Your Weekly Horoscope – 29th March to 4th April 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (29th March to 4th April 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This is a week in which you may struggle with a degree of melancholy thanks to the impact of Mercury in fluctuating Pisces. Your self-confidence may falter and feel diminished and you may struggle to go after what you want in a direct way. You may withdraw from social events or from spending time with loved ones.

Instead there is a desire to retreat and be alone so that you can process this more tumultuous energy. Habits that appeal to a more introverted side of your nature will do you the world of good right now. There is always time for you to re-emerge into the world at a later date when you feel more like yourself. There is no need to always have to be at your zenith, to burn so bright constantly that you risk burning yourself as well as others. You have not failed if you simmer your flame for a short while.


Pisces has a very soft and alluring energy that can work wonders for love and romance for Taurus and as Mercury moves into Pisces on the 1st April, this week will be coloured by endless romantic opportunity. This is an excellent and harmonious period for burgeoning new love experiences.

The combination of your steady earthy energy with Pisces more imaginative and creative side creates a very striking love life for you and you can enjoy some truly magical experiences. There are also a great number of opportunities for students who can explore their talents and interests. Earth signs favour personal growth and it comes naturally to them. Taurus is better at pacing itself than Virgo and Capricorn which ensures that it can get a lot done without sacrificing pleasure and connection as its contemporaries can tend to do. You make work look fun, which makes you very inspiring to others in your circle. Read More


This is a glorious and abundant time for Gemini natives who will see the world set out before them. Although your energy can be nervous, scattered and fickle, when you learn to apply focus and concentrated attention, you can really see things begin to happen for you. At work you may find a promotion or increment on the cards.

You’ll find that you get back what you give which should motivate you to bring your best self to work. This is a wonderful time for the hot pursuit of a career or romantic relationship. Life will fortify you and abundance will most certainly be your birthright. When you apply your natural traits to things, namely curiosity, intelligence and friendliness, people respond well to you and things begin happening for you. You get what you put out in the world so make sure that you remain positive and put your best foot forward.Read More

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This week can be a somewhat difficult one for you as it may seem that there are challenges and obstacles in almost all areas of life. Normally we can seek relief from at least one area when the chips are down so naturally this can be quite uncomfortable for you.

You may not have a clear sense of where you can go or what you should do next. As a result you may find yourself shrinking away from social encounters favouring being alone so that you can process your emotional world in private. Do remember to reach out from time to time for balance will be of paramount importance to your wellbeing. Solitude is a place of sanctuary for you. You don’t fear being alone, but equally we blossom when we are able to be with others too. It shows us different facets of our personality when we let others in.


Sometimes life brings us favours from unexpected sources. This is part of the unpredictability of life. We can never be sure quite what is going to happen next and often this can work out in the best possible way for us. This week you may see money trickle in from an unusual place. It could be a gift or loan from a friend or compensation for a past project or piece of work you have completed. Either way this will naturally be received very well.

At your workplace you will perform at your very best and may surprise others with your dedication, devotion and consistency to your craft. This is your time to rise above the fray. You feel naturally confident and settled in yourself and this is when you are at your best, not provocative, not aggressive, just friendly strong fire burning brightly in the world illuminating the way. Read More


You may tap into a degree of cynicism or caution this week but this is actually a fairly healthy place for you to operate from as all may not be what it seems. If you are dealing with the government or handling a legal matter, you need to understand that things may not go quite as you expect. You are advised to plan and prepare as best you can and brace yourself for uncertain results.

If you can find a way to fortify your inner sense of self, you’ll find that you operate from a place of calm and radical acceptance which can make a huge difference to how you process any difficulties that emerge this week. Remember, we must all face difficulties in life, but what makes a huge difference is our attitude, perspective and perception. When we have these things in place, even big problems can seem small. Read More


This week is a wonderful one for both your health and financial condition. This stability creates a platform that enables you to explore the freedom of choice available to you. In the workplace there may be some unhealthy competition that draws your eyes from the prize. As you can be quite focused on what others think of you, your focus and attention may be derailed to things that are far less helpful. Try to remain grounded and clear.

Do not let the impact of what others are doing sway you from your goals. You only need to be in competition with yourself, being better than you were yesterday. All else is white noise. Stabilise yourself. Ground yourself in you. You have your own purpose, your experience is your own. No-one can take your road from you. It is yours to walk as you choose. Have faith in yourself and apply yourself diligently to the path. Read More

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This week your personal life may come under the microscope and you may face up to challenges, problems or issues that have been arising in your life. Some things you may have swept to the side for a long time to avoid having to look within – sometimes it can feel like too much work especially for one who feels things as intensely as you do. Stress may cause you to feel somewhat unstable or anxious.

You may not be able to process things clearly. Finding a place of catharsis and relief is important. A consistent form of spiritual practice or exercise (movement enables energy to pass through the body) would be helpful. Whatever you decide to do, do it consistently, for you are like a cup being filled with a jug of water. You will always need to release some of that water so that you do not feel too overwhelmed. You do not need to hold onto everything – let go of that which doesn’t serve you. Read More


This a time of tremendous prosperity and enjoyment, it could be considered a ‘time of plenty’ in which you will have all you desire. This provides many opportunities for abundance, growth and achievement so depending on your focus, you can fare well in a great number of areas. You will enjoy spending time at home and with family. Although you are boundlessly extroverted you will tune into a more introverted and thoughtful side of being. You can learn a lot from sitting and listening to others, expanding your understanding of the ones you hold dear and close.

Although you are naturally expressive, it can be a powerful tonic if you allow others the space to express themselves too without needing to infringe upon them. Allow people to express in their own way, which may be very different to your preferred approach. This will help you tolerate the vastness of human expression. We are all made differently. Read More


You are known for being cool, calm and collected. There is an inbuilt sense of grace, elegance and poise to Capricorn natives due to a natural element of emotional restraint. This week you may find yourself mentally or emotionally pushed and are advised to keep a cool head. There is some financial loss indicated this week but nothing too severe and your bank balance will not be adversely impacted.

This is a fortuitous time for meeting new friends who may be there for you through times of adversity and challenge. Such friends are tried and true and you’ll learn a great deal about what you require in friendship. You’ll also learn to be able to ask for what you want and need. You can trust that the right people will be there for you when you need them. Do not be afraid to lean on others. Your self-sufficiency is legendary, but there’s another side of you too. Read More


This week is a wonderful one for profit which may come in the form of cash or jewellery. In whatever way it comes, you will enjoy a tidy sum! This is also a wonderful period for students who will find their performance sharply improved. Your communication skills will be sharpened and will help you to make tremendous progress. Make sure that you express yourself openly and authentically.

Share some of those incredible ideas blooming in your brain. This is a great time to reinstate a routine or regime that can keep you on top form. If you already have one in place, good job, keep moving with it! Routine can benefit fixed signs like yourself because it provides you with a sense of momentum upon which you can build. It becomes easier to see your progress and watch the fruits of your labours materialise. This spurs you to move forward and go on. There is a great deal for you to achieve in the world. Read More


Your personality can drift towards the melancholy due to a strong tendency to hold onto the past. Water carries emotion in its very essence and finding ways to let that emotion loose is so crucial in ensuring that you are able to move forward and not be held back by the influences of the past. This may be a week of high expenses, some of which may be necessary so do be aware of your financial comings and goings.

Although you may not be seeking it, there is great potential for romance this week should you decide to be open to it. Someone as gentle and compassionate as you is preferred. You will do great things together. Be wary of those whose energy is dominating, aggressive or too intense. You seek that which brings peace and harmony. This is best for you and will help you respond to your calling. Read More

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