Your Weekly Horoscope for 6th December to 12th December 2020

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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : On the relationship front, singles might be overwhelmed due to supportive gestures from a member of the opposite gender. Couples might enjoy blissful moments together. On the family front, things seem pleasant. When it comes to finances, expect a marginal increase in the inflow of money. Your financial status might be stable, without any major expense. There may be an inflow of money as the week goes on. Businessmen might need to exert over new challenges. There may be some challenges to face during the week. Salaried individuals might need to increase their output for better placements. Students pursuing graduation may get support from their mentors and thus succeed in their exams. Students pursuing post-graduation might look for opportunities to earn money. On the health front, your immune system may remain strong. You may have increased stamina and energy during the later part of the week.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Singles might get a chance to start a relationship during this phase, and may give fitting responses to any gestures by members of the opposite gender. On the money front, beware as the middle of the week might bring complications. Do not take unnecessary risks to increase your income. On the career front, businessmen might make some major gains. Planetary movements might support businessmen aiming to strike a big-ticket deal. Salaried people might face pressure from their seniors to work more to increase their output. The midweek might bring challenges for jobholders. Students pursuing graduation might run into some barriers. Their progress might be stalled. Students doing research might get guidance from their mentors. On the health front, there may be no major problems. Beware of any viral infections. Visit a doctor if need be but do not ignore even the smallest symptom.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Any investments you plan to make require due deliberation. There might not be any major financial issues or losses at this stage. Businessmen may get an opportunity to strike a major deal, during midweek. However, they might need to exert more to make arrangements to deliver goods and materials on time. Salaried people might face stress as their immediate bosses might constantly pressurize them to meet deadlines and increase output.This might be a good week for singles to reveal their true feelings to their loved ones. Try to be temperamentally correct and accommodate the views of your loved ones to maintain peace and harmony in your relationships. On the financial front, try to handle money matters with care. On the health front, things seem okay. Try to work out or go for a long walk to be in a good frame of mind throughout the day.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Married couples might need to exhibit patience. In terms of money and finance, the inflow of funds might increase, tempting you to spend money on luxuries. Try not to go overboard, and be focused on basic priorities and saving. Businessmen might face challenges and may need to be aware of stiff competition, and accept new challenges willingly. Delays in ventures might be the main challenge for businessmen. Businessmen might need to come up with a strong strategy and reduce margins if they are to be competitive. Salaried individuals might get appreciated by higher-ups. On the education front, students pursuing graduation may not be able to devote time to their studies. On the health front, watch out for any lower-body injuries. You may be prone to minor injuries. On the whole, your day is likely to be moderate in every aspect.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : On the financial front, some good returns from an earlier investment might lift your spirits. However, planets warn against making new investments. During the middle of the week, your income inflow may increase. There might be no major expenses, allowing you to save money satisfactorily. During this phase, singles might be worried when it comes to the integrity and the commitment of a loved one in a relationship. Married people might have a good time with their life partner. Try to accommodate the views of elders, to maintain peace and harmony in your family. For businessmen, planetary movements suggest a favorable phase. Salaried people may face some barriers in achieving their goals. When it comes to studies, planetary movements indicate no stress. On the health front, things might be okay. However, beware of respiratory issues. If a problem persists, visit a physician.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : For businessmen, this might be a challenging week, as they might need to put in more effort to achieve their goals. Salaried people might be insecure about their position. They may do well to avoid arguments with their immediate bosses. During this week, singles may have a good time and enjoy a fresh and exciting encounter with a loved one. Married couples might enjoy a pleasant time with their family. On the financial front, planetary movements suggest an inflow of income. However, try saving money for your future needs. On the whole, your financial position may be strong. During this period, students may have a pleasant time. Those pursuing graduation may need to spend some time to get familiar with topics. On the health front, beware of some viral infection. Your immune system may be strong during the latter part of the week.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : When it comes to finances, things might not be too favorable. Try to plan your spending accordingly, and cut down on personal expenses. During the weekend, the inflow of money might be good. On the career front, entrepreneurs may face some obstacles. Salaried people might be under pressure from their immediate bosses to increase performance. This week might see singles fall for a member of the opposite gender, thus marking the beginning of a new love story. Married people may feel uncomfortable for some reason or the other. Students might have a pleasant time during this phase. Those pursuing higher education might be motivated to learn new things. This might be a good time for learning new skills. On the health front, middle-aged people need to watch out for health issues. Beware of respiratory issues as well. Health must always be a priority.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : During this phase, singles are likely to seek someone who is like minded. Married couples might face unhappiness in their relationship with their life partner. When it comes to family, you may plan a virtual get together. On the financial front, the inflow of money is assured. However, there might be no major monetary gain. You might need to make provisions for an emergency, and try to cut personal expenses. Try not to be impulsive in money matters. Businessmen may increase sales by exploring new territories. Salaried individuals might be asked to handle an outstation task. Students might be determined to make academic progress. Those pursuing higher education may keep partying with friends and their progress might suffer. On the health front, there may be some minor issues. Try to indulge in some creative activity to get rid of stress.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Couples might enjoy a pleasant time together while married couples might face some family issues. On the financial front, this may be a good week to take a well-thought-out risk to increase income inflow. Planetary movements might support you. Family and household expenses may increase. Businessmen may get some orders from high net worth customers. However, delivering goods material as scheduled might become a challenging task Salaried people might run into performance barriers. They may be likely to manage pressure efficiently. Higher authorities may appreciate the level of commitment showcased by them. Students pursuing graduation may need to keep working hard and exhibit patience. Post-graduate students might make good progress and score well in exams. On the health front, do not ignore even the most minor issues. Try to inculcate some healthy morning habits like walks or meditation in order to remain fit and fine.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : On the financial front, try looking out for ways to increase your income. Midweek might bring some good chances for financial gain, adding more strength to your position on the financial front. This might be a good time to repay any debts. Businessmen might face delays in finalizing a major deal. They may do well to exhibit patience, as midweek they may be able to strike a major deal. Salaried people might be committed to improving their performance and increasing their output. Singles might face some stress due to household matters. When it comes to relationships, things might not be comfortable. Married couples may enjoy a blissful period. Students pursuing graduation might need to contend with distraction. Post-graduation students might make decent progress in their academics. On the health front, beware of some minor health issues. Keep a watch on your energy levels during this week.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : In terms of your relationships, singles might stress over some issue or the other. However, at the end of the week, couples might enjoy a pleasant time together. On the family front, things seem good. When it comes to finances, your income inflow might increase. Try to exercise discrimination when it comes to spending money. Family-related expenses might increase. However, you may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses easily, and remain comfortably positioned, financially. This might be a good week for businessmen, as they might strike a big-ticket deal midweek. Salaried people might face insecurities and challenges when it comes to performing effectively and giving the desired output. Students pursuing graduation might face a tough time learning things properly. When it comes to health, there may not be any major issue to worry about this week. Try to relax in order to maintain overall good health.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : This week might see singles busy handling domestic issues. They may not have time for romantic relationships. Married people might be at unease due to the high-headed attitude of their spouse. On the family front, there might be issues as well. When it comes to finances, planetary movements indicate a strong position. You might even start your own venture to increase your income. There may be no major expenses during this phase, and you may enjoy good financial status. Businessmen might make some smart moves to push their prospects ahead. Good orders from a high net worth customer might make them happy. Salaried people might be happy about getting an incentive for some good work done earlier. They might keep performing well, and reach their targets. On the health front, some old health issues might resurface. Keep a close watch on your eating habits during this week.

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