Your Weekly Horoscope – 2nd march to 8th March 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 30th March to 5th April 2020

Your weekly horoscope (2nd March to 8th March 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are not a lazy sign by any means but this week you may struggle to be as motivated as you usually are. The haphazard fire that so categorises you may feel dimmed and distant so you must be cautious against giving in to the impulse to sit around and do little. Take some time every morning to check in with your goals and desires and do one little thing that moves you closer to accomplishing them. If you don’t feel that you can move mountains, just take one small step. The direction is the same, and you will feel that you are maintaining rather than backsliding, which would only frustrate you!


You may not often share your ideas with others because you are quite content to daydream and keep them in your mind. You don’t want to be seen to be bothering others with your flights of fancy, but actually, your ideas are practical, tangible and steeped in good old fashioned common sense. For this reason, you should learn to get comfortable with being open and putting your cards on the table, especially at work where people will listen to your grounded stable energy. Your ability to innovate should not be underestimated. Taurus is not always stubborn, fixed and stuck in the mud – sometimes great leaps are within you!


Gemini, you experience the world via your mind. You live in your thoughts, as all air signs do. Sometimes your thoughts are so numerous, you can feel much like a snow globe that has been shaken up, unable to get a grasp of yourself. When you exercise clarity, discipline and focus you will find it easier to make a decision and stick with it, and decisiveness can be your greatest lack. You see the world as a candy store with so many options, but if you don’t choose, you’ll starve, so just pick something and give it a try and see how it goes. At work, your brilliant ideas guarantee success, growth and evolution. Use your voice and speak up.


Cancerians are very good with money. Did you know this? Because you are able to react emotionally to money, you tend to invest it for family or friends. You see money, alongside food, as the ultimate source of nourishment and protection. Therefore, you treat it with respect much like Capricorn natives do. As a result of this attitude, you enjoy a solid and stable financial situation which brings you peace and joy. This week your health will also stabilise. Prone to neurosis, your mental and emotional health will prosper. You will radiate serenity, peace and comfort to others. This is your superpower.


Sometimes we don’t just worry about ourselves, but about others too. The impact is very much the same, for our brains cannot recognise what we are worrying about, only that we are worrying. This can have a detrimental impact on your health. Discover what the source of your worry is. Once you magnify it, you will see that it is fairly small, like a grain of sand in your eye or a rock in your shoe. It doesn’t make it any less disturbing, but it can’t really hurt you. Acknowledge that you feel worried, take some small action and let things be. Fortunately, others will support you and reinforce the importance of love.


Misunderstandings are often triggered by miscommunication and between partners, this can generate much agony. Sometimes we can be afraid to ask the questions that we really want to ask and this fear can hold us back. Sometimes we are afraid of what the answers to the questions might be, especially if our ego is on the line. We don’t want to be hurt, lied to or disappointed. But this is someone dear to you, and therefore honesty is the only way to soothe the confusion. Be assertive and ask for the truth you need. Do not attach to any outcome. Let things breathe. Remember, it is better to be hurt with the truth than distorted in a lie.


Libra, you are such a likeable and charismatic sign that it can be difficult to understand how or why anyone can dislike you, but it is precisely because you are so inherently likeable that they do. Some people are envious of you, of your ability to be liked and respected, of your propensity for fairness and equality and justice and of your natural good looks and ability to effortlessly slink into and shine in any social situation. This doesn’t come easily to just anyone. If you can see their jealousy for what it is, you will find it hard to take it to heart. For every person that is jealous, there is another who will be inspired.


Love is a minefield for Scorpio natives. What do we mean by this? You have a fierce attitude to love; you crave a depth of feeling that can push you into very unusual situations. Often you use romance and love to gather a greater understanding of yourself and relationships can bring up a lot of fear and pain in you. This week you need to be cautious in love. You need to be sure that what you are feeling is true and that what your interest feels is true also. This involves checking in with the ego and understanding what your thoughts and emotions are trying to tell you. You also need to learn that only you can heal you – relationships can improve life, but not heal our pain. Only we can do that.


This is a very joyful week for you in which everything is on the up. You are naturally a glass half full person anyway; optimism and enthusiasm burst out of your every pore. You were born with sunshine in your heart making it easy for you to see the best or make the best of any situation. Have you heard the saying `when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?’ This saying was made for you, as you are able to improve upon anything. Your personal life is especially enjoyable so take time for the ones you love – you will be rewarded immensely. In fact, people,

in general, keep a smile on your face so take the time to enjoy your social life.


Work always features heavily when speaking about Capricorn natives because your sign represents the world of work and the qualities that come with it: determination, tenacity, dedication and consistency. You are disciplined, focused and clear and this enables you to take action where others only stop to think. This keeps you light years ahead of your peers. This week your natural enthusiasm for work helps you to become a professional dynamo. You will make strong connections and a powerful impact, which is important if you are looking for a promotion or to advance in your career.


Aquarius, some may consider you a little distant, remote or aloof in love but actually your heart is very loyal and fixed. Once you give it, you do not take it back easily. This week love takes centre stage. You may be interested in someone new and looking to woo them. Your style of courting tends to be unconventional. You like to show off just how rebellious and intelligent you can be, and your eccentricities can be incredibly endearing and refreshing. You promise adventure and excitement and travel may be on the horizon. Beyond this, your spirits are high and you are looking to the future with merriment.


Pisces, when you explore it is usually because your spirit is calling you or because you have connected emotionally to someplace that perhaps feels like home. You can feel nostalgia for things you’ve not yet experienced or a tie to a place you’ve not yet seen. This is your empathetic and deeply spiritual nature at work. Taking the time to explore the world can bring you deep joy and allow you to learn powerful truths about the nature of mankind. Follow your heart and jump into whatever adventure is calling you. Your gut instincts are powerful and know where you are going even if you do not know it yet!