Your Weekly Horoscope – 3rd February to 9th February 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 30th March to 5th April 2020

Your weekly horoscope (3rd February to 9th February 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are not a money chaser, but who doesn’t like to be financially sound? This week, the ball is in your court and you make money with ease. Your income is increasing, and with that comes increased quality of life. Try to live within your means whilst enjoying your new-found fortune. It is a delicate balance to strike. There may be some restlessness and you’ll want to change your immediate surroundings. Nothing too drastic. Perhaps some new furniture or reshuffling things around or clearing out what no longer serves you. A spring clean can make a world of difference.


Taurus, as much as you are a slow and steady sign who moves at your own pace, you will be inspired to take action this week. It might be physical action (there is a desire to move) or the desire to make more of an impact by putting your all into a cause that means a lot to your heart. Either way, things will get going. There will be momentum behind you. You are extra lucky and bonding well with family members. You are a light who inspires them to lead the way in future.


Gemini is a witty, crafty and intelligent sign who very much like a cat always tends to land on its feet. Gemini can and will charm the birds from the trees. It’s not difficult for you to do. In this way, this week you will earn extra money and may earn a promotion at work. With the money you earn you should consider making wise investments. Your attitude towards money can sometimes be far too relaxed, and you need to think about how you can get it to work for you in future. This is the way to wealth beyond temporary riches.


This is a good time to reflect on your financial situation. You are a sign who is driven to safe by a sense of purpose. If you have a family, a home or a cause, you will pour your money into it readily, but you need to have a meaning. Without meaning, you do not always know what to do with your cash. You will have two twin urges, one for travel and one for cementing love with marriage. Whichever path you go down, satisfaction is ensured. There is a conventional path which suits your traditional heart but if you are inclined to go a different way, don’t be afraid to do so.


Financially you need to exercise precautions. Leo is a sign of grandiosity and you may be living beyond your means or are tempted to. There can be an urge to keep up appearances with Leo – you want to be perceived as the King or Queen of the jungle. That can be fine but don’t sacrifice your soul to do so. There is a desire for a new possession or challenge. Harness this hunger in the right way. Your heart is pushing you in a direction. Which is it?


Virgo, in love your appeal is your desire to settle in for the long haul. You are loyal, attentive and very devoted to the one you adore. You aren’t showy or forceful – you’re dependable and consistent. If someone is looking for a reliable partner, that’s you. You are built of all of the cornerstones of success for a longstanding relationship. This is a great time to find new love which may be burgeoning on the horizon. This is a good time to make the most of your money. Make sensible investments. Put your money in the right places, and watch it grow.


You have a naturally shiny personality. What does that mean? People gravitate to you. You’re warm, diplomatic, fair and funny. You give off a vibe of wanting everyone to have their slice of the cake. You aren’t an attention hog, or dogmatic in any way. This can be very appealing. You mustn’t lose yourself in trying to appeal to others. Avoid being too much of a people pleaser. Be you, and let those that naturally like you gravitate towards you.


Relationships are the lifeblood of Scorpio natives. They are your mirrors and they prompt inner transformation. This week there will be a beautiful sense of bliss to your relationships. If you are settled into a relationship, you will enjoy the harmony and comfort that can stem from such a union. Your passion and intensity are likely being channelled in the appropriate way, which offsets any desire to be destructive or sabotaging. You may feel in check with who you are as a person. A delightful time.


You naturally strive to go out into the world but this week you will be more content to exist in a cocoon. You will enjoy spending time with your family and maybe more of a homebody. This doesn’t mean that your inner adventurer has left the building, but he or she may be resting ready to come out and play at a later time. Do prioritise your health. You may be prone to minor accidents and injuries born out of being busy, clumsy or speeding around too much!


You are a family person. You adore being around your loved ones, especially those younger than you because you enjoy being influential, inspiring and guiding. Your maturity and sensibility mean that others often seek out your wisdom and advice and you are more than happy to give it. Just remember that others have to make their own experiences. Try to avoid being a perfectionist or being overly controlling or critical if others choose to go their own way. You will enjoy good health and harmonious happy days.


This is a wonderful week for you in which things seem to be syncing well. Luck is with you and will run its own course. You may begin noticing its effects in little and large things all around you. Your perspective is almost a little too lofty to deeply believe in luck but it’s hard to disagree that it is all around you when you can feel it tangibly. Remember that you can still be proactive and initiating even as luck seems to be doing its own thing. You can fortify its effect even further by getting things going on your own.


Relationships are about to become more intense and impactful. They will become more serious. They take time to build and face their own momentum, but you will feel love begin galloping now. It is taking off on its own. You are personally magnetic and magical and people are drawn to your energy. They want to be near you and bask in your glow. Allow others near to you, but with boundaries. This is one of the most essential life lessons you can learn. Trust your keen animal instincts – they won’t steer you wrong.