Your Weekly Horoscope – 5th to 11th August 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 27th January to 2nd February 2020

Your weekly horoscope (5th to 11th August 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life.


You move, think and act at the speed of light, but slow down would be to your benefit this week. It might feel uncomfortable, a rapid change of pace, but you will learn a lot about yourself and make more beneficial decisions and choices. You may feel a little anxious because your well-being is tied to action. Remember, slowing down is not the same as stopping. Your home is a harmonious, relaxing place to be and provides you with just the right amount of downtime. Women bring happiness to you, soothing your fiery nature with tranquil calm. How can you bring the divine feminine into your own nature? Yin/Yang is essential for balance. We are all a combination of things and merging them into one is where we find ourselves.


Bulls are not solitary creatures, nonetheless, being alone is beneficial for you. You like to go at your own pace, and when you’re alone, no-one can rush you. You like this, as it gives you the opportunity to sit and smell the flowers without feeling that you have to justify yourself. You may be quarrelsome when around others because you have such a strong urge for some independence. Co-operating or compromising will be difficult for you. Thinking carefully about your next step is a good idea – slow and methodical is the order of the day. It’s important that you think before you speak to avoid conflict, which is rarely, if ever, advantageous. In love, you enjoy the one-to-one exchange with your partner and enjoy prosperous times.


You continue to be clever and resourceful in terms of accruing money. Crafty as a cat is a good saying for you! You will always land on your feet because you are always one step ahead of the curve intellectually. Thinking about how to use the money that you have is a good task for this week. Let your money work for you through investments. Your artistic side is called to action. You are very responsive to beauty and meaning, you love to analyze artwork or poetry, but you also enjoy the process of creation, which is ultimately what man is here to do. Embrace this element of yourself and you will achieve wonderful things. Your voice and sound ability to communicate get you far and should always be used.


Checking in with your emotional self is crucial to the wellbeing of water signs, as you are deep and capable of great emotional power. Ignoring emotions is not the approach you should take, even if it feels that sometimes you think too much. Have you ever been called too sensitive? Sensitivity is a gift, and many people are far too insensitive. It means that you can take in the smells, the sounds, the sights and truly appreciate all that is around you. You are drawn to what is comfortable and beautiful, and all else should be discarded. In your personal life, things go very well indeed. There is a seamlessness to how you glide through social interaction. People love you for your warmth, zany sense of humor and ability to listen.


Your temper is high and your confidence low, and this combination can make you a little hard to be around this week. You aren’t your usual beacon of warmth and generosity. There is a delicate moodiness stalking you this week and you may need to keep an eye on how you feel and think, as this will spill over into how you react. You may battle melancholy and sentimentality, but do not fret. Let these emotions be. What we resist persists, so don’t resist. Make space for the lesser-liked aspects of your personality so that they don’t fester into something monstrous. Treat your mind and emotions with respect and kindness. You are not perfect, but nor is anyone else. There is freedom in that.


Achievement-oriented, like all earth signs you need to achieve practical things in order to feel worthy and validated. This can make you a bit of a workaholic, and a perfectionist, both things that can be taken to an extreme. You need to understand that although being useful and creative are incredibly important, you should not have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. It is okay to not always be so diligent or responsible, to take a day off the gym or study for five minutes less. In this time, you can also build up your more playful nature and enjoy a side of yourself that feels more free, loose and easy. There are some obstacles this week, but these teach you to adjust your sails when the wind blows. You are drawn to using your mind in educational avenues.


As a cardinal sign, once you get going you are unstoppable, but sometimes it can take you a while to get to that point. You can be slow to move, but your staying power cannot be doubted. You are a naturally friendly person and you can easily get on well with anyone, but this is extra potent this week making it a great time to click with new and influential people. Networking? You’re a pro! At work, you truly shine, thanks to your calm and steady attitude. People can depend on you, and it shows. Some conflicts may bubble up with relatives. Domestic life can always be troublesome at times because there is a great deal of intimacy and emotion at stake. Is there a way that you can calm the inner fire?


Love is meaningful to us all, but Scorpio is prepared to take the good, the bad and the ugly. You want an all-consuming, authentic love. You have no time or inclination toward shallow, flashy, `pretty’ love. For you, it needs to be transformative. Tensions at work may boil over into your temperament so try to learn to compartmentalize or separate from that which does not serve you. Love will be blissful, beautiful and enduring. You can dare to dream big because glorious things can happen when we do. Love is an area where we should not play small. The focus is very much on romance, affection, devotion, and care. You are ready to give of yourself. Perhaps more than you ever have to anyone.


At work, you need to be more focused. Your symbol is the archer. The archer always has a focus or target. Consider your arrow. What do you want to hit? Trips or tours with family and friends will be very appealing – taking some time out from the expectations that are on you. Your desire to be social is very much in tune with your nature; you are perhaps the most jovial of the fire signs. Your fire is like a firework that explodes and is shared and witnessed by all. This time is joyful and harmonious, but there is a tendency for some laziness and complacency. Get into the habit of cultivating proactive routines.


No sign is quite so strong or studious or so surefooted as the mountain goat who must climb the highest mountain. Even once you’ve conquered, you find a new summit, and you are always looking to expand. In what area are you looking to expand this week? Relationships may be an area that appeals. Marriage may be on the cards. Capricorns tend to cultivate envy in others unconsciously because you are such a natural success, and even when life gives you lemons, you make beautiful lemonade. Despite a natural melancholy, you always make something out of nothing, you make good where you can because you are always able to be of use. Children will restore a sense of faith. You will do a lot for your family. They are your heart.


The word for you this week is excel. You may have told this throughout your life. `You have the ability to excel.’ This isn’t untrue. What you need is a direction, a cause, something that intellectually stimulates you, or that breaks through your intellectual buffer and strikes your emotional heart. This can call you to act. This is a time of great growth, especially mentally. You are drawn to educational pursuits, especially higher education. Developing yourself is your quest. Natural writers, you have a book in you. Get writing, sharing, get exploring. Use your voice, which is motivational, clear and strong, to share your message with the world. You can bring about real change. Dare to do it!


Innovation is the order of the week. Water is receptive, inviting, but it can also be raging and fatal. Which aspect of your element are you planning to use? You may need the advice of an experienced expert to get things launching, but all starts with you. Learning to open yourself to the possibility of rejection or ridicule is an important lesson for you to learn. You are more sensitive to these things than most, but once you see that they are illusions, you will be a powerhouse. You can share yourself with others, your opinions, your beliefs, your thoughts. Your water element can be your barrier and boundary as and when you need it to be, it can also welcome people into the wonderful world of you.