Your Weekly Horoscope – 30th September to 6th October 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 25th May to 31st May 2020

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You may feel in a pensive mood and reflective about the goings-on of the past couple of weeks. This may feel out of character but it is a very healthy behavior for you. Your ability to concentrate may be somewhat diminished. If you are a student or trying to push yourself at work, you'll need to find ways to focus so that you can complete the task at hand. Your attention may be scattered like a prism but it is important that you can find a way to harness it like a laser. Channeled in this way, your fire takes on greater power and significance. Growth is guaranteed, even if things move slowly so don't worry about rushing. Consider the elephant - the elephant takes its time and slowly wanders the landscape. It still gets where it needs to be and achieves what it needs to do, it just doesn't rush. Managing your relationships is key, try to avoid being impatient, irritable or hot-headed with those you love - these are the negative aspects of fire. The positives of fire are warmth which generates community and closeness. Epic tales were told around the campfire - this is the type of energy you should work to harness.


If you are in a field where a personal glimmer of charisma would be beneficial, then you will reap the benefits this week. Workers in hospitality or culinary fields will be blessed with a common touch which allows you to commune effortlessly with your market. Sensual and earthy, you are also better integrated with yourself which helps you to share this powerful energy with others. A grounded person helps others to feel safe and comfortable to be who they are. You hold the space. In love, you have a healthy appetite for pleasure, affection, and communication which helps you deepen your bond with your loved one. This is a time that blesses you very intensely in terms of your health. You will feel fit and bursting at the seams with energy and this infectious power will be magnetic to others. You must understand the correlation between the body, mind, and soul - when all parts of you feel whole and centered, you soar like a phoenix. When you feel low, remember to check in with one of these fields (the mental, emotional or physical.) The rest will begin to fall into place.


We've spoken before about how change is the buzzword for Gemini natives. You like to try on new realities and identities as others might try on new clothes. You are the butterfly of the zodiac and you are always looking to find the place where you fit. This can be exciting and make life adventurous, but it can also fill you with anxiety and inferiority. The truth is, you don't have just one place and you have the power to decide your fate. No-one else, only you. Frightening, possibly. Amazing? Most definitely! This is your opportunity to show people who you are. Leaning into being authentic is a challenge for you as you tend to morph and mirror what others expect of you, sometimes out of a desire to please people, and other times because you aren't sure who you are or what you like. You will learn as life will teach you. Until then try to show up with others by sharing your thoughts, opinions, values, and fears. You do not need permission to be yourself, you can just be. The key? Try not to think so much. If you can enter a state of flow, you will learn to let go of the need to pretend.


You feel out the decisions you make in life. Intuitive, emotional and highly sensitive, you are perceptive of others, noticing things that others do not. Others may accuse you of overreacting, but you are merely reacting to the overwhelming number of stimuli you are receiving from your environment. When you tune into your emotions but allow your mind to take control, you make influential decisions. Emotions are toddlers. They give us important information and we shouldn't ignore their cries or calls for attention. But we cannot let them drive us. Our mind has to come in, soothe them and get things moving along. You may feel stuck in negative thoughts. Try to think of this as being caught in a patch of mud. When you are out of the mud you will see things differently. Harnessing a positive mind is so important. They say the worst malady is a bad attitude and how true is this! If we can think right, we can be happy. If we think wrong, nothing can make us feel good. We have to believe that we deserve to feel good, and dear Cancer you need to be told this over and over again until the message hits home. You are worth the love you desire. Just let it in.


Leo, you like to be the life and soul of the party and there will be plenty of parties for you to attend, should you wish to. You will also improve your relationships with friends and family and you are always in good spirits when your loved ones feel good. Your ability to communicate impresses others around you for you speak with a bold proud voice, with the true tone of a leader. Leadership is the role you were born to play but it is also something you are continuously growing into. Eating a dose of humble pie now and again will do you good and stop you from becoming too grandiose. There may be some mild difficulties with your throat and skin which can represent difficulty communicating or being authentic in who you are. There is such a thing as a bashful lion! The desire to rekindle old friendships is strong, nurtured in part due to a sense of loyalty. Reconnecting with people from the past brings you tremendous happiness. You are big-hearted, and you should share your big love as often as you can. This is one of your most, if not the most, beautiful of all your attributes.


Focus on the self is all the rage right now and enables you to propel yourself towards incredible growth. Being an earth sign and just by the very nature of being a Virgo, you are drawn to self-improvement and doing as much as you can to be better. There is a dark side to this, a perfectionism that is never satisfied or settled. Try to distinguish the difference between self-love and growth that stems from a place of empowerment, and the thirst to be seen as better to chase a love that you can never hold. There is something eternally unsatisfied in you. You seek outside validation to prove that you have worth. The worth you seek outside is within. You are whole and enough without anything or anyone else. This may take a while for you to truly engage but once you do, it will feel like electricity running through your veins. Your mind may seek out problems so keep it busy and not idle as often as you can. Your mind is so analytical that it doesn't take much for it to become unsettled. Giving yourself a task is very healthy. When you are doing, you are at your best.

