Your Weekly Horoscope – 3rd June to 9th June 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 19 to 25 August 2019

Your weekly horoscope (3rd June to 9th June 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


This is a wonderful time for you financially, and you continue to be creative and ingenious when it comes to finding new ways of making money. You are known to spend more than you save, but you’ll be far shrewder this week. If you are unhappy in more conventional work, you’ll think of a way to break out. As well as being a financially prosperous time for you, you’ll feel mentally calm and emotionally sorted which puts you in a strong position to put yourself out into the world to go after what you want. This is a very active period in terms of your social life, and you’ll spend plenty of time with family and friends. You may be drawn to overseas travel and make gains from a property. You are urged to spend more time with your partner to deepen your connection. Do not take them for granted.


Work will be heightened this week thanks to the sun in Taurus. You will be proactive, consistent and efficient. In love, things maybe a little less sure. It may be that you have become somewhat stuck in your ways. Keeping things fresh and spontaneous in love is key. Your ability to communicate well continues to be enhanced which is a perfect placement if you want to make friends and influence people. It is a little-known fact that Taurus natives are renowned for their melodious singing voices, and this week anything to do with your voice will be influential! This is a very lucky time for you in which dreams can come true, so do not be afraid to dream big. With Mars in Gemini, you may be compelled to go on a religious trip. There is a sense that something wonderful and new will come into your life.


You begin this week feeling somewhat inactive and unmotivated which is very unlike you! You tend to be speedy, prompt and involved in everything in an almost frantic way. Take some time to hibernate and recoup. Mercury in Taurus can present you with a sense of restlessness that is characteristic Gemini. Finding outlets for this energy will be crucial to your wellbeing. Such an outlet should be physical or active in nature to get you out of your head. You develop an interest in music and performing arts. Such skillsets come very naturally to Gemini who is performers and mimics at heart. You are able to become anyone or anything – a true chameleon. At work, it is essential that you keep a dignified, graceful exterior. Do not allow anyone to bring you down. Focus on your work and keep your private life fenced.


This is a very happy week for Cancer natives and will be beneficial in absolutely all areas. You enjoy high confidence, and this enables you to succeed and put yourself out there. When you are feeling confident, there is very little that you cannot do, due to your tough constitution. You retain a sense of calm composure which assists you in getting through whatever life throws at you. You will notice progress in many areas of your life, which encourages you to continue working hard and with extra passion. With Mars in Gemini, lady luck is at your side. You will manage to be successful in all that you do. Share some of your high spirits and good luck with others. You will get far.


In work, you are striving to make changes, either internally by changing how things function from within, or externally, by propelling yourself into a new career. Once you find a way of doing things or a job that feels `right’, you will dig your heels in and stay where you are. This is due to the fixed nature of your sign. In terms of your relationships, there is a sense of harmony and friendship that creates an enjoyable casual feel. Your partner can be your best friend as well as your lover. There is an undercurrent of excitement bubbling in your life that fills you with joy. If unemployed, a new job offer may be on its way. With Mars in Gemini, you should try to avoid unhealthy anxious habits. Show some discipline and you’ll be fine.

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This is a very lucky period for Virgo natives, although you are much too practical to truly believe in luck. Romantically, this is a lovely time for you, and a new love may blossom. Of course, you have to be open to it and truly let it in. Your interest in spirituality deepens which can lead to plenty of self-improvement and some interesting observations. You may be thinking about new career opportunities or expansions within businesses. You will make new friends of your own age group, and possibly start new hobbies and develop new skill sets. There is a thirst in you that is eager to learn. You will be drawn to learning a new language or playing an instrument – anything different or unusual will do. This is a time for growth.


This week it is important that you are mindful of any financial transactions that take place. Be sure that you are spending your money wisely. When it comes to making important decisions, do not sit on the fence and procrastinate. Now is the time to take a stand. Within your personal life, you may be fiery and argumentative, so try to achieve a level of calm. Work-related income may be delayed in coming to you. This is also a time of luck, but you may lack interest in spiritual matters which may impact how you view this week. It is important that you keep your expectations in check and rely primarily on yourself so as to avoid disappointment and bitterness. With Mars in Gemini, there is potential for an intellectual romantic match.


In your domestic life, there is likely to be a power struggle. There is a push-pull dynamic at play that is both compelling and uncomfortable. You have realized that you cannot control or influence your partner. This is in part very attractive to you because you are drawn to strong, independent partners. Someone who is weakly willed will simply not be a draw for you as there is no challenge involved. If unmarried, you will meet a partner with all the qualities you desire. Marriage is indicated. With Mars in Gemini, it is essential that you keep cool, calm and collected. Be mindful not to overreact to external stimuli. Keep a locus of self-control. Beyond this, be cautious in terms of your health. Put some TLC aside for you! 


You will not feel as lucky as you typically do. You are the one who tends to see the joy and opportunity in everything, but this week you maybe a tad more reflective and solemn. You may realize what truly matters to you in life. It is through these realizations that answers may come to you. You may be more susceptible to heat and feel uncomfortable in nature. Air conditioning and keeping cool are vital. At work you progress slowly and steadily, making great progress. Others are envious of your accomplishments and it shows. This will not derail you as you are not petty enough to be distracted by such things. There is a prickly sense of restlessness this week.


This is an absolutely wonderful week for Capricorn natives as every facet of life is set to be enjoyable. You are a sign who finds it very hard to relax if you are not achieving or being productive in some way. This week you will feel utterly fulfilled as you witness the fruits of your labor materializing before your very eyes. This is an especially good week if you long for power, control or prestige. You will gravitate to positions of authority and leadership and will excel professionally. This is also an advantageous time for finances, education, and romance. Ensure that you actually pause to enjoy all the wonderful blessings you receive this week! 


This week you are all about romance, and you may be able to turn your attention from wider humanitarian issues to the object of your desire. You draw new friends to you easily and amongst this circle, you may find new love. You are the sign most likely to find love through a friend because you need to respect a partner intellectually and have a lot of fun together. A true meeting of minds is deeply attracted to you. At work, a combination of hard work and luck catapult you to the top and you are effortlessly impressive to others. Essentially the world is your oyster and you can decide where you want to take things! With your determined nature, whichever path you set your sights on will be fruitful.


You continue to be incredibly proactive and set your own course. Your desire to embrace life fully is very evident this week and also infectious to those around you. Do be cautious with your right shoulder. It is not necessarily what you will sustain an injury, but that your posture or lack of stretching may cause discomfort. Back pain may be an issue also. Make sure that you get out there and socialize as this will help to sustain you. This is a wonderful time to make meaningful new friendships. You will be drawn to taking many short, sweet trips and making memories. You enjoy great health and enthusiasm, and truly live life to the full. Appreciate this time. Gratitude will multiple benefits and enjoyment. #GPSforLife