Your Weekly Horoscope – 31st May to 6th June 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (31st May to 6th June 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This is a wonderful period for tackling matters of financial importance. You’ll feel calm, composed and clear, enabling you to take a mature and effective stance when managing problems or challenges. Your fiery energy is working for you rather than against you, and not only will you start strong, but you’ll maintain. You may find yourself needing to look at your expenditure. You likely have a spontaneous approach to money; when you see something, you aren’t likely to deprive yourself of it. If you can practice and perfect delaying gratification, all will start to make sense. Read More


The way that we communicate has a huge bearing on our impact on the world. Learning to speak with authority, maturity and assertiveness are important skills to perfect and require plenty of practice. This week, the way you speak will be enhanced by making you popular with friends and very impactful professionally. This is a good time to invest in your voice, which is the original musical instrument. You are a hard worker, and this week your efforts are encouraged, especially if you work in a practical or earthy field such as building and agriculture. Read More


Your mind is a finely tuned tool, and now and again, it can come unstuck. This week you may feel as though your mind lacks stability. It could be that there is some mental resistance between what you want and what you’re getting. Exercise is an effective way for Gemini natives to quiet and calm the voices that chatter chronically in mind and take some time and space to get into the body, which is all about action and movement. Sometimes doing rather than thinking is beneficial for you. In your domestic life, you may be argumentative and difficult. Try to meditate and get a hold of yourself before taking your frenetic energy out on loved ones. Read More

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You care greatly about your community, and this week you may want to spend your wealth on caring for others. You know that money is not everything but that it can make a huge practical difference to many. This week is a good one for focusing on causes or charities that are close to your heart, whether it’s animals, humans or environmental issues. Make whatever difference you can – you’ll certainly be proud that you did. This is also a happy and enjoyable period for you professionally and personally. You will achieve more and do better than you have in previous weeks. Read More


This period is a wonderful one for Leo natives who want to make an impact at work. Professionally you will dazzle, especially if you work in the finance sector. Your big, bold personality really shows up at work and makes you the go-to girl or guy. Although things are faring well for you on the work front, you may lack self-worth or confidence inside. You may feel unsettled or restless or caught up in worry or anxiety. Take time to slow down, relax and meditate. Allow things to unfold as they will. There is no need to control things all the time aggressively. Sometimes life is better when we surrender to the stream. Read More


This is a lucky period and one in which you rediscover your interest in spiritual matters. Although you are a pragmatist through and through and a creature of logic and rationality, you’ll find spiritual practices to be just the medicine you are searching for. You may find that not everything goes to plan. Some unexpected failures may occur. Although failure can be unappetizing, especially for one like you, who can be such a perfectionist at times, it’s an important part of the road to success. You will see – failure can teach us more than success ever could. Do not write yourself off. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse. Read More


This week you need to be mindful of minor health issues especially relating to the airways. Try to go for long peaceful weeks and surround yourself with nature. You may enjoy a source of unexpected financial prosperity. At work, there may be obstacles and difficulties – things may not go smoothly. You will need to use your innovation and experimental nature to explore new ways of resolving a challenge. Tasks at work may not be effectively completed, and if you are working with others, there may be clashes. Try to remain tactful and patient at all times. This is the remedy. Read More

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Your mind and emotions may feel intense, scattered, unfocused and even unstable. You may feel heavily weighted energy that calls for release. Exercise is good for diminishing some of these extremes, for you need a place of catharsis. Humans tend to hold stress in the body, and movement allows it to work itself out. Release your need to hold onto thoughts, emotions or stories. Let everything wash through you. Romantically this is an exciting period whether you are single or have been with someone for a long time. This can be a positive place for your emotional energy to flourish. Read More


At work, you slow right down, adopting a pace that is gentle yet determined. When we consider the parable of the tortoise and the hare, we realize that the speedy hare could not outsmart the experienced tortoise. Slow does not make equal unproductive – consider a dish that takes time to marinate. Certain things cannot be rushed as you are learning. Your personal life is joyful and harmonious and takes on this same languishing and beautiful energy. You will be in tune and present with others and enjoy many great experiences. This will be a time of endless fun, like one long summer. Read More


A simmering tension permeates this week, encouraging you to grow and evolve or lead you to frustration. Which path you take largely depends on your perspective. Fortunately, luck will favour you in its own time, so be patient and focused. These qualities will help you greatly. This is a fortuitous time in terms of love – you may find that someone new enters your world. This week is a harmonious one for long-standing lovers who get a taste of tranquillity. There is no drama, conflict or chaos – all is well between you, and you may find finally forged a pace that suits you both. Read More


A desire for novelty permeates this week, but you want to make strides in this world; purchasing a home or something new appeals to this future-focused sense greatly. You want to plant your feet solidly on the ground while your mind wanders and explores the stars. Tension at work will dissipate, giving you more time to perfect your craft. Financially things fare very well indeed. You’ll be able to save, invest or make purchases depending on your preferences. There isn’t really a right or wrong – whatever you feel like doing will translate into gold. This certainly will be an active week for you, dear Aquarius! Read More

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This is a period of quiet. Your senses will slow right down. This may appear to the world under the guise of laziness or excitement, and certainly, that can be true, but it may be that you are tapping into a softer space within. Boredom means lack of tension or challenge. This can be frustrating but can’t it also be delicious to know that nothing is wrong? Can’t we be grateful that there is nothing to be done? Tapping into music, art and creativity may encourage enthusiasm, like kindling a flame from a match. You’ll enjoy prosperity and great health. Continue to take good care of yourself. Read More

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