy to resume life when things get better.
If you are currently studying, either as a young student or an adult who has returned to education, you will see fantastic results. You may find that you go on to see success with government roles. Success, achievement and acknowledgement help you to thrive and reward your enterprising seeking spirit. There is also an indication that once this is all over you will marry for love and find an enduring match. When you fall, you are fixed and devoted to the object of your affection. You’ll meet someone who truly gets you thinking about the future.
Utilise this time to find the right one for you. You may even have ample time to talk and analyse all aspects. This week will give you enough time to ponder over decisions until the next week when things start to resume.
Expansion is a key theme for you this week Pisces. When you feel comfortable, you naturally want to begin to expand, and as you go on to fill that space, further expansion becomes necessary. This equals growth and is what we should be doing over a lifetime. You may have your eyes on a new job, home or environment – one that is conducive to your evolution. We cannot stay in the same nest. We must burst forth and taste life. You will leave your bubble and make many new friends and explore new ventures. There is plenty on the horizon for you, be bold enough to sail towards it.
The temporary confinement to the four walls of the house will not hold you from flying high. Post this worldwide problem you will get a limitless sky to exhibit your talent. This last week will appear like the light of hope.

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