Your Weekly Horoscope – 4th January to 10th January 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (4th January to 10th January 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This week success is assured in all that you do. Your nature is one that strives to win and to beat the competition and this innate need is what keeps you fired up and inspired. It will do you good to know that this week all you wish for can be accomplished, just set your sights on the hurdles you wish to jump and it is done. Professionally this is a wonderful period and you’ll bring excitement, enthusiasm and zeal to all that you do. Others find your company refreshing and you certainly enliven any work space. This is also a great time for love – you may be like a school kid with a crush, enjoy the magic of these feelings.


Your health is something that you need to prioritise. Remind yourself that health is wealth and there is a great deal of control and power we can exercise over our own wellbeing including focusing on exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing. Don’t neglect these very important habits and resist the urge to over-indulge. Excess will show on your body and in your mind. You’ll enjoy some unexpected monetary gain thanks to Mercury in Capricorn, and are encouraged to put your money to use in terms of health. Socially you may feel lazy, unmotivated and a little unstable. Make sure that you spend some time in meditation every morning.


Venus in Sagittarius brings a wonderful glow to you and your life. Your spirit for adventure is most certainly alive and kicking! Your family will be blessed with a new member and this may manifest as marriage, a pregnancy or birth or simply the reunion of family members who have been parted. Unexpected monetary gain will come your way but you do need to be mindful of your health. Remember that when your mind is well your body follows so take the time to address anxiety, fear or stress. Unhelpful thoughts should not be paid any mind – let them emerge, fade and fall.

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Your health is fairly robust thanks to your tenacious nature but you are susceptible to health issues in part because of your emotionality. Expressing emotions in cathartic ways can release a lot of stress from your body, but make sure that you don’t allow to build up and certainly don’t bottle things inside. Relationships may feel suffocating or unrewarding and there can be an urge to escape from or end partnerships that are no longer fulfilling or empowering. Sometimes to serve our highest selves we have to leave certain people in the past. Don’t let sentimentality stop you from making the best decision for you.


Venus in Sagittarius encourages you to put your attention on the world of work where your fixed nature will lap up all the opportunities and experiences to be had here. There is a great deal to be gained financially and also lots of novelty and flexibility. Changing jobs and careers is easier at this time. You enjoy diving into your more artistic side – this can be very cathartic for you, and your health is strong. If fame is to come, this will be the week for it. All Leo natives are likely to experience fame in some way at some time, as you are ruled by the sun; it’s natural for things to revolve around you at some point!


This is a week of auspicious events for you to enjoy including weddings and gatherings. There’s also plenty to purchase including a home or vehicle. This is a great time to make purchases that are more like investments or signify moving onwards and upwards in life. At work your reputation may be at risk and anything you plan has a high chance of failing. Although this can be frustrating for a sign as organised as you, it’s also a great chance to explore your own ability to be flexible and spontaneous and to ad lib your way through life. This can give you the confidence and courage to try out new things.


Your ability to bond with younger siblings and relatives is heightened at this time and people may come to you for guidance, wisdom, support or help. You are more than happy to oblige. Your airy nature wants to explore and short trips are probably best; museums, art galleries and places of historical significance call to you. This is a very good time for those of you who are mothers and brings a great deal of harmony and healing to relationships between children and parents. New mothers will step into the role almost effortlessly and enjoy all that motherhood brings.

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You typically rely on your instincts for ideas, especially in business as this is the realm from which you operate, but this week you’ll be coming from a more cerebral and creative place. Your goal is to make money and you’ll be very inventive and thoughtful in terms of how this can be done. Financially you may be in some difficulty making this not a great time for investments. There can be some disputes with relatives that need some attention. This is not the best time to travel as plans may fall through. Try to take a bit of a breather this week. Step back and let things unfurl. Don’t try to control.


This week is one of fun and peppered with auspicious events for you to enjoy. You may be called to attend weddings, baby showers or other events that bring you close to others. As you have such a light-hearted approach to life, you’ll enjoy being with others and sharing in their joys and triumphs. Your ability to innovate is very strong and you’ll think of intelligent new ways to benefit yourself financially. There is more than one way to skin a cat and certainly more than one way to make money. This week the world is your oyster especially if you dig deep and get creative!


You are so used to going it alone for your focus is on self-actualisation and you understand that this often involves going within. As such there is a quality of the loner about you. You certainly prefer your independence and autonomy and to be left to your own devices. This week you’ll find that you are being called to join in the spirit of collaboration. When you work with others, you can strengthen your own success. You may discover the joy in working with others especially from a professional perspective. Your imagination is rich and strong and you may enjoy exploring your inner artist.


This week your priority is decorating and kitting out your home. You like to put your own touch on things in order to truly feel comfortable and there is a sense of wanting to make a house feel like a home. Anything that feels remote or cold is not for you, although you may be drawn to minimalism. With Mercury in Capricorn, you may feel lazy, low and lacking in confidence. You may shirk away from tasks or your workload and want to spend time at home or alone. There is a need to retreat and to focus on building your inner world rather than focusing on what is going on beyond you.


This is a great week for your personal life and brings plenty of favourable tidings your way. Lady luck is on your side. This is a very good time to start something new including a family or entering into a new relationship or career. It’s also a productive time to work on a project or start a hobby. If anything has held you back in the past, it’s not time to let loose and explore. Get creative and play and try not to take anything too seriously. Life is magical, beautiful and special right now, although young children may cause some troubles for you. Remember as the adult you have the control – be assertive.