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Your personal life is very important to you. You value friendship the most. For you, your friends truly are the family you choose. This week, you may feel highly unsettled around others and be suffering from mental tension. There are certain practices you can utilize to stop yourself from falling into this trap. Meditation is a wonderful potion that should be practiced daily, yoga is a meditation for the body and physical exercise can help alleviate a lot of the negative emotions you feel by literally channeling them out of your body. At work you may feel distracted or confused, your mind isn't really 'into it', but you control your mind, it does not control you. Consider it like a dog on a leash and pull it into line. Your interest in spirituality is growing but your temper may be quick and cause problems. You are usually so pleasant but a poor mood can affect us all. There is a sense of excitement in love. You want to explore and have adventures with your loved one and why shouldn't you? Making memories is one of the most beautiful parts of a relationship.


You work harder than most because you tend to lose yourself in everything you do and you can focus that cannot be beaten. If things need to be done, you will do them. You can push yourself a little too hard at times and you need to remember that you are still a water sign. Yes, water can be forced through any shape and pushed in any direction, but it is still water and it needs a space to flow freely from time to time so that it does not stagnate. It's also about appreciating the sensitivity of water, it is a receptive, delicate element that hides great power but still needs to be treated with care and respect. This element is a representation of you and should be used as a mirror to your true nature. Water sustains life and you can sustain others more than you realize, but you are also a source of sustenance to yourself. At work, you bring a lot of energy and vibrancy, but in love, you may feel strained or tense. Are you letting someone truly see you? In love, we need to be vulnerable and that's not always easy for you as much as it's something you crave. Try being vulnerable for one week only. Practice makes perfect.


You are feeling robust, healthy and wealthy and this week is keen to reward you. Although you are in a financially strong place you may spend a lot on auspicious events. You will get a lot of enjoyment from spending time with those you love and care for. Love becomes very important to you right now and also brings relief. You find solace and comfort in the company of others. A gregarious soul, being social is very nourishing for you. Remember this and make sure that you spend plenty of time with your life partner. This kind of love brings tremendous value that cannot be measured. It is through our intimate relationships that we show our love for humanity. Sometimes you need to focus on a few individuals rather than projecting love too distantly. This week brings desirable results and your hard work pays off. In love, if you can bring your energy and awareness there, you will find that you can connect very deeply. You are drawn to live's pleasures, including rich sensuous foods. Enjoy, for these are the finer things in life.


You do what you need to do but with some obstacles. Fortunately, you tend to thrive when obstacles come your way as you are born to clear challenges. You have a level headed, methodical approach that helps you to get things done and dusted. You remain self-contained and this helps others to see you as a symbol of wisdom and tolerance, a beacon of courage and strength in difficult times. In love, you feel romantic and things will feel easy and effortless. You will be further grounded by the love which helps you to connect with your senses deeply. You tend to think of yourself in terms of how you can be of use, but in love, you can just be and allow others to bask in your light and love. Women continue to be important to you. You need the sweet warmth of femininity to comfort you after a difficult day. You can live so strongly in the masculine that remembering the importance of feminine energy can be very empowering for you. Don't lose sight of the need to surrender to life - we cannot control it all and there is no meaningful satisfaction in doing so. Can you learn to let go, truly, and let things be?


Health may be at the forefront of your mind and you may worry about loved ones and family members. With your knowledge and expertise, you can be a tremendous help to those that need and love you. You can share your understanding and help others to blossom. Do not be dogmatic, but do be proactive. Meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices will empower you and help you to connect deeply with the strongest parts of yourself. It is easy to balk at such concepts and to lose sight of practice, but it is important to note that world practice is no error. It is used because we never become masters, we must always learn, grow and improve and so we must be consistent in our approach. If you have dropped off of practice, make sure that you come back to it and cultivate it like a garden. This is an enjoyable time for you overall and you will learn some very valuable and precious lessons.


At work, things are going wonderfully. In love, you may be struggling. Your concept of love is very intense and you desire to merge souls with your loved one. When this cannot be sustained, you can struggle and believe that the depth of your love is not reciprocated. Understand that real love is softer and gentler than the powerful rush of infatuation. You can still seek such passion but it is also important that you remember that the quieter moments do not represent a lack of love. The love still ticks in the background. If your ego is impacting your ability to love, make sure that you keep it in check. There is no place for ego in love other than to enforce important boundaries and values. You may find that your anxieties and the fears you project are worse than anything that is real or can happen. Try to step back into reality, as your sense of fantasy is powerful and may consume you if not kept in its proper place.