Your Weekly Horoscope – 4th May to 10th May 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 1st June to 7th June 2020

Your weekly horoscope (4th May to 10th May 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Music is a very impactful way to communicate with others. It transcends language and can capture and encapsulate thoughts and emotions which might otherwise be difficult for us to define. If you are musically inclined, your ability to express yourself through an instrument takes on extra importance and becomes hugely significant. If you have never played an instrument in your life, you may notice that you feel a sudden urge to learn. This can be a great beginning for you. Of course, you’ll need patience, focus and discipline if you truly want to delve into this art form. But even if you use an instrument for a cruder style of artistic expression, you’ll find it cathartic.

The week has some solid plans for you post the lockdown. You are likely to have a rendezvous with your unexplored side and also see a drastic hike in your career front.


We constantly speak about the practice of meditation, which can sound repetitive, but the reason to continue to discuss its importance is because it can be easy to abandon the meditative practice. It’s often one of the first things to be let go of. And yet, when we are consistent with meditation we can change ourselves and in some way the world. You are placid and still by nature. There is something tranquil about you. But meditation enables you to explore this side of yourself in far more depth. The best way to adventure in you is to dive deep. Meditation is one of the most empowering ways to do so, especially if we make it a part of every day.

During the lockdown, to evolve as a person mentally, physically and emotionally, can be what you should look forward to this month.


When you are confident, you are a completely different creature; more focused, less scattered and far more expansive in how you relate to others. Your confidence carries on and continues to draw people to you. You may find that you excel in interviews or on dates. You stand out from the crowd. Your confidence stops you from finding this threatening. Instead, you can enjoy standing in the spotlight. You may find yourself using this power to attract people who inspire you, but who you never thought would respond to you. Well, now is the time to put your magic to good use. This is a fortuitous time for you.

This may be a time for you to fuel yourself for the upcoming opportunities post the lockdown. The month ahead is going to make you witness the 2.0 version of yourself which will be fruitful for you.


It is fairly easy for our attention to gravitate to something new. The challenge is remaining consistent. We don’t always want to butterfly from one thing to the next, otherwise, we are a Jack of all trades, master of none. How can you keep your interest sustained? Well, this is the million-dollar question. But a few suggestions would be trying to look at the same thing from different angles or changing your approach. Developing a mission statement can also empower you to keep going. When we know why something is important to us, we are more likely to keep going. Your cause may be one of many things, but sustaining yourself is where progress can be made.

If you are sure about what you want then nothing on earth can stop you. Make the most of the opportunities you have and make way for a better future. This might be your last chance to set yourself free.


Re-evaluating your relationship with money can be a frightening experience, but always worthwhile. There’s no denying that money is important, but we are also learning that after a certain point, money no longer buys happiness and can instead become a trap of sorts where we continue to want more whilst damaging our natural resources and not even having anything worthwhile to spend it on. With this in mind, what do your earnings, savings and debts look like? Think about what kind of person you want to be and how you can use the money to reflect this. Your money can expand or shrink you, depending on your choices.

It is time to ponder over your decisions that you have been clinging onto. You need to take a stand and actually put things into action. The lockdown period is the best opportunity to de-clutter your mind and get ready for what is coming next.


When you feel mentally foggy, you are more likely to feel physically run down. What we think and feel can translate to our physical body. You are very much in tune with health, even if you can sometimes tend towards neuroticism, a trait which must be kept in check. This ability to feel into your own body and holistically understand the causes of ailments makes you an excellent nurse, doctor, psychologist or carer. When you use this power of yours to help others, you are a true force, but do be mindful not to let fear cloud your capabilities or you will become a prisoner of your own gifts.

Your efforts will show the result. All that you have worked upon during this lockdown period will start to bear fruits. Your zeal to find happiness will reach its destination post the pandemic phase.


You strive for balance, which is admirable, but the balance cannot always be attained. Sometimes, one area of our life takes precedence even if temporarily. You may exhaust or frustrate yourself if you struggle for perfection, but if you put a solid effort into specific areas, you’ll notice that you can make a big impact and you should reward yourself for doing so. This week, work might be your focus. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are neglecting other areas of your life. It’s just a short term shift. Your loved ones will understand, especially with your airy charm in action!

The urge to socialise and go out might be taking a toll on you. Don’t worry this too shall pass! But safety first! This week you feel calmer and also be able to control your urges and channelize them in the right direction during the lockdown.


When we move through a particularly challenging experience, we can come out of the other end feeling shell-shocked. We may want to attribute meaning, a lesson or some purpose to the experience. This is something we cannot always be sure of straight away. The important thing is to dust yourself off and to sit and process things. Often the answers come to us in time, and we cannot force such wisdom or knowledge, which is why we associate such things with age. It takes a lifetime of experience to truly understand what it was all for. Let yourself soak in your emotions.

This period of isolation might have amplified your emotions but it is also the time to deal with them. You need to give closure to certain things and a chance to the ones who deserve it.


Sagittarius is not a sign that is associated with cleverness, not because you are stupid, but it is not a clear link that is made to your sign. You tend to be associated with positivity and enthusiasm instead. This week, your intellectual reputation is bolstered and people sit up and take notice of what you have to say. You should use this to your advantage especially in professional spaces so that you can start to make strides. Not only are you smart, but you are fiery, enchanting and energising. There are many good reasons why someone would want you on their team. Fly your own flag.

You have always been a torchbearer of your life and you should continue. Take a stand for what you really want and kick away all kinds of fear. You are sure about your decisions, so let this period of lockdown prepare your chariot of victory.


You’re an interesting combination of patient and restless. Your patience is what enables you to climb the mountains you conquer, where others would call it a day, but your restlessness pushes you to find a new mountain almost immediately afterwards. Once you finish a project, there can be an urge, a drive to find the next `thing.’ Sometimes you may struggle to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Being able to enjoy your downtime and relax is crucial. If you can do this in between projects, you will be better rested and less stressed. Your mental health and wellbeing also need to project that you work on.

Overthinking will lead to no result. You have the plan ready, you just need to trust yourself. If it cannot be perfect then it does not mean it is not worth the try. This lockdown period should give you ample time to reconstruct and re-examine your approach and also infuse patience in self.


Your thirst for learning and knowledge continues to be activated. Enough is never enough for you. There is always something else out there for you to explore and soak up. You can approach things from quite a detached and aloof manner which can make you come across as a little cold and impersonal, but it can help you look at things from a strategic perspective. You don’t tend to let emotions cloud your choices or the decision-making process. This can make you very effective in occupations such as the surgeon, judge or lawyer, but do consider adding some compassion where you can.

Your contribution during this time has made a lot of difference. Keep up the good work!

This too shall pass. Embrace this solace time to reconstruct yourself and bring the best version of you.


Financially, this is an excellent month. Money appears to flow to you, but you still need to make the effort to actually utilise it wisely. There is a lot more to money than earning it. What about investing it, saving it and spending it sensibly? These are things we learn unless we have a natural feel for the value of money. You are curious and willing to learn more about how it all works and this excitement helps things go well for you. You’ll be able to communicate in clear and concise ways, which helps others to understand your points and needs far more effectively.

This restricted phase must have shaken you and pushed your attention towards things you have been ignoring for a long time. Make the best use of this period and also