Your Weekly Horoscope – 9th to 15th September 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 24th February to 1st March 2020

Your weekly horoscope (9th to 15th September) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Leadership comes as naturally to you as breathing, but it takes time for you to grow into the leader that you are meant to be. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Take time to develop the qualities that you need to be able to lead others wisely and justly. A leader without compassion cannot rule. You must also shed any infantilized concepts of power and control if you want to be trusted and to foster respect. You are on the path to leadership, but not quite there. The journey will teach you invaluable lessons. In love, you may not be at your romantic best. Try to generate warmth and openness for optimum success.


In your own plodding and methodical way, expansion is very important to you. Earth signs tend to accrue whether they intend to or not. It’s just the way you’re wired. You are sensual and connected to the earth and tangible possession is part of how you interact with your environment. This is a time of exaltation and you may excel far beyond your wildest dreams. At work, you are focused in a way that may seem rare. You will not be distracted by any means so you should utilize this time to get things moving and shaking. Friendship becomes important to you and your circle will grow dramatically.


A social sign, your heart craves connection. People are the song and dance of your life. You are especially drawn to young people or those who are young at heart because you relate to the pure energy they radiate. There is a sense of boundless possibility in youth, with no parameters or consequences. Of course, you are too intellectual to truly believe that there is no repercussion, but you can navigate the playful part of life with ease. You are also drawn to your elders who temper your light-hearted approach with wisdom and experience. This helps you grow as a person who can seem too fluffy, to one who knows how to grab the knowledge of life.


With open compassionate communication, you’ll find life opens to you in ways it hasn’t before. This is warming to you and heartening as it encourages you to be more of who you are. The core of you is gentle, devoted and nurturing but there is tremendous power here, particularly when turned outward for the benefit of others. In this way, you can become an advocate for the downtrodden and needy, whilst having the tenacity to drive important points home. Nostalgia and sentimentality are things that can plague you from time to time. You put great value on the heart and the realm of feelings. Shying away from your emotional world is not the answer. Make it part of you, and you will find that your type of leadership has a tenderness and heart that captivates those who follow you.


Leo, leadership is calling but you’ll need to prep yourself for the role. Understand what being a leader means to you. You must guide, support and lead by example. Eschewing a natural tendency towards laziness is vital, as is shedding ego and a need for validation from others. You must become self-sufficient, a warning beacon for others. A leader does not look to their subjects for worth, instead, they find worth within. Likewise, a leader does not feel fearless, they act in spite of the fear. With friends, you are loving and kind, but with family, you may be harboring resentment. Face the shadows that are calling to you.


A fluctuating sign, your swings from self-confidence to self-sabotage can be frequent. This is in part due to an inner perfectionist who longs to do things `by the book.’ You can never achieve this, and even if you do, not all the time. Accept your limitations, be drawn to growth but don’t beat yourself up if you fall below your high expectations. Tempering what you expect of yourself and others is vital to satisfaction. Otherwise, you will feel chronically disappointed, and even angry. At its extreme, you may alienate others. In love, you may feel defensive and vulnerable. Work on sharing your needs with others. They can help you. No-one has to do it all alone. Watch your September monthly horoscope.

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This is a time of completion rather than starts. Projects that were begun will come to fruition. You’ll prove your cardinal worth to yourself by seeing things through to the very end. In love you are an exciting partner because you love engaging and connecting requiring a lot of exchange to feel close, and you are generous with who you are, and expect your partner to be the same. There is a tendency to wish for romance to complete you in a way that may be impossible, but the hope is there. Sustaining yourself outside of your relationships is crucial. The completion you seek is within, but a partner can support and enrich your life. This is very different from completing you. You are enough as you are.


Commitment is very natural for you. You like a mind-body-soul connection; it may just take a while for you to admit it! When you find someone, who fulfills you in each area, making that commitment is very easy. You don’t want to let them getaway! This is a wonderful period for romance as you lean in wholeheartedly and long for intimacy with a kindred spirit. You bring a level of enthusiasm and intensity that excites and motivates others. Your desire to accept challenges pushes you to new heights. You are never one to shy away from a new experience as you are here to evolve.


Your week is all about family and enhancing your connections with those you love. Your spirit of adventure means that time with you is fun, rewarding and different. This is your superpower: the ability to create life-affirming experiences for all. It is useful for you to seek advice from others to reaffirm your understanding and approach. Don’t assume you know it all. You have a keen aptitude for learning, so put this to good use. Absorb all around you. Professionally there is some pressure but nothing that will do too much damage. It is difficult to dampen your spirit.


You may feel in a rush as though something must be completed right here and right now. Take your time. Where has this frenetic energy come from? A rushed job is often botched. Sometimes we need to take our time to ensure things reach fruition in the right way. Consider the flower. It does not grow overnight. It takes time and must be watered and cared for to reach its optimal state. This is the case for us all. We all need careful feeding and watering to be who we are. Don’t rush what nature takes its time to create or you’ll end up with a subpar result. Trust in the process of time to work for you, not against you. Even as things slow, even as you feel frustrated, the progress you are making is astonishing.


You are in high spirits and plenty is going on to keep you occupied. Acting for others brings you lots of rewards right now. Your inner humanitarian is pushing to the forefront and has plenty of ideas. The world needs people like you more than ever. With Aquarius, there is always a sense of being `ahead of your time.’ This can serve you well as you seem to read what people want and need before they do! This can strengthen intuition. In love, keep your wits about you. Do not be so spaced out that you can see someone for who they are. Be mindful and be cautious of accusations. You have the understanding of people to know who and what they are, but you may be throwing caution to the wind.


You are pushing yourself out of hard-wired habits. Lazy may sound like an offensive description of you, but fantasist might be more apt, as you live in the realm of feelings which tend to flow and ebb. You prefer residing here to reality. Snapping out of this powerful inner world can be an unpleasant prospect when reality doesn’t fit with how you feel things `should’ be. Someone is dependent on you, perhaps a partner needs to discover some autonomy. This will take the pressure off you and give them greater independence. Co-dependence is a risk due to the depth of connection you forge, but you are also able to detach, and this is an important part of the process. Watch your September monthly horoscope.