Your Weekly Horoscope – 8th June to 14th June 2020

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Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (8th June to 14th June 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
Your work ethic is about to get a big boost. Professionally, this is an absolutely wonderful period for you and you will become a supercharged force in the workplace.This strong will power and happy go lucky attitude is a formidable combination that enables you to get everything that you need to get done finished in no time and yet completed to a high standard.
Your ability to concentrate may be down this week, leaving you somewhat lethargic and dejected. As an earth sign, you pride yourself on your ability to accomplish and this week that may be somewhat of a struggle. That’s okay. Sometimes we are just getting by and not doing all that much more. Fortunately, your physical health will not be affected by this malaise but your mental and emotional self may not feel up to par. Take some time to look inward, indulge yourself a little, soak in a bath or eat a nice meal. Things will begin to take a turn for the better.
Your primary focus should be your health. For Gemini natives, good health starts in the head. Your brain can misfire and get you mired in negative or harmful thoughts. If you can meditate and clear your head, you will feel far better for it. This is where it always must begin for you. Then you need to check how you are doing. Do you feel stable or erratic? Are you able to focus, or do you feel scattered? Finally, you’ll notice it in your physical body. For Gemini, this is likely to manifest as sore throats, shallow breathing, headaches and diminished appetite. Spend this week getting back on track.
This week, you may need to look deeply into your relationships. The people in your life are tremendously important to you because you are a family-oriented creature who takes great pride in love. Without a strong force field of love, you can feel very lost and aimless in this life. You may find that some of your relationships feel suffocating, inauthentic or troubled. All relationships ebb and flow and as such we need to revise how we approach them from time to time. Get talking to those you love so that you can improve your connections.
A wonderful week in all ways, especially in terms of health and success. You will be victorious in all you do and in any area of competition, you will emerge a solid winner. Just don’t let it go to your head! Try to keep that legendary ego in check and you will be just fine. This week bestows you with bountiful blessings. This is also a great time to unleash your inner artist. Whether it’s playing around with paint, writing a script or getting into the performing arts, your confidence and imagination lend themselves well to all fields.
Now is not really the time to make plans or plot. As strategic as you are, this week is more about your instincts and senses rather than your mind. You must be alert and aware of the intentions of others and your surroundings. In some way you may be at risk or your reputation may be at stake. Your mind can only do so much with this information but your gut can invite you to make real and lasting change. When was the last time you listened to your gut? If it was a while ago, its voice may sound small and murky, but the longer you listen, the more it will make sense to you.
This week brings plenty of freshness, almost like a touch of spring. Air signs are rejuvenated by novelty and newness, becoming stagnant and even depressed if things remain the same for too long. Well, this week, friendship is enlivened and you will find yourself making many new friends, perhaps even establishing contact with old ones. Your social life gets a big boost and you enjoy getting out and about and being in the company of others. You may also splurge on a new material purchase such as a car or gift.
You may enter into a challenging week in which emotions will be heightened. This can impact your relationships with friends and family and plenty of conflicts can prevail if you are not careful. It can be difficult for you to look at things from a place of moderation right now and you may come across as very intense. Black and white thinking can lead you to believe that your way is the only way that matters and this perspective can be very damaging to your interpersonal relationships. Try to take some time out.
Your mind is brimming with creative, artistic and innovative ideas which can vastly improve your financial condition. You like to be your own boss because personal freedom is very important to you. Using your wits and wiles will certainly lend you plenty of opportunities to forge your own path. You also have the energy and fire to bring them into being. Your focus this week is on how you can get your career or business to work for you. Brainstorm, network and get things moving and shaking. You will notice that you can make a huge impact in your own life.
Your aversion to spirituality this week may cause you to fall headfirst into the realm of imagination. This is not a place you visit all that often, preferring instead to deal with stone-cold reality, of which you can make something. As such, this may be a welcome change and help you to look at things from many different perspectives. It can also help you tap into a more creative and artistic side of yourself. However, if you lurk here for too long you may struggle to utilise your traits of practicality and realism. Suggestion? Meditation can help bring you back into yourself.
Your fellow air sign fortifies you and gives you the strength, energy and charisma to absolutely dazzle others around you. Fame and recognition are guaranteed and you may receive a new job offer especially in realms such as communications, IT, technology or science. You will receive plenty of relief from health issues and ailments that may have tormented you and if you are a student, your will fare very well indeed. This is a romantic period for you and you may attract a great deal of admirers. PS, your intelligence is one of your most impactful features.
Your self-confidence may be somewhat average. You may find it difficult to believe in yourself as much as you should. Nonetheless, things are happening around you and you will receive plenty of appreciation. You have manifested much as it is and will continue to do so, so do not forget to applaud yourself for how far you’ve come. Spending time with those you love becomes important to you. You want to be with those who are special to you. This has a healing, soothing and calming effect and reminds you of your roots. When we know who we are, we know where to go next.