Your Weekly Horoscope – 7th June to 13th June 2021

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Your weekly horoscope (7th June to 13th June 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Your typical energy is fiery, innovative and go-getting. You dare to get things moving. This week things take a slower, calmer turn allowing you to deeply connect with parts of yourself that you normally push down. Although this may see you making some alterations to your character, you can also achieve a lot during this time. Isn't part of you relieved that you don't have to zoom around so much? Instead, you can enjoy a more peaceful approach to life. You feel steady and sure and, with great clarity, can go after exactly what you want. What could be better? Read More


Your way of communicating with the world positively impacts both your career and personal life. We may not always think about how we speak; it is often something we do automatically, but making a few slight alterations can make a big difference to how we are perceived and what we get from others. Do not be afraid to use your voice to stand up for yourself and others. You will work hard this week, and it will come to you with great ease because you feel patient and clear-headed. Your ability to focus ensures that you bring your best to all things. Read More


This week you may feel a clash between what you want and what is possible. There can be a sensation similar to being stuck in the mud. You may feel as though you are not making any progress. This can be frustrating for a sign that longs to sprint through the world and realises that it's often a marathon. Building stamina, resilience and perseverance will help you get through. At home, you may be argumentative; others may describe you as 'prickly.' Try to tap into your charisma – there is no need to alienate loved ones because you feel moody. Take some time and space for yourself. Read More

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You are a charitable being by nature, generous, caring and attuned to the suffering and needs of others. As a result, you will be drawn to situations or circumstances where you can perform as the mother, nourishing, caring for, and aiding others. You mustn't neglect your self-care in the process, but it is unlikely that you will understand that your protective and nurturing energy can also be directed within. This is also a happy period for you both professionally and personally. There is a great deal for you to be thankful for this week. Read More


This is a wonderful period for you financially and professionally, but you may feel a little out of sorts despite this and not quite like yourself. The bold, prowling lion has been replaced with a timid kitten who suddenly feels too small for the size of the jungle it inhabits. How can you be a leader when you feel so ineffectual inside? It is important for you to ground yourself, understand where these doubts are coming from, and then get back out there. Obstacles can make you feel unenthused about moving forward, but the path always has patches of clutter. Keep moving regardless. Read More


This is a lucky week for Virgo natives who can tap into a deeper source of spirituality. Our link to the spiritual realm brings us comfort, guidance and purpose. It is important not to overlook just how impactful having a strong comprehension and the manifestation of the spirit can be. Overlooking all things practical for a moment, try to tap into this world. The benefits can be immense. There may be some failures, misunderstandings or difficulties that can deflate you somewhat. No one said the road was easy, but it winds on, and there is still a long journey ahead of you. Enjoy all that comes your way. Read More


Ailments of the throat are common this week. The throat is the conduit through which the voice expresses itself. Is it possible that you are holding back parts of yourself to please others? It is admirable that you long to be diplomatic, but you mustn’t sacrifice yourself in its name. There is a middle way – one that does not require the erasure of self, and isn’t this what your sign is all about? Establishing balance and harmony is your purpose, and you’ll move one step closer to realising how you can perfect this in your lifetime. One step at a time... Read More

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You may lack focus this week, which will impact relationships, projects and goals. Try to remember why you are doing what you are doing. If you can find why, then you may find your motivation to continue. You may fall prey to anxiety, especially when it comes to loved ones. Anxiety is as pointless as a hamster riding a bike – it means nothing and achieves nothing. How can you quash this tendency? Lean into it and let it go. This period is wonderful for forging new romantic connections. You are drawn to someone irresistible who seems to be tied to you in some way. Could you have met before? Read More


Adopting a new pace really helps you take a fresh approach to challenges. You are often fairly quick and fiery in your approach, but now you will slow things right down. From this perspective, you can see more clearly, exercise more caution and use time wisely. Doing things fast does not mean doing them right, and fire, when it moves without restriction, can be a dangerous force globally, just as it can be an illuminating one when used correctly. Your personal life feels joyful and wondrous, and you also can take the time to enjoy it truly. Sometimes things are better in slow motion. Read More


Tension can be uncomfortable energy for you to hold, but just the right amount can produce results. You are a fairly resilient soul, and there is little that you cannot withstand. That said, do not push yourself too hard. We all have a breaking point, and like the willow tree must bend to avoid breaking. All will come clear in time so remember to take things moment by moment. The bigger picture will emerge when we step back. If single, love is approaching, and if coupled, you will enjoy many enjoyable moments together. This is the perfect period to make memories with loved ones. Read More


This is a very fortuitous period for you financially. Not only will you earn more and be sensible in terms of what to do with it, but past financial matters will be resolved. If someone owes you money, it will be paid; if investments have been quiet, you’ll notice that you’re starting to earn some money back. This brings you peace of mind. Of course, money cannot buy happiness but can buy many other things, including security and stability, both things that we can use as a plateau as we explore our potential in the world. Many things will come full circle for you now. Read More

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Although this is a grand and prosperous time for you, it may be difficult for you to feel energised. We all get this way from time to time, and water can become stagnant when it is not encouraged to flow. Try to engage with art, creativity or imagination to light a small fire within yourself again, to get the streams of life moving. Light and gentle exercise, as well as journaling, can also make a big impact on your mood. Fortunately, whether you stay passive or not will be going well for you, including relationships with others and business. Financially things are ticking over just perfectly. Maybe you’ve earned the right to rest! Read More

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