Your Weekly Horoscope for 2nd May to 8th May 2021
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : This week is likely to remain favourable for you. Your relationship may get a little strained due to being unable to give time to your partner. You should take extra care of the health of your mate. Singles may find a significant person this week. You may have some misunderstanding with your business partner. It can be stressful, but the situation would get better slowly. There are chances of visiting a foreign country for a new business deal. Natives running coaching centers may attain fruitful results and make good progress in their business. It is advisable to remain careful in your interactions, as miscommunication may create conflicts in your office. There are chances of receiving additional work responsibilities. Students in the research field are likely to get good results. Following your mentor’s guidance deems to be advantageous. It is advisable to be alert about cold and fever as there can be some minor concerns this week.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : This week may give your medium results in general. Fortune may favour you, but you should work hard and remain patient to achieve your goals. It is advisable to avoid getting into unnecessary discussions as they may be worrisome. Take help and guidance from your family members to make your relationship stronger. There are chances of getting a proposal for a relationship from your native place. It is advisable to have humility while dealing with your partner. This phase may turn out to be diverse in terms of relationships. Your monetary status would give average results. There would be a balance in your income and expenses. You may spend money on a trip to a religious place or abroad this week. The stars are foreseen to be in your support, hence you must make thoughtful moves in your office. It is advisable to take well-planned and strategic risks. You should also be calm and have cordial relations with people.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Married individuals may have a favourable week. They are also likely to take time out from their work routine and head for an outing, which may enhance their bond. This is also a favourable time to experience happiness with family. There are chances of some auspicious events or small celebrations for the victory of children at your home. It is advisable to help and guide the children for their success. If you were delaying a journey for some time, it may finally happen this week. This trip is likely to be highly fruitful for you. There are chances of going on a fun outing with your loved ones. Those who are looking for a job may receive some offers during this phase. It is advisable to present yourself properly to get the desired outcome. Have optimism and faith about things working in your favour. You can also make use of this beneficial week for spiritual activities.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : This week deems favourable, however, you must remain patient and hopeful. Try doing some contemplation and it would be helpful. You may need to work hard this week. There are chances of going through tough times, but you may face those situations smoothly. Your status in the office may get strengthened amidst some obstacles on your path. It is advisable to begin long term plans and refrain from short term gains or worthless activities so that you can establish an enhanced future. This week seems to be brilliant for your love life. You should seek support and maintain cordial relations with your social circles. You may be presented with tough situations, but you may come out with flying colours, so remain positive and make sincere efforts. Students may be benefited through learning new skills. There may occur health fluctuations this week, hence try to be alert about your energy levels.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : The planetary movements are giving time to take a break for a while, and analyse your life from different angles. Taking this time for self-evaluation would be beneficial. There are chances of facing challenges as well as getting excellent opportunities for progress. You should pay attention to an existing issue in your committed relationship or a close business partnership. It is advisable to enjoy sweet moments with your near ones by taking out some time from your work this week. In addition, start being an initiator of communication with people who are significant in your life, whether you are at the office or home. This week, you would have the support of planets to take actions that reap fruitful results. You should maintain discipline in finances so that they can grow. Students may be happy learning new things and also perform well in education. You are also likely to enjoy a healthy week.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Luck may favour you during this phase and you may progress in your career. You may connect with an influential person or an authoritative figure, and this can be beneficial for you. There may be sufficient earnings, but you may have to spend money suddenly. So it would be helpful to keep a proper amount of finances to be used in times of need. As you may be unable to spend time with your loved ones, there may be somewhat discontentment in your personal life. The last phase may bring a sense of refreshment, vitality and enthusiasm in you. There are chances of slow and steady advancement in your studies. It is advisable to remain sincere to maintain this accelerating pace during the week. You may have some ups and downs in health, particularly due to some tension and emotional debility, but you may succeed in improving your wellbeing.