Your Weekly Horoscope – 4th to 10th November 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st June to 7th June 2020

Your weekly horoscope (4th to 10th November) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are far more romantic than you might seem on the surface and you dive into love with an open exploring heart. Your quest for love is quite admirable. You believe in love in an almost pure and innocent way. There is something almost childlike in your quest for devotion. This week real love may be found, as you are certainly on the prowl for it! Your approach can be rambunctious and fiery, but your heart has all the right intentions. There is a rumble of conflict about you. Do you really want to argue? Is it that you want to feel heard, or is there a need to be right? Figure out what you are truly trying to get out of a situation before you run in all guns blazing. This approach will never bring you what you desire. Focus on communication and sharpen your intentions. This is the method for success.


The way you love has an earthy warmth and dedication. You show love in practical, tangible ways. You may find that your expectations in love have become a little away with the fairies. What can you do to make love realistic again, so that you can truly enjoy sharing it with your partner? If you ground yourself and reconnect with your earthy energy, you’ll find relationships an easier surface to navigate. When you are in your body and owning your voice, you can make quite a splash. This may manifest this week in your professional life, and you’ll come on leaps and bounds in your career. If you act to perform in any way, or simply harness the skills of a performer to be heard in daily dealings, you’ll notice amazing and unbelievable results.


If you are looking for good news, you only need to turn to the younger generation. Able to bond with them immediately, you’ll find that those younger than you will teach you valuable lessons and confide in you their hopes and dreams. You may become a parent or an influential figure in the life of a child and an influential community figures. Mercury’s movement into Libra can bring turbulent energy that turns things on their head. You might find that your plans turn topsy turvy and inside out. Always one to roll with change, it doesn’t do your anxiety much good when well-laid plans change on a dime. This is a test. Can you surrender to the universe and let things be as they are?


Self-love is so crucial to our happiness and should be practised daily. You might feel selfish at first when it comes to practising self-love but once you understand how important this is, these feelings will soon subside. You can’t give to others if you have nothing to give. This means that you must replenish yourself first and foremost. On the flip side of this, being around friends is an energizing and nourishing experience for you. Balancing this combination of alone time and integration with loved ones will make a difference. Ignoring this stance may make you feel depleted and empty. Too much solitude is isolating. Too much interaction is cloying. Establishing a status quo for yourself will be a very empowering decision.


Naturally fiery and feisty, you can energise absolutely everyone around you whilst retaining plenty of juice for yourself. The natural desire is to explore, and travel and you’ll want to spend quality time with friends and family. Your personal life will be plenty of fun but professionally, you may not find it easy to concentrate. Distraction will be a huge issue! To feed into your sense of joy you may be tempted to spend money that you shouldn’t be spending. Try to exercise discipline and self-control. You shouldn’t have to dig too deep. Impulsivity can be a good thing, but it has its drawbacks. Learning when and where to be impulsive (organically and authentically) will make a huge difference to your conduct.


You naturally think of the future. As an earth sign, you are future-focused and are always adding building blocks to the wall of your future. You like to have a structure, and this can be a tremendous source of comfort and direction for you. It’s important to find a regime if you do not already have one. It’s also significant to note that this regime can be changed – some flexibility should be allowed for and the mutable interpretation of Virgo leans itself well to this. You can change your routine up in a way that benefits you for the best. An eternal student, your ability to learn and retain information is heightened as Mercury moves into Libra. As well as exploring educational opportunities, you’ll be sociable and likeable. All areas of your life shine. Tap into your potential.

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Life is very much like a sea. There are smooth sections and crashing waves. Knowing how to traverse both is part of learning the hardiness to endure this life, and to find a place to excel. You may find that your own confidence is not at its zenith. It may rise and fall as this week unfolds making it hard for you to stick yourself to any particular course of action. As Mercury moves into Libra, there is a strong need for expansion and growth and a need to push out across as many areas as possible. If we stick with the sea analogy, you are prepared to push forward despite your faltering confidence. This is admirable but take it easy. There is no need to push yourself too hard, too fast or too soon. There is plenty of time. You will grow into things in your own way.


When it comes to making important decisions, you’ll be left feeling a little confused. Overwhelm is characteristic this week. You are often led to do things by your impulses and intuition but even those signals are not coming across so loud and clear. So, when you can’t tap into what your own gut is telling you, what can you listen to? You don’t have to listen to anything right now. You can press pause, take a breath and let things be for now. Is there really such a rush to come to any decision? If you analyse things, you’ll realise that there isn’t and that the answers will come to you in time, when you stop pestering yourself for resolution. It’s good to sit back and cool down this week. Try to walk away from your own intensity and accept things and people as they are for now.


When you are supported, your own inner warmth and fire spark to life. You can be likened to a campfire, others flock to you and gather around for sustenance. This is part of your gift to the world – you can be a source to others and one that self-ignites for your greatest gifts: your optimism, hope and faith in mankind are innate and self-generating. You don’t attempt to pull them out from others. This makes you a powerful light in the lives of others. Growth and expansion are guaranteed across all areas especially financially so do not be deterred. Your attitude is primed for greatness and as such you are prepared to step into areas of life where you were previously frightened to do so. You are keen to take up space and to use your voice. You are getting things going.


You aren’t afraid of competition and are definitely able to stay in your own line. Your ability to focus on your own path is empowering. You will need to keep your willpower and tenacity high to ensure that you are at your most productive this week. Whether coupled or single, this is a wonderful time for love, the mature, robust kind of love you seek as an earth sign. With Mercury moving into Libra you will commit to finishing off anything that you start making. This a good time to push through and persevere. You are ambitious so no doubt you’ll have some plans cooking and brewing in your brain. Try not to overextend yourself but understand that this is a wonderful time to get things moving and shaking for good. No one can underestimate the power of a Capricorn who leans into and truly owns their tenacity.


The past can be haunting, but it can also teach us a great many lessons about our future. When you look to the past, search for the message in the mess rather than focusing on the pain and hurt. If you can do so, and develop a more aloof and detached sense of perspective, you’ll be able to see more clearly the direction you should be moving in. The desirable route will be all too clear. This is a time of resolution, and also plenty of luck. There is a sense of things coming full circle with ends and beginnings coming to meet. There may always be some loose ends or what if’s in life, but you will feel more at home and more complete in your decisions. There is a sense of making peace with what has been and leaping into the unknown. The next stage of life is set to be an exciting one! You can take this anywhere you, please.


Your confidence ebbs and flows like waves and when you truly understand this, you can tune in more effectively to your own nature and stop fighting it. This puts you in a far more powerful position. Remember, you are in control of your own fate so stop outsourcing this responsibility to others who can’t possibly meet your needs. Avoid making big decisions and instead focus on cultivating healthy habits and self-love. With Mercury in Libra, you will find yourself appreciated by others. What really matters is that you can appreciate yourself. Show gratitude, practice fierce and vigorous self-love and you may surprise yourself with the mountains you are able to move. Becoming more attuned to yourself is important, as is definitely the boundaries and assertiveness to backup your empathetic nature.