Your Weekly Horoscope: 5th - 11th April 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (5th April to 11th April 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Confidence is at the core of all we are. When we approach the world confidently, anything is possible. Although you have naturally high confidence levels, this week you may not have as much self-belief as you usually do and as a result may shirk from being overly active in the world. This is not the week for endless social events, shouting from rooftops or partying until dawn. You take on a quieter, gentler and far more reserved energy. This is time to go inside and bring restorative energy into your being. You may have to act oppositely to your sign in order to heal. It’s important to be very kind this week. Read More


This week is all about love and generates an excellent and harmonious period for Taurus natives. If single you could potentially meet a new partner. If coupled, your relationship will become your priority this week. This is also a fortuitous period for those of you pursuing an education and there can be a great deal of opportunities to explore overseas options that expand your prospects. There is a sense of momentum and change that can bring a giddy energy into the mix. You may feel as if the world is at your feet and be excited by all the wonderful options crowding for your attention. Read More


The Gemini approach to money is remarkably clever, more so than others may give you credit for. You tend to be very multifaceted in your approach to the world and naturally this includes financial matters. Professionally and financially this is a very favourable time for you. There are also a great deal of opportunities for love and marriage and for fostering friendships as well as health. This is a glorious week in which you can’t really do too wrong. Exploration and experimentation are encouraged as this is how you learn and make sense of what you want in the world. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Read More

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Cancer is the sign of the mother, representing all that is maternal including warmth, love, care, strength, tenacity and compassion. These are your finest qualities and should be nurtured and developed consistently. This week the mother comes into sharp focus and your own relationship with her will be intensified and strengthened. You’ll also find that work relating to water will fare well professionally and economically. You will quite literally be in your element, and when working with it closely are able to encourage it to flourish. You may also make a move towards comfort and purchase a new home. Read More


This is an enjoyable phase for Leo natives and when your enjoyment is harnessed, you enter into a playful and fun state of being that seems to make everything so much easier. This could be compared to being in a place of flow, when everything seems to come so easily and naturally. This is a lucky period in which you are blessed with the Midas touch. When it comes to all areas of life, but especially work, you will help things to blossom. Set your sights high this week and think about what you want to achieve for it is most certainly possible. Growth is guaranteed if you have a vision and put in the work. Read More


This period can bring to light issues with your health that you may have ignored. You are typically fairly health conscious but you may also strive towards such heights of perfectionism that you ignore your own mortality. This week is a great time to focus on what your body and mind are calling for. This is also a period of high expense, some of which may be necessary but much of which is not. Deciphering between the essentials and the desirables will make a big difference to how you spend money. You may find that this week is one of tension and stress. This energy can be used as a call to action if addressed correctly. Read More


This week heralds the start of a wonderful phase in which the people around you bring you plenty of support and blessings. You cannot do anything without others, in fact none of us can. We need one another if we are to truly thrive. A huge amount of this support will stem from romantic relationships and single Libra natives may find a wonderful life partner. You may feel incomplete without a special someone but remember to cultivate wholeness within. This is also a grand time for the expansion of business. Your cardinal nature is always looking to expand the parameters of your world. Read More

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This week your love life may be somewhat tumultuous as a result of intense and erratic emotions. This can bring instability to romance. You may find it difficult to be supportive of your partner, feeling as though you don’t have much to give. This can lead to some struggles. You may find that others are out to get you and this can lead to feelings of vulnerability, paranoia and cautiousness. Health issues may arise and those of you who are diabetic should be watchful of your lifestyle. In your professional life you are in desperate need of focus. Once you have this you are able to make progress. Read More


Sagittarius and Gemini are both signs of children and childlike energy. This week children bring you happy news, whether they are your own children, children in your family or children you teach. As a teacher/guide, you may find yourself frequently imparting your wisdom to the younger generation. Always thirsting for new knowledge, this is also a wonderful period for the pursuit of education and for those of you who enjoy performance or acting; you’ll have a great number of opportunities to show what you are made of. Money will come to you easily as will attention. When this combination strikes just right you may find yourself with fame. Read More


If you have expanded into the property market, you’ll turn a tidy profit this week. There are also a great deal of auspicious events happening in your family and your attendance is required. You may need to don the personal life mask and put professional matters to the side for a second so that you can focus on the wellbeing and health of your friendships. Your financial condition will thrive and your friends will be supportive of your goals and ambitions. This may be a difficult energy for you to let in because you are so used to being so fiercely independent but allow yourself the support. Read More


Aquarius is the sign of friendship and is likely to accrue friends from all backgrounds and of all types. There is nothing discriminatory in the Aquarius nature – absolutely anyone can befriend you if their intentions are true. This week your friendships deepen especially with those younger than you. As a flighty adventurer, you may take several short trips whilst also enjoying financial and professional stability. Your fixed nature makes it so that all areas of your life are able to be maintained on a plateau until you are prepared to pick them up and dive deeper into them once again. Read More

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This week is one of harmony and peace you will be glad to know dear Pisces. We start with the benefit of financial prosperity which brings you comfort and stability. You’ll also enjoy a prosperous period with your family and a generous romantic life with your partner or spouse. Importantly, you’ll maintain good health and feel mentally, emotionally and physically prepped for the week ahead. You operate at your best when the surrounding energy is calm and placid. This enables you to tap into amazing reserves of creativity, artistry and strength. There is no chaos, no noise, nothing to fear, just the gentle hum of life’s rhythm. Read More

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