Your Weekly Horoscope – 9th December to 15th December 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (9th December to 15th December 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
You still need to work on your confidence levels which are not at their highest. How can you do this? As a fire sign, reconnecting with your element will do you good. Light candles spend time in the sunshine. The earth itself is brought to life by a giant ball of flame – it is your fundamental life source. Reconnecting with yourself will help energise you again. Issues may arise in your personal life that should be tackled head-on. Ultimately this is a fortuitous week in which you find yourself successful across all areas. Your interest in philanthropy draws you towards thinking of ways to help your fellow man.
Love can be enough to get us through. Even as issues may arise in your relationships, you understand that this can be as much about our own projection as anything else. We always have a choice and you can choose to act in ways that hurt or help your relationship. You always have the final say. Professionally this is a good time for you so put some focus into your work. It is easy for you to give in to indulgence and neglect your health, so try to make it a priority. Nourish yourself as you would a loved one. There may be some minor conflicts and obstacles but nothing that cannot be resolved.
Your life can always be described as entertaining, particularly in love. Your airy mercurial nature lends itself to lightness, exploration and adventure. You are a source of entertainment to others. You are a good value at any party. You need to be wary of those who may be threatened by your popularity and shine. Your career is moving in a good direction. Although you are easily distracted and can lack focus, you still put a lot of pride in intelligence, learning and academia. You are always in the mood for a change of some kind – what area of life this manifests in depends on you.
Change is on the wind for you, most likely in your career. You aren’t one to get itchy feet like your Gemini cousins, but when you are ready for change it’s not instant, you’ve taken a while to know that this is what you want. Of course, change is inevitable, whether we engineer it or whether time intervenes so in this sense there is no need to fear. Change is reflected in the seasons and the weather. Nothing ever remains the same and nor do we. You aren’t looking for recognition, but you’ll get it anyway and it will make you feel warm and gooey inside. Being appreciated means a lot to you, even if you won’t ask for or seek feedback.
Collaborating with others helps you find ways to bring your ideas into being, whether this manifests in the workplace or on a more personal platform. You sometimes want to hog all the glory. You are after all ruled by the sun and feel like the centre of the universe is important to you, but when you can work with others, when you can share, when you can use your warmth to forge meaningful and loyal relationships, you fare far better. Consider the lionesses of pride, they achieve far more than the lion ever could! It is from them that you should take your cue.
Your love life is a very satisfying place and you enjoy warmth and devotion in spades. There is also plenty of near and far travel most likely for work. What kind of traveller are you? Typically, you enjoy getting to immerse yourself in the nitty-gritty facts and history of a place. Your inner history buff loves to come to the fore. You are always trying to expand your mind and opportunities for education. It’s not just about conventional sources of learning, you’ll find a way any which way you can. If you do push for education right now, you’ll do very well so don’t doubt yourself.
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At work, you do well in part due to your work ethic and in part due to your charm and sense of fairness. Everyone wants you on their team as you treat people well and it comes from an authentic place. Integrity is one of your core values. When you follow this way of being, you feel happier and more satisfied, so ensure that you continue to live by the values that define you if you truly crave contentment. A soul sleeps well at night when it knows it has followed its own moral code. You are prone to overthinking and your mind may be clogged with junk. Release it, let it be and keep pushing on. Use your mind as a resource, not a prison.
You are a bit of a workaholic. Not quite in the same way as your Capricorn brethren. For you, it’s more a case of intensity and focus. You aren’t necessarily working for prestige, elitism or beautiful things, but you are working to test out how deep and wide the waters go. You normally have your own reasons for things which typically exist on an emotional or spiritual plane rather than in the tangible world. Your pursuits are not earthy. Working hard is good but working smarter is better. Can you take some time to focus on other things too? This is an important lesson and a reminder for you. Don’t neglect other areas of your life.
You are still restoring faith in yourself. Perhaps something or someone has knocked your confidence or made you feel less than. It takes a lot to make the puppy dog that you stop wagging its tail. When you feel this way invest in spending time with friends who help you to feel happy, people who make you feel worthy and good about yourself. Fundamentally spend time with you, pour your love and energy into you. Only we can truly make ourselves feel worthy, others are only the icing on the cake. There is a self-work that you are invited to do. Participate.
Sometimes the past comes back to benefit us. You are preoccupied with time and a huge part of your integrity and value system hinges on the fact that the past feeds the future. You sow seeds in the present that will benefit you later on and you always have done. You will now see some of the fruits of your labour blooming around you which gives you a strong incentive to continue in your work. You are results-oriented. You are patient. You don’t mind how long something takes, you just keep taking one step and then one more. It is this attitude that will get you far in all areas, not just in your career.
You are not one to seek the validation of others as you are fairly self-sufficient, and some may call you aloof and remote. Your inner rebel may not even be concerned at all with what others think and may want to do the opposite just for the entertainment value of witnessing a reaction! Nonetheless your lesson this week is to take in the compliments, support and validation around you. Let them in and you will notice a difference. You can teach others a lot about how to feed their own fire, but no-one is an island and your lesson is an opposite one, you must learn to truly allow yourself to connect in a heart and soul way.
Relationships are deeply meaningful to you, perhaps more so than for other signs. A mutable sign and sign of the fish, companionship, connection and duality matter. In fact, along with Gemini, you are the only sign that forges a pair. This can be assumed to mean that you find yourself in others, in mirrors, in relationships but it also means that you must connect to facets of yourself. Merging the spiritual with the physical, the mental with the emotional – this is how you can forge your whole self. Don’t be afraid to dive deep dear Pisces.