Your Weekly Horoscope for 31st January to 06th February 2021
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : This week, you may get different types of outcomes in career and education. Relationships may turn to a new path. Your business plans may go through some changes. Singles are likely to get reputable marriage alliances. There are chances of getting married and shifting to an overseas country, or a normal change in residence due to marriage. You should only go for crucial investments in the share market after taking an expert’s guidance about the same. There are chances of incurring expenses for your friends and this may lead to financial crunch. The week is favourable to finish your pending tasks in business. The modifications in your business plan may bring your sudden expenditures. It is advisable to do deep breathing exercises and some physical workouts too. They would help you have a stress-free and calm state of mind. Avoid engaging in work overly and relax a bit to enjoy sound health.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : You may need a peaceful work atmosphere and analyse your work instead of starting a new one. There are chances of a hidden relationship. Commitment is going to play a huge role, so try to support your marital life by fulfilling your expenditures. This week can be important for money and finance. This phase is unfavourable for making any significant investment in property. It is advisable to make a prior plan for the week, as it is likely to be very busy. You should be able to manage your routine. There may be a disorder in your office if you are unprepared. It is advisable for students to work on the incomplete projects first. Also, avoid the company of inappropriate friends and have positive thinking. You should take care of your health this week. Hostility and worries can bring health issues. Hence, remain calm while discussing matters in a group.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Married individuals are likely to have small conflicts with their spouse. It is advisable for you to focus on your work instead of getting into arguments. There are chances of children getting injured during this week. You should remain careful when they are with you. In addition, you must drive with extreme caution. This week is auspicious to go to a place of pilgrimage. You may go for business trips that may bring fruitful results. Natives in the medical occupation need to assist the people. It is likely to remain a busy week, and you would work with great sincerity. Your work and dedication would be recognised. Engineers and individuals in the line of technology may find this week to be beneficial. Fresh job opportunities may come for those who are resourceful. Teachers may feel that their work is going in vain. Their students may fail to fulfill their expectations.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : The planets would be positioned in your favour during this phase. There may be a bit of pressure, but you may advance ahead satisfactorily in your career. You would be brimming with confidence, as there are high chances of your projects and tasks being successful. There may be many opportunities that you can grab. The week deems to be progressive, especially for those in business. Beneficial planetary forces may support you in taking your love life to the next level of happiness and fulfilment during this week. Additionally, you may come across lucrative earning opportunities among some complicated situations at the financial front. This week is also wonderful for learning new subjects and enhancing your skills. This would help you to progress and move ahead in the future. Planetary placements are likely to be very beneficial on the health front too. Hence, you may have a better health condition this week.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : You would be keen on strengthening your finances and reducing expenses. This would help you find resolution for past problems. You may feel happy with some monetary gains. However, with the progress of the week, you may need to be vigilant. Introspection and remodelling your plans may enable you to enhance the weak matters of life. You may feel uneasy and annoyed at times. It is advisable to maintain a calm and composed mindset to think clearly. You may have more clarity, due to which you would be relieved and assured about your relationship. This may enable you to be determined to move ahead. But, there may be roadblocks on your path. It is advisable to avoid getting discouraged for trivial matters going adrift. Slowly and steadily, you may achieve success. Students may face some fluctuations in studies. Minor health problems may concern you, so remain careful about your health.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : You may have the support of the planets in many situations this week. Your career may have an air of optimism. However, the middle phase may bring some challenges. There are chances of your patience and hard work being put to a big test. Also, you are likely to get sufficient planetary favour to boost your financial prospects. Your urge to buy some desired things may influence your financial growth. Hence, it is crucial to concentrate on your priorities this week. This phase is beneficial for non-committed relationships or normal dating. There are chances of developing new relationships. Fresh ideas and new friends deem to be helpful in your studies. If you lead your energies in new methods, you may get a lot of advantageous insights. You are also likely to experience discomfort that may cause mood swings or headache this week. Extreme stress about work can create health issues as well.