We are all always looking for outfit inspirations especially to look presentable on a daily basis. It is impossible to buy outfits and invest in new pieces every day like most fashionistas would. We found Aashi Adani, a fashion and beauty blogger for Mumbai who does a series called #DressItOut on Instagram where she shows us the outfits she wears throughout the week. What makes her stand out from other bloggers is that her options are easy to recreate and it is always a great combination of fancy and basic outfits to fit all our moods. 

We also love that she goes the extra mile to include links and tag brands of the outfits she is wearing. It is so easy for a viewer if they are looking to find that outfit or something similar.

Her most recent video was for Diwali where she took heavy ethnic pieces from her sister’s wedding and converted them into festive appropriate looks. There is something for all the five days of Diwali and each outfit is a standout on its own! Click on the image to see the entire video.


Moving onto something she does weekly are #DressItOut Outfits of the week. These are the videos that we fell in love with the most, and her audience agrees. This is not only something we can take inspiration from but also just good to know how simple clothes can also look great. Click on the image to see the entire video.’



Lastly, the uber famous styling one thing into different ways, something that has proven itself to be popular amongst young girls. Aashi Adani shows us how cool it is to repeat outfits! Click on the image to see the entire video.



We hope you take some inspiration from these looks like we did! Check out Aashi’s work here – 

Blog – https://aashiadani.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aashiadani/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoorvG4f0ILFoYJC9OM2R8Q

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