Your Weekly Horoscope for 29th Sept to 5th Oct 2019


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Your week will start with financial gains, and you'll be spending a lot on parties. A career boost can be anticipated. You can expect to spend some pleasant moments with your beloved, and if you are married, you might take them out after the 3rd of October. Any misunderstanding or lack of faith amongst both of you can spoil your special moments. Those of you who are single may receive fortune's favour and be blessed with their suitable match.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : The week will start with fluctuating thoughts and some important decisions being made. People in a job must stay careful as to not participate in any kind of discussion with their seniors this week. The people involved in business must also pay close attention to any projects related to government agencies. It would be wise to make sure there are no gaps in it. Young people might feel more joyous. Students can expect better results in their studies.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : The week starts with a demand for a calmer temperament and patience from you as a Gemini. Personal and professional relations can be at stake if you continue with your harsh attitude. People in a job will need to be very particular in their financial planning to avoid any stress in the future. The difference of opinion with your mother can disturb you emotionally this week. The people involved in any business would have to check their expenditures.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : The week starts with pleasant experiences in regard to your professional and financial life. You can expect success in all areas of your life. You are likely to go out with your friends and enjoy the evening. You may also go on a short foreign tour with your family. The people in a job can hope for support from their seniors, whereas people running a business can execute their expansion.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : This week will present you with a colourful goodie bag. You can expect excellent relations with your family and a healthy financial state. However, you may be stressed about your colleagues not supporting you if you are employed. People in business need to accelerate their efforts for the achievement of desired results. Stay confident and positive, try to avoid any type of investment in the share market or any betting.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : This week will be adventurous for the natives of Virgo. You can expect strict discipline along with a polite tone. You may also look forward to peaceful family relations. Married individuals might lack the connection with their spouse. However, if living in a joint family, you may have a golden chance of solving family problems that exist. You will be in good health. Young people will feel joyous and motivated.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : The first week will be full of joy and confidence for the natives of Libra. However, you may need to pay attention to your health this week. People in business will have a great week in terms of finances. As for those who are employed are likely to receive a job offer from an off-shore company. You will share a great bond with your parents and spouse. However, your relationship with your children may be a cause for concern.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : As a native of Scorpio, you are likely to receive appreciation for your hardwork. You will be pleased to come across various earning opportunities. You tend to have a flair for creativity and will energetic to get recognition as a writer this week. Those of you living in a joint famuly may have to face issues in terms of having to change their residence.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : The week is expected to start with disturbances and allegations in your relationship. Professionally, you will have a great week. Married individuals must clarify all sorts of misunderstandings. As a Sagittarius living in a joint family, you can expect to face some disagreement with your family and friends. This week, your emotional health requires a lot of attention. Regarding work, you can expect to see brighter prospects and the achievement of greater skills.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : This week starts with some great income opportunities for people in the business. They can expect new prospects regarding their business. On the personal aspect as a Capricorn, if you are living in a joint family, you may have to clarify the reasons for a misunderstanding of your family. Professionally, the designers, writers and financial consultants would be in the best of their spirits and maintain a high level of confidence.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : As an Aquarius, you would not find yourself in a comfortable position at the start of the week whereas you can anticipate the fortune's blessing after 3​rd October. The people in a job cannot expect excellent relations with their seniors. If you are in business and dealing with government bodies, you need to be very careful in dealing with government officers. You would have an excellent earning opportunity or unexpected financial gains.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : The week starts with the difference of opinion in your personal life. As a Pisces, you may feel depressed in the first week. People living in a joint family cannot expect to have peace of mind. The leaning shoulder for you will be your friends and loved ones.

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