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : This entire week, you may be thinking about topics that are beyond the monotony. You are likely to rise above the demands and burdens of your everyday life. The male individuals would remain truthful, caring and make the mark of a good husband and father. You may also show your sensitive and compassionate sides that were concealed within you. There are chances of your talent getting appropriate guidance and you may come out of the illusions you had since childhood. A proper way to manage your mental state is by detaching from yourself and seeing the needs of your life with an open mind. You may have a desire to be independent and free. Don’t be surprised if others, particularly your loved ones, misunderstand you. Women who are married may see their children and friends seeking your support in their tough times. This is due to your affectionate and nurturing nature.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Some of you may go for a small journey to a nearby location this week. You need to be careful about yourself during this trip as you may be prone to minor injuries. Keep the first aid box with you and ensure that you abstain from adventurous moves that can hamper your health. Those looking for a new job can start working on the tasks in this favourable week. The area of work you choose would be more interesting for you this week. You may have a fun working environment with colleagues. They may give a helping hand to you, which would make you feel good and let you enhance your concentration to complete the duties. You may meet new friends this week and associating with them is likely to boost your profits. This week, you may be in a generous mood. It would bring you recognition and reputation among your fellows. Many of them may also follow your footsteps.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : If you fail to use your analysing power more constructively, then your projects may be left incomplete. Hence, it would be beneficial to use your wisdom and act on the evaluation. Natives planning to buy a new car have the favour of this week to make the initial review and invest in it. Thursday or Friday deem to be auspicious for paying the token amount. For some of the individuals, their love life would remain normal. There are chances of some misunderstandings, mainly because of poor communication. Some natives are likely to take their partner’s opinion more seriously, which may be an unhealthy situation in your life. You may need to reduce your spending habits during this week. It is advisable to follow a budget plan and take calculated risk. Employed individuals may be asked to host important meetings in their office. So ensure that you prepare for the speech in advance.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : This is a beneficial week for natives who are in love. Romance would be in the air and they would spend quality time with their partner by taking time out from their busy day. Parents and elders are likely to bring exciting news during this period. There are chances of a family reunion with the members who live at a long distance. Enjoy and celebrate these joyful moments to the fullest as they come rarely in life. Big surprises are in store for students this week. They would get fruitful results by the weekend. Teachers who are handling student issues may remain busy this week. Attempts to discipline the students may develop problems. This week, even the heartfelt decisions made by political leaders may bring public irritation. Artists, musicians and actors would remain in high demand this week. They would remain enthusiastic and attain their long planned desires and goals.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : There are chances of a revelation in regard to your work and career. It is advisable to avoid overstressing and negative thinking, as they may bring health issues. A small meet up with in-laws is foreseen. You may spend money for family and in-laws. A conflict may lead to gloom. Meeting an old friend would make you feel joyful. You may attend a small gathering at a business place. You may get inclined to groom yourself and do creative work due to the transit of Venus. This deems to be a favourable phase for love couples. Someone may get attracted to you this week. Venus transit in your Sun brings a good time to enter a love relationship.This week, you should spend valuable time for yourself. There are chances of sudden work and duty given to you during this week. A positive transformation in thinking would give you new direction.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : There are chances of increase in work responsibility this week. You may crack a crucial deal. Joining a company overseas for a job is on the cards, if you were planning for that. Freelancing individuals may also get financial earnings. This time is unfavourable to give a loan in the form of money to your friend or siblings, as it may take longer time to return. You should also avoid any work related to loans this week. You may be relieved with the past debts being paid. You may be inclined to learn holy scriptures or yoga and meditation practices this week. Any work or career related to religion and spirituality would keep you busy. There are chances of feeling low due to pessimistic thoughts. It is advisable to avoid staying alone and to remain positive. There may be a small gathering with your family members and in-laws. Research related subjects are likely to bring fruitful results.

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