Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th January to 12 January 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 20th January to 26th January 2020

Your weekly horoscope (6th to 12th January 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your love life is powerfully enthralling. Your fiery nature makes you charge into matters of the heart, sometimes with little thought. In fact, you are very much like a little kid in love. You see the best in people and love is one of the key things that bring life meaning in your eyes. Despite your fiery approach, this week you will take a more poetic look at potential partners and may attract someone different to your usual type. At work, you are enthusiastic about your projects and jump in with excitement and flair. You can think more effectively about how to make money and may come up with some unconventional prospects.


At work, people will be interested in you due to your work ethic and pleasant demeanour. Nothing seems to get you down and you can plug on endlessly. Taurus natives are very good at pacing! You are likeable and someone important may take a shine to you and offer you a promotion. You may struggle to concentrate and may even feel somewhat lazy but fortunately, your health will not be affected. At work, you are a brilliant force to be reckoned with and may find that your head goes above the parapet. You want to stand out, and in fact, even if you didn’t, you can’t help but be noticed!


Gemini is a sign of duality. You are fortified by your friendships and relationships with others. You are by no means a liar. You need others to be your mirrors, to reflect back to you who you are and what you want. Others will be tremendously supportive of you and in love you will dive into your romantic side. You must prioritise your health as you are prone to nervous tension which can manifest physically in the body. Self-care can be pushed to the side because there always is something else that you must do but it is of paramount importance that you find time to put yourself first.


You start this week with pressure on your shoulders, especially financially. You may be struggling with some debt, which ultimately you need to keep chipping away at. Your health may also fluctuate. Ruled by the element of water, fluctuations are a natural part of you – especially emotionally and mentally. You are often riding the waves of life, both its ups and downs. In love, you may feel suffocated and trapped. Are you taking time and space for yourself? Are you being open about your needs? Avoid your tendency to be passive and indirect. Show how you want to be known.


Leo, love explodes into your life in the form of exciting new friendships and the potential for new and enduring love. Your ability to innovate and explore sets you above your peers. You adore being adored and plenty of that will be coming your way this week and chances are you will be open to it. You are always able to let love in. You’re artistic and creative talents may also bring fame, success and financial achievement. Your hard work will propel you to new heights so make sure that you don’t defer to your Leo tendencies to lounge around.


You are typically a very well-disciplined person because structure and organisation help you to feel secure and safe, which as an earth sign are two things that are very important to your wellbeing. This week, you may find that you give in to excessive behaviours which can lead to weight gain, fatigue or malaise. Make sure that a thread of consistency runs through your behaviours. Take good care of yourself, even if you relax the reigns ever so slightly. Remain alert – things may not go perfectly according to plan. It’s okay to bend with the wind from time to time.


There is a hum of tension throughout your life which suggests that change and transformation are afoot. The change may be something such as parenthood, a new career or new opportunity. Being open-minded to the potential of life is important. Things can only come in if we allow them to. This is where understanding your values, needs and boundaries are important. This is a period of much novelty. Libra is a sign of people and you will welcome in many new friends and possibly a new love amongst them. Take time to rest and meditate to clear your mind of any strife.


Scorpio is always primed for change. Life is always bringing you something new and unexpected. As a sign of transformation, this is needed so that you can evolve from a ground-crawling scorpion to a soaring eagle. Life bends and breaks us to shatter the shackles of ego. This allows us to fly more freely. Whatever newness tries to come to you this week, allow it in and welcome it warmly, for it has much to either give you or teach you. Avoid quarrels and disputes with loved ones. Nothing can be gained from such stress. It is a lower vibration act.


Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer. Many short trips suit you very well. You get the opportunity for an adventure but in a short burst. You do need to ensure that your health is prepped for climatic conditions. You are robust but you still need to exercise caution and take care of yourself. Your ability to come up with cool new concepts boosts you financially so tap into your mental powers. You are a creative individual who will go far. You will work hard but may not see the fruits of your labour immediately. Don’t be deterred. Evidence of your efforts will show.


This is a financially excellent period for Capricorn natives partly because your economic expertise is second to none. You understand the importance of money in a material world and as such you treat it with great respect; saving it, storing it and investing it. When you spend it, you purchase timeless classic pieces that age well. Your life is blessed with harmony and you may dwell in the realm of imagination, conjuring new concepts and plans that will keep your pockets lined quite pleasantly.


During this week, the resolution is achieved. Issues that were outstanding come to be completed which gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Women will make an important and powerful impact in your life. Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties, nieces, will all be extremely helpful and supportive. Your own inner feminine energy will also be of tremendous importance. You may lack confidence which can make it challenging for you to take charge of what needs to be done but your inner grit may sustain you!


As a result of your laidback attitude this week, you may find yourself spending money unnecessarily. You may find that there is more going out than coming in, so be mindful of your habits. Try to have a day or two where you spend absolutely nothing if possible, especially if you are spending money to chase away feelings of boredom or loneliness. This is a wonderful time to begin a new relationship and to begin anew. Your easy going demeanour attracts many friends and potential new loves but do remember the importance of boundaries.

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