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Most of the natives would have a beneficial week. You are likely to remain strong in order to face the challenges bravely. Your communication may be appealing and it would simply attract others towards you. You may also be able to get things done due to this. Simultaneously, there are chances of developing an ego-driven attitude because of some sort of impatience. Hence, it is advisable to abstain from behaving in such ways that can cause issues in your life. You are likely to connect with new and influential people. So remain conscious of your speech and keep it meaningful. Some issues are likely to arise due to your communication, and hence, you need to keep a tab on your words. The planet Mars is likely to be placed favourably for you during the entire week. This would shower fortune and blessings in your life. You would be delighted with the long journeys you may take during this phase.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Some of the natives may have a challenging week. But you may have a better condition than the one you had anticipated. Remain cautious when handling major issues and matters this week. You are likely to be benefitted in your career, which may also increase your gains. The unexpected elevation in your earnings is likely to boost your total income during this phase. There are chances of an elder family member going through sudden illness. This may create a sense of sorrow and uneasiness in your family. So, keep your prayers on for the improvement of their health. Students are likely to miss the opportunity of going on a school tour during this period. Talented natives in the sports may find this as a rewarding phase. Individuals with low self-confidence may create new records. Students making sincere efforts to enhance their results may succeed in their learning. You may gain the required confidence in yourself this week.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : This week, you may journey to a new destination, especially places filled with nature’s serenity like the woods or hill stations. The region that you land your feet on would bring you happiness and the surroundings would be lovely. You are likely to click some beautiful images to create a memorable album. Purchasing a professional camera may interest you strongly during this phase. It is advisable to give some of your earnings for a beneficial investment option this week. There may be an elevation in your expenses, which may be a bit burdensome. So it would be better to watch your expenditures this week. You should also keep things transparent about your career with your bosses. There are chances of a doubt about your qualifications, hence you may need to explain them. Natives who are married and in a romantic relationship may have a favourable week. If you were desiring to spend sweet moments with your partner, this week would bring you such an opportunity.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Start this week by defining your goals if you are uncertain about things in life. It may feel like a testing period. Along with showing your professional achievements externally, you may need to prompt your colleagues about your innate strength if you are a woman. You may feel dull due to things failing to work out the way you anticipate. However, you should not be trapped into discouragement and lack of activity due to this. Look at it as a tiny hurdle in your life’s journey. You must remember your goals and ambitions to attain them. As the week advances, you would have a sense of renewal and energy. There may be a willingness to take new work challenges or ventures. Your revival may also bring harmony to your family. Your suppressed emotions in the form of hidden anger may cause mental turmoil. Be vigilant about this in order to avoid health problems.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : This week may remain a bit difficult for a few of you. But it may be rewarding for your position, which would come as a surprise. Try to remain serious while dealing with important events this week. You may have a favourable week for your career and it may also boost your gains. There are chances of unexpected increment in your income and this would enhance your financial status. If you have elders in your family, they may get health issues, and this may bring grief and discomfort in the family. You should continue your prayers for their recovery. Going on a school picnic may seem difficult for students this time. This week deems auspicious for skilled individuals in sports. You may also break your own records unexpectedly. Learning is likely to be fruitful for the natives who have been making great efforts to improve their results. You may also become more confident than before.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : You may face some issues at the workplace. Unexpected conflict with your senior may bring stress. Remain surrounded by positive people and have optimistic thinking. Business is likely to experience some loss. Avoid making big changes in your business model. You may settle down a deal with the client abroad. It is advisable to evaluate things before investing hugely. You may spend money on home renovation or buying land. However, you must have all the information with you before making these investments. You are likely to meet your maternal family. You should remain sensitive and understanding in your love life to avoid causing a gap in the relationship. You may get marriage proposals if you are single. You may have a small festivity with your family at home. Health issues or family duties may hamper the studies of students. You should have a priority list and finish the pending tasks first. Meditation and exercises deem to be beneficial. There may be digestion issues this week.

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