Your Weekly Horoscope for 4th July to 10th July 2021

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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : There may be a few expected gains careerwise, natives involved in jobs related to communication or freelancing may receive some good news. You may get government aid to establish a business in your home town. Some natives may find success in government examinations or by being employed in reputed firms. The period may be average in terms of money and finance. Those involved in legal hassles may incur huge expenses. It may be advisable for you to keep away from taking any major business decisions related to tax or investment. Medical bills may rise during this period. Those in marriage or love relations may need to be more careful while interacting with partners. Love birds may feel elevated as they may get connected through phone calls and text messages. You may face some ups and downs in your love relationship during this phase. Aries natives may need to take guidance from siblings and seniors as it may help them climb the success ladder. Students may get busy during this week as they may enroll for new courses.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : A mediocre week for Taurus natives. The period may bring some unexpected results in your relationship. There may be unplanned expenses as you may spend on self-grooming. Ensure you plan out things so that your expense doesn't outweigh your income. You may plan a short trip with your family and spouse. Some disagreements with your partner may bring stressful moments in your relationship. Also, singles may get suitable proposals from family and their homeland. Stars predict those in relationships may enjoy a favorable week if they learn to have patience and practice humility in their behavior. It may be a busy week, as you may get involved in multiple tasks. Ganesha advises you to prioritize your work. Job professionals may get transferred or get a job promotion. Students in the research field may get success. Some natives may develop teeth related problems. Make sure you don't miss out on your regular health checkups as well.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Gemini natives may get prone to nervousness around the week making it difficult for them to utilize their ability for experimentation. Therefore, you may need to take the help of a reliable person for the same. It may be a beautiful phase to achieve anything, as you may be in the mood and may have the energy of spending lavishly for desired things. Your basic nature may prove a hindrance, to not attend important meetings which may have been a good source for an enhancement in your career growth. Although, through introspection and exercising your mind on things, which are not mundane, you may rise above the stress and strain of routine existence. Overall, this may enable you to deal with tough situations with great confidence and ease. It may be the right time to reap the fruits of your hard labor. Thanks to your planetary alignment, which may bring considerable progress in work and finance.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : A progressive time for Cancerians. Despite hurdles, you may successfully be able to come out with flying colors with a commendable positive transformation in both your personal and professional lives. Ganesha advises you to refrain from hasty decisions or wrong judgments which may cause problems. So, ensure you exhibit prudence around the week. Love life may shine as there may be a positive aura in the surroundings. Students may find the week successful as they may encounter chances of expanding their knowledge to achieve set goals. You may need to stay precarious as a weak immune system may make you prone to declining health conditions. Career and business professionals may have the stars working in their favor, but the initial part of the week may bring some pressure and constraints for them. It may be a testing time for entrepreneurs as they may face hurdles and difficulties. Hence, they may need to be cautious as complex situations may leave them frustrated.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : With the strong influence of stars, Leo natives may be able to take initiatives and be mentally strong enough to soar over hurdles. A new fruitful relationship may develop. There may be a few great opportunities to work as well as earn. Professionals may be guided by a new acquaintance. It may be a progressive phase with a few delays and difficulties. You may find yourself quite reclusive and immersed in your thoughts. The period may make you feel highly emotional. Although, you may start getting out of it as the week progresses. Barring some initial hiccups, the week may be favorable for love relationships. Businessmen may get chances of making long term gains. Students may come across exciting opportunities that may help them to work on their skills for better academic performances. Health may need to be taken care of as some mental disturbance may crop issues. Ensure you take preventive measures to avoid future health complications.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : The impact of planets may motivate Virgo natives to work harder towards the accomplishment of their goals. Businessmen may start successfully implementing long-held plans for development. There may be some exciting opportunities coming up your way during the week. You may get help from the stars as the period may largely remain favorable for you. Investing funds for development purposes may now get momentum. There may be loads of action and tonnes of super energy in your love life. But, things may not move as per your expectations. Students may need to pull up their socks to cope up with the delayed projects and assignments at hand. There may be no major health issues, and your productivity may soar during the week. With the positive influences of stars in your favor investing funds for development purposes may progressively get implemented. However, you may need to tread cautiously before plunging into any major financial investments during the period.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Libra natives, it is time for you to get serious and reap maximum benefits for the week. It may have been a long time since you may be experiencing slow and average growth. But, the forthcoming week may reward you immensely. Fresh graduates looking out for a new job may get a reasonably good offer to begin their careers. Those employed may get promoted in their respective job fields. The time may be favorable as some natives may get a salary hike along with a promotion. Overall, it may be a good week to enhance your income. Investment plans may be implemented but make sure you review your portfolio before plunging into new schemes. Ganesha advises you to optimize your gains through prudent speculative measures. Those planning to invest in real estate business may need to drop the idea for the time being. Ensure you enjoy good health during the period.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Scorpio natives may get innovative as they may project their creativity around the week. Your ability to experiment may help you to choose the best out of it. But, validate your thoughts before you implement and present them before your seniors. There may be no downs in your career graph, and nor much progress. Married couples may find it difficult to cope with their marriage, but may make adjustments because of commitment towards spouse and family. Singles may come across a newfound love who may help them to learn more about their fitting qualities. As per planetary influences, there may be uncertainty on the financial front in the early part of the week. Although, things are likely to start picking up for you from the start of the week. You may incline to cut corners to deviate from unethical practices to push ahead your prospects. Ganesha advises you to refrain from tricky means to gain more earnings and adhere to basics. The period may be a good one for those investing in organized credit retail which may enhance your income and social status adding to your fortunes.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : It may be a long journey for a few Sagittarius natives. You may be interested in taking the shortest route. However, this may not help you to reach in time. There may be problems in career planning. Minor frictions in relationships. However, you may get the support of the loved ones in matters relating to personal life. Married couples may get support from their spouse. So it may be advisable for you to listen to their valuable advice. Make sure you pay heed to them to avoid the risk of falling into trouble. Students, this may be the right time for you to stay focused and concentrate on your studies. Neither overconfidence nor under confidence may help you. Learning and attentiveness may be the only tools that may bring you success. Students inclined towards sports activities may have a good time. But, they may need to ensure they take care of their health during this period.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : The initial part of the week may bring some confusion for the Capricorn natives. It can add up to their stress levels along with some ups and downs in life, and this may impact your patience and calmness. The transit of Rahu may adversely affect your profits. Although, the second part of the week may bring new opportunities in your professional life. There may be ego clashes between you and your partner. Some unexpected challenges at the work front may create problems for you. The atmosphere at home may not be harmonious. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to act wisely and make the best out of it. It may be a good time for the recovery of a loan. Ganesha cautions you to refrain from investments in land and property deals as there may be chances of huge losses. It may be applicable for share market speculations as well. However, the week indicates you may get monetary support from siblings and friends.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : With the transit of Jupiter and Moon, Aquarius natives may spend some quality time with their family for some celebrations. You may plan to change the interiors of your home. It may be necessary for office professionals to ensure that they don't get aggressive at the workplace. Whereas, those in businesses may need to approach their business partners amicably. Those in private jobs may get qualified for an increment. The atmosphere at the workplace may be harmonious. Students: this may be the best time for revisions. It may be a good time to finalize business deals. Marital relationships may need to be handled carefully. Give your spouse space and freedom to get vocal about their feelings and try to refrain from unnecessary arguments. A good period for married couples who may revive the spark in their relationship. Make sure you spend some time with your mother around the week. Businessmen may face a jolt as they may get aggressive with their partners. Miscommunication may lead to arguments with colleagues.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Pisces natives may have a busy schedule during the week. There may be changes in the workplace as new candidates may join and maybe given new job responsibilities. Stars predict you may get transferred or even opt for a new job. It may be advisable for you to spend quality time with your partner before you commit to a relationship. Married couples engaged in legal battles may breathe a sigh of relief as things may move towards settlement although you may not be able to save your marriage. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to refrain from making any important decisions related to your marriage. Students may find the period favorable as they may get recognition due to massive success in examinations. You may be entrusted with some responsibility on the home front. Short distance traveling related to work for office professionals may be indicated. Natives involved in any form of communication like writing or Journalism may get success. Share market deals may need to be avoided during the period.

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